StartupYard 2012 Demo Day - Handout


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demo day [demoʊ dei] : a typical milestone of acceleration programs during which start-ups release their product/service or present their progress in front of other entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and the press

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StartupYard 2012 Demo Day - Handout

  1. 1. “The hardest thing aboutgetting started is getting started” StartupYard Demo Day TechSquare 2.0 August 7th 2012 Prague @startup_yard
  2. 2. Table Of Contents StartupYard Trivia If we were animals, we would be:Program 2Partners 3Patrick Riley / Pavel Zima 4 OpossumImre Hild / David Booth 5 PandaRamine Darabiha / Pavel Dolezal 6 GoatSpectu 7 Eagle DolphinLimatte 8PizzatimeBillioSpaceteacher 9 10 11 Sea Lion Bull MeerkatLingvus 12ActivePeople 13 PlatypusCSS Hat 14 Koala Bear MonkeyTabFoundryThanks To 15 16 Tiger HorseStartupYard Trivia 17-18 Lion 18
  3. 3. StartupYard Trivia Program SY Teams’ Role Models 18:00 Welcome Note 18:10 Keynote Patrick Riley Adrien HolovatySteve Jobs 18:45 Panel Discussion Sara BlakelyPaul Graham 19:15 Coffee Break Mark Zuckerberg James Cole Alexis Ohanian 19:30 Pitches William Wallace Jack Dorsey 20:05 SY 2012 Summary John Frusciante Neo 20:10 Pitches Mozart Tomas Bata Dan Ariely 20:50 Wrap-up Bruce Wayne 21:00 Networking Nigel Farage Chen Lihua Jesus 22:00 After Party at Jet Set Andel 17 2
  4. 4. Partners A Special Thanks To: Ricardo Adame Michal Illich Jan Safka Nikos Balamotis Roman Kasan Jan Sedivy Jan Barta Andrej Kiska Jan Sedlak Ondrej Bartos Pavel Komarek Richard Seewald Vojta Bednar Jiri Kopsa Anthony Sheehan Jan Bendar Petr Krajicek Bob Schukai David Beska Jakub Krizek Petr Sidlo Michal Blaha Cedric Maloux Jaroslav Slavicinsky David Booth Petr Manas Roman Smely Paul Bragiel Anna Manasova Roman Smola Zdenek Cendra Pavel Matousek Pavel Sodomka Martin Cernohorsky Filip Molcan David Spinar Ramine Darabiha Vaclav Muchna Jan Stanek Pavel Dolezal Cristina Muntean Petr Stanek Milos Endrle Jakub Nesetril Natasha Starkell Jan Fried Olda Neuberger Ivan Stefunko Martin Fryvaldsky Tomas Nielsen Roman Stupka Karel Fuksa Karel Obluk Jaroslav Trojan James Fulforth Petr Ocasek Jeanne Trojan Jurgen Furian Alexis Ohanian Sarah Turner Emi Gal Petr Olmer Vitezslav Valka Nathan Gold Tomas Orlik Vojtech Vavra Michal Hanus Hubert Palan Vit Vrba Jakub Havrlant Jan Prerovsky Jan Vsiansky Imre Hild Christoph Raethke Peter B. Zaboji Simone Hopkins Robin Raszka Adam Zbiejczuk Vit Horky Samir Rath Pavel Zima Jameson Hsu Patrick Riley And thank you to anyone we might have missed. We couldn’t have done it without your support along the way! 3 16
  5. 5. Panelists Contact Patrick Riley Patrick currently oversees the @tabfoundry Global Accelerator Network which is an affiliation of short-term Lada Hrbacek, CEO mentorship-driven accelerators started by TechStars. He started hisAbout career working for W.L. Gore andCreate your own customized Facebook tab in less than a minute. Associates and moved into the leadership of the American RedSolving Cross in Washington, D.C. PatrickDeveloping Facebook tabs and promotions is expensive and time- left the Red Cross to manage theconsuming. It doesnt have to be. Tabfoundry allows Facebook page west coast sales and operations formanagers to create tabs instantly and for a fraction of cost. a venture backed healthcare technology company. Following hisMoney passion to support start-upFree, premium and agency plans. companies around the world, Patrick moved into his current role at the Global Accelerator Network. Outside of work, he recently finished his MBADrive at the University of Colorado and enjoys spending time with his wife, bikeThe vision of people using our product. riding, traveling, and skiing around Colorado.Doodle Space... Pavel Zima Pavel graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague with a degree in Electrical Engineering. From the years 1996-1998 he was the head of the Network Department at Mironet. He has been with ever since. From the years 2004-2006 he was the Technical Director. From 2006-2011 he has was the CEO, and from January 2012 he became the General Manager. Pavel is a collector and renovator of historical automobiles and a football enthusiast. 15 4
  6. 6. Panelists Imre Hild After reaching an MBA degree from Cornell Contact University, he worked for McKinsey and Lehman Brothers in the US. In 2003 he returned to Hungary to found Hild Kft., then @csshat later OTP Life Annuity (OTP Életjáradék). Currently Imre owns and advises mobile Lukas Hurych, CEO internet projects and companies. Since 2010 Imre is Director of Budapest Chapter of the European Entrepreneurship About Foundation (EEF) and as a result frequently CSS Hat is a Photoshop plugin that turns layer styles to CSS3 with a speaks at startup events in the CEE region. click.Since July 2012 he serves as the Global EntrepreneurshipAmbassador for HCVA. In his blog posts Imre writes on topics Solvingconcerning Global Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup Methodology and Taking design of the web/app to code is a pain. It takes a lot of timesuccessful startup acceleration. He loves discovering human talent and developers dont like this part of their job.and playing kettlebell. Money We sell the plugin for $29.99 (introductory price $19.99)David BoothNow an advisor and consultant, DriveDavid is looking for his first angel Passion – doing something people really want and useinvestment. As the CEO ofZeroTurnaround (enterprise javatooling & infrastructure space), Doodle Space...David grew the company from$100k in annual revenue and 4employees to >$2.5M annuallyand 45 employees. He closed around of angel investment and amulti-million USD VC round. Hewas directly responsible for sales,marketing, GA, culture, companyvision, and leading teams in 4 offices, across 3 countries. David hasfounded the Young Professionals Forum in Prague - a non-profitorganization designed to bring students and business peopletogether to facilitate information exchange and mentorship. In hisspare time he trains his visa, travels the world, and samples happybeverages. 5 14
