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Enterprise 2.0


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Enterprise 2.0

  1. 1. Way to Work – Enterprise 2.0 By Srini Kumar Head Java SO
  2. 2. Enterprise 2.0 What is it? • Enterprise social software, also known as Enterprise 2.0, is a term describing social software used in "enterprise" (business) contexts. It includes social and networked modifications to company intranets and other classic software platforms used by large companies to organize their communication wikipedia • Enterprise 2.0 is the term for the technologies and business practices that liberate the workforce from the constraints of legacy communication and productivity tools like email. It provides business managers with access to the right information at the right time through a web of inter-connected applications, services and devices • .enteprise2conf
  3. 3. Confused – Few more details • How is it different from Web 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 is about the Business and is about providing solutions for Business. When I think of Enterprise 2.0 solutions now, I think of tools and solutions usually delivered via Web Services, security with much more collaboration built into the tools and solutions. – Web2.0 drives traffic but Enterprise 2.0 does not – Oracle announced WebCenter Suite harnessing power of Web2.0 – Enterprise 2.0 is built using Web2.0 technologies. • Is it connected to ECM ? ECM is nothing but host of technologies to deliver single solution. These includes content management, social network analysis, collaboration, tagging so on These collaboration items form a link between ECM & Enterprise 2.0
  4. 4. Enterprise 2.0 run down / news • Enterprise 2.0 Blogging Movable Type Others • Enterprise 2.0 Communication Parlano • Enterprise 2.0 Content Management • Delivering on its vision for next- Koral • Enterprise 2.0 Networking generation enterprise software, HooversConnect Oracle has extended its leadership Spoke Xing in Enterprise 2.0 technology. ZoomInfo • Enterprise 2.0 RSS Attensa • With today's release of Oracle NewsGator SimpleFeed WebCenter Suite, Oracle has • Enterprise 2.0 Suites delivered the industry's first Blogtronix ConnectBeam complete, open, and manageable IBM - Lotus Ventura KnowNow user interaction and portal platform SuiteTwo by Intel that integrates Enterprise 2.0 • Enterprise 2.0 Technology JackBe capabilities into ad hoc and • Enterprise 2.0 Wiki structured business processes, as Confluence SocialText well as custom and packaged • Enterprise 2.0 ‘no products yet’ enterprise applications. Serendipity Technologies
  5. 5. Enterprise 2.0 – Way to Work • Connect Employees and Customers with array of Web2.0 Technologies such as – Wiki / Confluence – Blogging – Idea Junctions – News Feeds – Sales Force / CRM systems – Internal Job Postings • Satyam has built in Enterprise 2.0 offering which is described further as an example
  6. 6. Way to Work @ Satyam - Klipfolio • Satyam uses KlipFolio for announcements to name few such as • Announcements can be as simple as What’s Up • News about Satyam including current standings, stock price • Internal job openings where employees are informed. 6
  7. 7. Way to Work @ Satyam - Blog Satyam has several initiatives which • Blog for employees where Employees can discuss anything • Employees can post about Business, Entertainment, Sports, Ideas and Technology • Employees are recognized for best blog 7
  8. 8. Way to Work @ Satyam - Wiki • • Internally @ Satyam we use Confluence for various purposes as a Wiki • Developers use it to document the process and Mind Map • Its used for continuous update of Topics within Application Development and Maintenance.
  9. 9. Way to Work – Sales Mash up Listed below is implementation • of Google API with Confluence wiki • Google maps API used • Confluence SOAP API used (Axis2) • Wiki search results data returned in JSON format • Dojo used for UI widgets, layout • Search results plotted as “GMarkers” on “GMap“ • Search results table makes AJAX requests in parallel to load details 9
  10. 10. Way to Work - Tracking • Built using Web2.0 • • Helps Track projects across Satyam • An open source contribution
  11. 11. Way to Work - Mindspace Mindspace connects • Satyam Technical Architects with Projects • Forum for Technology postings • Projects seek help needed • Architects and experts help in quick resolution and turn around
  12. 12. Are we Enterprise 2.0 Satyam in-house Enterprise 2.0 Project Lego connects all these Systems plus few more listed below • Plus Satyam has RSS feeds providing info through Outlook • xSell our Sales connected to rest of other Web2.0 technologies • Idea junction for ideas
  13. 13. Thank you