StartupYard 2014 Demo Day - Brochure


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StartupYard 2014 Demo Day took place on June 18th, 2014, at Czech National Library of Technology. 7 teams presented their progress at the end of the Data, Search and Analytics Acceleration Program in front of 180 mentors, investors, pressmen and entrepreneurs. One team from Microsoft Innovation Centre joined the party.

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StartupYard 2014 Demo Day - Brochure

  1. 1. StartupYard 2014 Demo Day ! Wednesday June 18, 2014
 @startupyard !
  2. 2. Table of Contents ! I Program II List of Partners ! III Startups ! IV Special Thanks ! V. Partners
  3. 3. ! Contact @WarrantlyApp ! Founders Nikola Todorovic Svetislav Markovic Marko Simic ! About ! Cloud platform for issuing and managing product warranties ! Solving Sending paper warranties to the dustbin of history ! Monetization Free for individual users, transaction/commission based ! Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. Being a part of StartupYard's acceleration program, building our beta version of the app which will be launched soon. ! Contact ! Founders Mark Okhman Alibek Abdurazakov Rauan Rakhmet ! About Analytics and targeting tool to manage and execute loyalty programs through mobile. Solving We help restaurants, bars and cafes to build loyal relationships with their customers. ! Monetization Merchants pay monthly for the chanel to customers - ability to create special offers. Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. ! Discovered what scaling required of the team and investors; completely re-wrote our backend to be flexible and scalable in only 3 weeks.
  4. 4. ! Contact ! ! Founders Kamil Ježek, Lukas Holy ! ! About Automatic verification of Java programs. ! Solving Preventing runtime failures by detecting problems early in the development process. ! Monetization ! Pay as you go cloud service. ! Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. Started the company in six months. Paying pilot client. ! Contact @sentisquare ! ! Founders Josef Steinberger Tomas Brychcin Michal Konkol ! ! ! About Brand-related opinion summarization in multiple languages. Solving Fast and deep understanding of brand reputation and competitive landscapes. ! Monetization Direct sales – brands, digital marketing agencies, API for vendors. ! Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. ! Attracted interest in Sentisquare technology from 11 companies.
  5. 5. ! Contact ! ! Founders Vaclav Formanek Ondrej Mencl Josef Jelacic ! ! ! ! About Exam preparation app that tells students what to study and motivates them to do so. ! Solving Helping students with low self-motivation who need to be intensively pushed to study for exams. Monetization Freemium content model Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. We successfully launched the version for the Czech exit examination, that attracts more than 5000 students within the first week. ! ! Contact ! Founders Alin Stanescu Krisztian Szabo Andrei Pusoiu ! ! ! ! ! ! ! About Flirting app which empowers girls,no rejection for guys and real life interaction in your favorite venues. ! Solving Making dating apps less creepy for female users. ! Monetization Freemium and direct sales to venues, affiliate Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. From the idea, to the execution, to the launch. We executed in just 6 weeks.
  6. 6. ! Contact @GjirafaShqip ! Founders Mergim Cahani Diogjen Elshani Ercan Canhasi ! ! ! About An Albanian Language Web Search Engine and News Aggregator ! Solving Gjirafa is the first search engine and news aggregator for Albanian, a lexically unique language spoken by over 12 million people worldwide. Gjirafa will also provide access to information that currently cannot be searched online. ! Monetization Advertising and Affiliate. ! Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. -Over 1,000 subscribers in one weekend. -Increased scale from processing 3 pages/sec prototype, to processing 150 pages/sec private beta. ! ! Contact @famelyapp ! ! Founders Pavel Nemec Pavel Volek ! ! ! ! ! About A Mobile magazine for famous people and theirs fans. Solving Helping fans to follow their favorites among many social networks and online magazines in a new simple way. ! Monetization Freemium, Affiliate, Ads ! Biggest Achievement in the Past 3 Months. Developed prototype of famely app with all basic functions, ready to launch first public beta in July. !
  7. 7. Abhishek Balaria Ondrej Bartos David Bizer David Booth Damian Brhel Zdenek Cendra Jara Cimrman Esther Dyson Milos Endrle Martin Fiala Viktor Fischer Jaroslav Gergic Matthew Gertner John Gole Michal Hanus Daniel Hastik Vit Horky Petra Hubacova Michal Illich Rumen Iliev Veronika Jakusova Andrej Kiska Vitaly Klopot Veronika Koktova Martin Kopta Tomas Kozubek Petr Krajicek Jakub Krizek Yannick Laclau Ivo Lašek Marvin Liao Jan Lukavsky Yves Leroch Jan Louda Jiri Materna Petra Minarikova Jan Mühlfeit Olda Neuberger Ludovic Neveu Marek Novy Karel Obluk Hubert Palan Amit Paunikar Andreas Rockelmann Jiri Sauer Rupert Schäfer Henning Schwarz Jan Sedivy David Slansky Roman Smola Jaroslav Soucek Philip Staehelin Pavel Stovicek Roman Stupka Stefan Surina Lindsay Taylor Jaroslav Trojan Jeanne Trojan Miroslav Valenta Marcel Vargaeštok Adam Zbiejczuk Irena Zatloukalova ! ! ! ! ! Thanks To Our Partners