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Company profile

  1. 1. Who? Why? What? And other questions answered.
  2. 2. We connect brands with consumers online. We try to deliver a brand‟s message effectively, and to build a meaningful relationship with its consumers. We do this by combining interesting and relevant ideas with interactive technologies. Digivaasi literally means „digital natives‟. We are an interactive agency focused on creatively engaging consumers online. We‟ve grown up with a passion for the digital medium, and we love to uncover its wonders and evolve with it. Who do we do?are we? What
  3. 3. Us Consumers Brands A Facebook page or a website form. A kick*** video or an email… Every interaction with a brand matters. We try to make these interactions interesting and memorable. While keeping them relevant to the brand and its role in a consumer‟s life. Our Simple Approach
  4. 4. Services
  5. 5. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. There‟s no „i‟ in Team “ ” Teamwork is the key to success. So shut up and do what I tell you. - Henry Ford
  6. 6. Industry veteran, pioneer of viral marketing in India, founder and guiding light of Digivaasi. Prabhat Bhatnagar Chief Creative Officer Lord of the Ring Captain of the ship, master animator, sharp observer and multiple-award-winner. Creative Director Master & Commander Laven Chauhan Previously, Prabhat was the Creative Director at Webchutney. Laven leads the creative team at Digivaasi (some say he carries a whip).
  7. 7. Seasoned designer. User-experience expert. Comic-book fanatic. Mechanical engineer by qualification. Copywriter by passion. Ashima Bawa Associate Creative Director (Art) Design Diva Sr. Copywriter/Strategist Silent Operator Abhishek Prasad Combines form and function to create the perfect digital experiences for brands. Ashima heads the art team at Digivaasi. Plays with words and ideas, creates strategies, reads like a maniac. Abhishek heads the copy team at Digivaasi.
  8. 8. Creative, project management, operations, accounts, BD, strategy… There‟s nothing Rajat can‟t do (hasn‟t done)! Jack of all trades, and master of some. Rajat Sachdeva Director, BD & Operations The Wizard COO/Technology Czar The Troubleshooter Rahul Bahuguna Rahul leads the operations at Digivaasi, supervises the technology department and ensures smooth sailing on all projects. Currently, he heads our account management and BD teams.
  9. 9. Our WorkWe keep busy as a bunch of bees.
  10. 10. Twitter’s first ever cricket tournament Pepsi was the sponsor of the ICC World T20 and to bring the association alive online, we created Pepsi Tweet20 – the first ever cricket tournament on Twitter. Pepsi tweets a ball. You tweet a shot. The correct shots get you runs and ups your skill level. The wrong shots get you out. Winners tweeted their way to Sri Lanka and the campaign was trending nationally on Twitter throughout! Pepsi Tweet20 View case study>>
  11. 11. An interactive comic-book experience with Facebook integration and personalized elements. The story and art were created by graphic artists, and the interactive experience, site and promotions were created by us. Alpenlibe Eclairs Chocolaty Laila
  12. 12. Facebook Applications From creating engaging ideas for Facebook apps, to the design and technical development of social games, Flash-based apps and more … we do it all in-house.
  13. 13. Facebook Applications We‟ve created apps that let you paint your face and become a cheerleader (Pepsi), or trap your friends in a Mad Professor‟s lair (Topper), or wish your friends a Merry Christmas in a „chocolaty‟ way (Choko La) and many more.
  14. 14. Facebook Applications We‟ve developed apps for: Pepsi Aircel Topper Domino‟s Bausch+Lomb Choko La Cadbury‟s Fiama Di Wills Colgate Maxfresh
  15. 15. A crazy story that brings together two of the internet‟s biggest superheroes. The idea was to establish Expedia‟s message: “Across the world, there‟s one word for travel: Expedia. The video received over 700,000 views in a week. Created in partnership with Lowe Lintas. Chukk de Rajnee Watch the video >>
  16. 16. Happydent Shineshah More than an animated story and a game… An interactive song-and-dance spectacle! Created for Happydent Wave – the chewing gum with a sparkling splash. View the work >> 500,000+ views Silver Abby at the GoaFest 2011 Results
  17. 17. Happydent Shineshah View the work >> More than an animated story and a game… An interactive song-and-dance spectacle! Created for Happydent Wave – the chewing gum with a sparkling splash. 500,000+ views Silver Abby at the GoaFest 2011 Results
  18. 18. NASSCOM Wonders Of The Web A campaign for NASSCOM to promote different aspects of internet usage. The TG was heavy (but not evolved) internet users unaware of the possibilities online. The campaign was designed to be fun and cheeky – not too preachy or instructional.
