Startup yard 2012 investor day handout


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Startup yard 2012 investor day handout

  1. 1. StartupYard Investor Day October 28, 2012 Pioneers Festival Vienna
  2. 2. StartupYardStartupYard is a 6 months two-phase business acceleration program,intended for innovative projects with global potential. During first threemonths mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs will help you torapidly validate and improve your business model, open doors tocustomers and partners and so proof the viability of whole business.Next three months are determined for obtain an investment or forgrowing the main business. Attending members will receive modernoffice space in centre of Prague, where they can work, meet mentorsand be in touch with other startups. More at
  3. 3. Table Of ContentsProgram 2CSS Hat 3Tabfoundry 4Spaceteacher 5Lingvus 6Langtice 7SimpletestIO 8
  4. 4. Program16:30 Welcome Note16:45 Pitches: • CSS Hat (Lukas Hurych, CEO) • Tabfoundry (Lada Hrbacek, CEO) • SpaceTeacher (Anna Vatulya, Co-founder) • Lingvus (Tomas Mohr, CEO) • Langtice (Radka Breitzetelova, Co-founder) • (Katka Cabalova, CEO)17:30 Why Prague, Czech Republic and Slovakia? Overview of Central European startups18:00 Networking20:00 Afterparty at Sektor5 2
  5. 5. Contact:CSS Hurych, CEOAbout:CSS Hat is a Photoshop plugin that turns layer styles to CSS3 with aclick.Solving:Taking design of the web/app to code is a pain. It takes a lot of time anddevelopers dont like this part of their job.Money:We sell the plugin for $29.99 (introductory price $19.99).Drive:Passion – doing something people really want and use.Doodle Space... 3
  6. 6. Hrbacek, CEOAbout:Create your own customized Facebook tab in less than a minute.Solving:Developing Facebook tabs and promotions is expensive andtimeconsuming. It doesnt have to be. Tabfoundry allows Facebook pagemanagers to create tabs instantly and for a fraction of cost.Money:Free, premium and agency plans.Drive:The vision of people using our product.Doodle Space... 4
  7. 7. Brhel, CEOAbout:SpaceTeacher is an online tool that helps you find learning buddies andarrange online or offline meetups with them.Solving:It is hard to find people learning same things or sharing same passion inthe place you live or travel. We make it possible and easy. You fill in yourinterests, your language and your places and we give you people andmeetups.Money:Freemium. Users will be offered premium functions.Drive:Testimonials of people who we already helped to improve. We would notbelieve it if we did not see ourselves.Doodle Space... 5
  8. 8. Mohr, CEOAbout:We are for translations / proofreading.Solving:It is a pain in the ass to get your service / product / website translatedwithout being afraid of the quality of the result. We are here to heal thispain.Money:Taking a fee (percentage) from every translation.Drive:We are a fresh fountain full of ideas and we have the willpower andability to make them happen.Doodle Space... 6
  9. 9. Breitzetelova, CEOAbout:Langtice takes the pain out of language practice and makes it cool, fun,playful and engaging. It is a unique practice space driven by higly topicalvideo chat that gets you to start speaking the foreign language you are orhave been learning.Solving:Langtice solves the problem of lack of opportunities to practice foreignlanguage speaking skills.Money:Langtice applies the fremium model. Users will be charged only forpremium features.Drive:We know what people want and we want to turn it into something peoplewill also love. We want to complete the online language learningecosystem and evangelize: "Stop learning and start practicing."Doodle space 7
  10. 10. Cabalova, CEOAbout:SimpleTestIO helps you test your website functionality. Usually websiteowners care about website functionality only when creating it but it isbest also to care about it when your customers use it.Solving:Each website error means that the website owner may lose customers orprofits. Manual testing takes a lot of time - with just few clicks and withouttechnical skills SimpleTestIO can test your website functionality regularlyand if it finds any error it lets you know about it.Money:Plans with trial periods and customers can try home page check for free.Drive:Testing is an essential part of a web application life. Our vision is to offereasy to use test tools that require no technical skills and that help bringbetter quality for our customer web applications.Doodle Space... 8
  11. 11. A Special Thanks To Mentors:Adame Ricardo Hsu Jameson Riley PatrickBalamotis Nikos Illich Michal Safka JanBarta Jan Kasan Roman Sedivy JanBartos Ondrej Kiska Andrej Sedlak JanBednar Vojta Komarek Pavel Seewald RichardBednar Jan Kopsa Jiri Sheehan AnthonyBeska David Krajicek Petr Schukai BobBlaha Michal Krizek Jakub Sidlo PetrBlank Steve Maloux Cedric Slavicinsky JaroslavBooth David Manas Petr Smely RomanBragiel Paul Manasova Anna Smola RomanCendra Zdenek Matousek Pavel Sodomka PavelCernohorsky Martin Molcan Filip Spinar DavidDarabiha Ramine Muchna Vaclav Stanek JanDolezal Pavel Muntean Cristina Stanek PetrEndrle Milos Nesetril Jakub Starkell NatashaFried Jan Neuberger Olda Stefunko IvanFryvaldsky Martin Nielsen Tomas Stupka RomanFuksa Karel Obluk Karel Trojan JaroslavFulforth James Ocasek Petr Trojan JeanneFurian Jurgen Ohanian Alexis Turner SarahGal Emi Olmer Petr Valka VitezslavGold Nathan Orlik Tomas Vavra VojtechHanus Michal Palan Hubert Vrba VitHavrlant Jakub Prerovsky Jan Vsiansky JanHild Imre Raethke Christoph Zaboji Peter B.Hopkins Simon Raszka Robin Zbiejczuk AdamHorky Vit Rath Samir Zima Pavel And thank you to anyone we might have missed. We couldn’t have done it without your support along the way!
  12. 12. “The hardest thing aboutgetting started is getting started” @startup_yard