  7. 7. Panelists Contact Ramine Darabiha Ramine is a French-born, Helsinki-living entrepreneur, gamer and hacker. He coaches at Startup Sauna and has Jiri Schneider, CEO coached 100+ startups. He has been very active in the creation of the entrepreneurialAbout scene in the Nordics and Baltics, as well as inWe are creating an application for managing everything for everyone. the Silicon Valley community. He was the founder and CEO of MySites, a cloud-basedSolving OS similar to Chrome OS. They shipped 20We are creating an application for managing everything for web apps, built their own IDE, recruited aeveryone.Why is email the most widely used ToDo list in the world? team of top Javascript and Ruby hackers, raised VC money.He wrote on blogs such asMoney ReadWriteWeb, Siliconangle, andFreemium platform. Base is free... business features paid. Arcticstartup. Ramine has founded and contributed to major gaming communities, such as GamerHell,Drive Emuholic and Gamikaze. His hobbies include hacking technologies andLove for efficiency ideas, gaming, writing his/other blogs and riding his bike.Doodle Space... Pavel Dolezal In 1997-98, Pavel helped prepare and run Europalia, a huge Czech cultural event, in Brussels. In 1998-2002 he worked as a Chief Product Manager for, where he led a group of product managers, created business partnerships, architected new products and business ways. He was responsible for the product groups in Czech, Slovak and Ukraine. In 2002 he created MobilJam. In 2003 he built the largest Search Engine Marketing company in CEE region, Ataxo. He sold Ataxo to Garvest group and pursued new adventures with starting and incubating new exciting companies in CEE region as well as in Brazil and US. Pavel’s hobbies include crazy ideas, drive, love for people, and a passion for projects. 13 6
  8. 8. Contact Contact @lingvus @spectu_ Tomas Mohr, CEO Tomas Zaluzansky, CEOAbout AboutSpectu is an interactive menu with a unique installation andv an We are for translations / proofreading.easy-to-use application for iPad, which offers a more comfortabledining experience while also providing value by increasing profit and Solvingreducing operating costs. It is a pain in the ass to get your service / product / website translated without being afraid of the quality of the result. We areSolving here to heal this pain.Spectu generates more revenue and reduces operating cost. It bringscustomers of restaurant a new level of comfort during their dining Moneyexperience. Taking a fee (percentage) from every translation.Money DriveRevenue streams via POS distributors which are selling Spectu to We are a fresh fountain full of ideas and we have the willpower andcustomers. One-time fee + monthly fee for server. ability to make them happen.Drive Doodle Space...We deeply believe that we have developed the first applicableinteractive menu for restaurants because of our easy-to-useapplication and hardware installation.Doodle Space... 7 12
  9. 9. Contact Contact @davidbrhel @Limattecom David Brhel, CEO David Klimes, CEOAbout AboutSpaceTeacher is an online language learning community that Limatte is an online tool that interact with a visitor at the moment heconnects people learning or teaching foreign languages. indicates he is leaving a companys website.Solving SolvingPeople want to learn or practice a foreign language. We make this Helping our customers.Knowing why visitors do, what the do. Gettingpossible by allowing the users to meet locally face-to-face or to know visitorss needs and who is a visitor.through open video chat platforms. MoneyMoney Monthly payments based on respondents.Freemium. Users can use the premium function to connect easilywith other users within the community. Premium membership Drivemakes initial contact easier. It applies to people in search for We are motivated by finding solutions to real global problems.conversation partners as well as to tutors in search of students. Understanding your customer is and always will be the basic need for all companies.DriveTestimonials of people who we already helped to improve. We Doodle Space...would not believe it if we did not see ourselves.Doodle Space... 11 8
  10. 10. Contact Contact @PIZZATIMEcz @Billio_sk Adam Kurzok, CEO Andrej Sykora, CEOAbout AboutProject PIZZATIME, is web and mobile app, helping hungry people find Billio is an online application that helps entrepreneurs communicateany type of food delivery, at any place, any time, with just 3 clicks! with accountants and keep track of their incomes and expenses.Solving SolvingDo not care, who delivers, about opening times or minimum order. Do Entrepreneurs carry their bills and invoices around in boxes or excelnot bother with quality or that you have no cash with you. files and accountants often recieve them incomplete or too late. We change the workflow for both groups in order to maximize efficiencyMoney and reliability.We already do. The more orders we forward, the more we chargerestaurants for commission. Money Entrepreneurs dont pay anything, accountant pays a small monthlyDrive fee for each client that he manages.We want to change "food delivery" from junk food to a lovable servicewith guaranteed quality and speed. Drive The feeling that we are solving a real problem that lots of peopleDoodle Space... have. Doodle Space... 9 10