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  • # Who am I* Martin KoptaUser researcher at The Department of Design at Seznam.czMaybe we met at TechSquare.
  • # Historical ExcursionCrafts and artsCraftsman has been in contact with their customers. He could easily customize products to real needs.
  • # Design at presentAt the beginning of the twentieth century arose a new approach to product design (mass production)Designer already is not encountering a customer.In the second half of the 20th century takes a role (Market) Research driven design
  • # Knowledge silos* Design in captivity of the creative process and user research, feature oriented* When a company grows, people tend to specialize closely* Teams become more distant from each other not only in space but also in communication and a way of thinking
  • # Mee too Products* Imitability* It is easy to imitate Feature* Mindset is difficult to imitate* The behavior is the key to product design (story)* old habits die hard* Propose a shower is something other than suggesting something where people can wash
  • # Design at SeznamCEO is also leading products (the company focused on product).Shared resources within the company (design, development, sales, marketing)help to exchange of information and sharing of experience.When working on the project people are subject to the product designers.The core team consists of a product manager, designer and prototyper
  • # User Research* Do not ask the user goals or needs* Watch what they are doing and find out why* Motivation - Expectations - Action* Tasks, goals, preferences -> emotion, context, purpose
  • What kind of product thinking is behind this design? - PetrKrál# Concept Formation* The concept is not UI* Focus on the experience* Observe human lives* Disclose complexity* Design is an activity
  • # Ten Commandments of Product1. User in the first place2. Our product is Seznam.cz3. We define market4. Simplicity is a feature5. Focus on the important things for users6. We do services for ordinary people7. Emphasis on quality8. Advertising is useful for users and is visible9. We adapt quickly10th We work with data
  • Martin Kopta, - Product Design

    1. 1. Product DesignMartin Kopta, StartupYard Mentoring Day at, Prague 2013
    2. 2. @atpok
    3. 3. HistoricalExcursion
    4. 4. @atpok
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    7. 7. — Peter SavilleWe’re often not makingthings better,we’re just makingthings different.— Peter Saville
    8. 8. Product Designat
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    13. 13. www.seznam.czHow would it workif it was magic?— Alan Cooper
    14. 14. www.seznam.czMartin KoptaDěkuji za pozornost@atpok