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StartupYard 2013 Demo Day - pitch by Lukas Haraga


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We bring to Google Analytics what Apple has brought to UX.

Published in: Technology, Design
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StartupYard 2013 Demo Day - pitch by Lukas Haraga

  1. 1. Simplify web analysis so everyone can doit.
  2. 2. DeviceVisit CountUser Defined ValueVisit LengthReferral PathCampaignSourceMediumKeywordSocial NetworkAd ContentHas Social Source ReferralAd GroupAd SlotAd Slot PositionAd Distribution NetworkAd Match TypeAd Matched QueryAd Placement DomainAd Placement UrlAd FormatAd Targeting TypeAd Targeting OptionAd Display Url Ad Destination UrlAdwords Customer IDAdwords Campaign IDAdwords AdGroup IDAdwords Creative IDAdwords Criteria IDBrowserBrowser VersionOperating SystemOperating System VersionIs MobileMobile Device BrandingMobile Device ModelMobile Input SelectorMobile Device InfoContinentSub ContinentCountryRegionMetroCityLatitudeLongitudeNetwork DomainNetwork LocationFlash VersionJava EnabledLanguageScreen ColorsScreen ResolutionSocial Activity Endorsing UrlSocial Activity Display NameSocial Activity PostSocial Activity TimestampSocial Activity User HandleSocial Activity User Photo UrlSocial Activity User Profile UrlSocial Activity Content UrlSocial Activity Tags SummarySocial Activity ActionSocial Activity Network ActionHostnamePage PathPage TitleLanding Page PathSecond Page PathExit Page PathPrevious Page PathNext Page PathPage DepthSearch UsedSearch KeywordEvent CategoryEvent Action Transaction IdAffiliationVisits To TransactionDays To TransactionProduct SkuProduct NameProduct CategorySocial Interaction NetworkUser Timing CategoryCustom Var Name(n)DateYearMonthWeekDayHourNth MonthNth WeekNth DayDay Of Week
  3. 3. Simplify web analysis so everyone can doit.
  4. 4. 51%
  5. 5. Heatmaps DashboardsTag ManagerTag managers
  6. 6. TeamLukáš Haraga CEO Michal Pustka DEVELOPERMiloš Endrle MentorCTO & Founder Geewa.comJiří Otahál DEVELOPERWe work together for 4 years.
  7. 7. http://www.aircharts.coNear futureRelease private beta versionSeek for an angel investment
  8. 8. Simplify web analysis so everyone can doit.
  9. 9. User aquisitionLaunch Growth AdulthoodWord of mouth & viral, Blogs, Chrome Web StoreDirect sales toCzech basedcustomersSEODistributionchannelsGoogle AdWordsBlogGoogle AdWords
  10. 10. Monetization