  19. 19. NASSCOM Wonders Of The Web We created a series of animated guides to the web. They explained stuff like shopping, travel, matrimony and citizen services online. Informative yet quirky and light-hearted, the videos showed the wonders of web through everyday stories.
  20. 20. NASSCOM Wonders Of The Web A simple, clear website was designed to help users try out the wonders of the web, dispel myths and doubts, and show how to stay safe online.
  21. 21. Aircel Facebook Voice View the work >> The innovative service from Aircel let users post updates in their own voices. The idea: “Words can’t say what your voice can do.” We created an animated video showing the benefit in a fun, wacky way.
  22. 22. It was sad to discover the plight of the Indian tiger. It was even sadder to see nobody knew about it. So we joined Aircel‟s CSR initiative, leading the entire online initiative from strategy to conceptualization to execution. Aircel View the site >> Facebook >> Save Our Tigers
  23. 23. Through the comprehensive yet simple website, Stripey the Cub‟s facebook page, and Stripey’s blog, the movement gathered huge and heartwarming support, and led millions to join the movement. Aircel View the site >> Facebook >> Save Our Tigers
  24. 24. View the site >> Facebook >> Aircel Save Our Tigers Through the comprehensive yet simple website, Stripey the Cub‟s facebook page, and Stripey’s blog, the movement gathered huge and heartwarming support, and led millions to join the movement. Within the first 3 months: Over 6 million views 1 million+ registered supporters 400,000+ Facebook Fans Results
  25. 25. Foodfirst The online home for India‟s first TV channel dedicated to FOOD. From recipes to cuisines to expert chefs, it has everything about food. We created the content plan, wireframes and designs for the website to reflect the premium, vibrant look of the channel.
  26. 26. Aircel Blyk View the work >> Aircel brought Blyk to India – a service exclusively for the youth that gives them free talktime, SMS and updates on the stuff they like. To promote it, we created a vibrant video showing the benefits through a simple, fun story. The video won the Indian Digital Media Award and was aired as a TV ad. Results 1,550,000+ views within a week.
  27. 27. Topper Horlicks Examskool Exam season is when gets the most traffic. It is also the best time for Horlicks to promote the drink that makes kids „exam ready‟. Bringing them together, we created Horlicks Examskool – an exciting virtual school.
  28. 28. Topper Under all the fun and games, the site has online tests, videos and study material to help kids ace the exams. There are also badges, points and rewards to be won, and forums where students can interact. Horlicks Examskool
  29. 29. Topper With the success of the property, it has been refreshed every year for the past 3 years. ExamsKool 3 has even more fun and excitement, along with deep social integration throughout the site. Horlicks Examskool
  30. 30. Pepsi Change the Game campaign was a tribute to the revolutionized form of cricket. We took the campaign online by giving fans crazy ways to cheer the game together, online. Pepsi Mega Wave was an attempt to create the biggest Mexican wave online. Desktop Dancer was an app that let you and your friends dance on each other‟s desktops for every 4 and 6 … LIVE as match happened! Pepsi Change The Game
  31. 31. To promote its weekend breakaways, MMT wanted to carry forward its Offisial Atyachaar campaign online. We brought the concept alive online through a creative microsite which lets victims of Offisial Atyachaar let loose and let off some steam. Offisial success! With talk all around and a spillover of 25000+ fans on facebook. MMT now expanding the online campaign. MakeMyTrip Offisial Atyachaar View the work >> Results
  32. 32. With it‟s new „mood ko do lemon ka lift‟ campaign, 7up wanted to know how they could carry the brand onto the online space. We developed an interactive website which lets the user explore the site according to his mood. A flash driven website with different sections to suit different moods. Over 130,000 visits to the website within 3 weeks. Yahoo 7UP Results View the work >>
  33. 33. For a perfect brand integration for their Happydent “Sparkling Teeth” chewing gum, we suggested an Earth Hour campaign for Happydent urging people to switch off their lights. Through a creative innovation across media properties, we drove the message home with a bang! 0.67% CTR against the industry average of 0.2%. Sprakling smiles all around. Perfetti Happydent Results View the work >>
  34. 34. Yahoo and 7up together wanted to spread the “Mood ko do lemon ka lift” message using the Yahoo property innovatively. We conceptualized a property specific idea which interacts with the entire Yahoo homepage to showcase the moods we had to offer. CTR rate of 0.5% against the industry average of .2%. The client cried. We did too. Yahoo Rich Media Results View the work >>
  35. 35. we‟ve worked on Brands
  36. 36. Who? Why? What? And other questions answered. type talk +91 9811559890 +91 9811207277 +91 011 2653 0142 5K, Jungi House, 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi - 110049 travel Get In Touch Psst… Check us out online: website facebook blog