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Application Modernization: Where Consumer, Social, and Mobile Converge


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Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, Mobile, or Social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you!

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  • Awesome presentation. I would like to comment on slide 16. What I find great with IBM Notes custom applications is that there is a minimal learning curve between applications. A consultant can go into a company and integrate a new or existing application very easily to a custom workflow application built by someone else (with no documentation) because the platform provides a standard framework that all applications are built on top of. Best of all, applications are always backwards compatible with future releases. We have been providing solutions this way for over 15 years.
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Application Modernization: Where Consumer, Social, and Mobile Converge

  1. 1. Application Modernization: Where Consumer, Social, and Mobile ConvergeJohn Beck, Worldwide Notes & Domino Sales, IBM @JhnBckJohn Head, Director of Enterprise Collaboration, PSC Group, LLC @johnhead
  2. 2. John Beck No, I am not very talented at basketball (thats why I have a job at IBM!). “Who am I?” I am responsible for global sales of IBMs messaging portfolio (Notes & Domino, Traveler, Mobile Connect and Protector) – Previously, I have held cloud sales, product management, development and support roles within IBM all focused on the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio. Working with Notes since R3 in 1995 and managed production Domino environment on NT Alpha (really!?!). Recently moved my family to Wisconsin from Massachusetts (yes it is colder there). “Why am I here?” As companies analyze their investments in messaging, they are realizing the incredible value that Domino applications have to their business and processes. They are also looking to shift that investment to new access modes and transform their end user computing environments. Follow/contact/link to me: +1 508.414.0734 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. John Head Perimeter DriveSuite 500, IL 60173 517-7200 517-7600 fax © 2013 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. PSC consultants specialize in all things IBM Lotus, from infrastructure to administration to development.PSC Group, LLC is a professional From health checks to installation to find tuning your applications. Our specialty is in transforming your Notesservices and information technologyconsulting firm that understands applications into the next generation of XPages applications. We can modernize your critical businesstechnology is fundamental in the applications and infuse them with social and mobile functionality. development of business solutions.Success is collaboration, creation andinnovation. It’s about taking what abusiness does and making it better. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IBM offers a full range of industry leading capabilities to meet therequirements of any organization Smarter Workforce Exceptional Customer IBM Employee Experience Suite Experience Kenexa Talent Management Suite IBM Customer Experience Suite IBM Platform for Social Business Social Networking Social Analytics Social Content Social Integration IBM Connections IBM Social Analytics Suite IBM Enterprise IBM WebSphere Portal IBM Notes & Domino Social Edition Content Management IBM Web Content Manager IBM Sametime Deployment OptionsIBM SmartCloud for Social Business Dedicated Private Cloud On Premises Hybrid
  6. 6. IBM offers a full range of industry leading capabilities to meet therequirements of any organization Smarter Workforce Exceptional Customer IBM Employee Experience Suite Experience Kenexa Talent Management Suite IBM Customer Experience Suite IBM Platform for Social Business Social Networking Social Analytics Social Content Social Integration IBM Connections IBM Social Analytics Suite IBM Enterprise IBM WebSphere Portal IBM Notes & Domino Social Edition Content Management IBM Web Content Manager IBM Sametime Deployment OptionsIBM SmartCloud for Social Business Dedicated Private Cloud On Premises Hybrid
  7. 7. Agenda © 2013 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Users are demanding modern user interfaces... © 2013 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. ...and Domino DELIVERS! © 2013 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Thousands of enterprises around the globe trust their core collaborative and business applications to Notes & Domino Apps “by the numbers”: 280,000 active  developers $45m investment by  IBM since 2007 10,000,000 applications  in use Discussion databases  Inventory and project management Community forums  Process tracking 64,000 developers and  Document storage and collaboration  Sales force automation 200 projects active in Customer relationship management  Product catalogs and price lists Help desk and customer support  Billing systems open source community Human resources  Audit and assessment © 2013 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Todays Notes/Domino offers the easiest, fastest and richestdevelopment of Web 2.0 apps © 2013 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. From this... Jacobs eLite 1.0© 2013 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. To this with xPages - Jacobs eLite 2.0© 2013 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Agenda © 2013 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Domino is a Premiere application platform• Claims heard about why one should move to SharePoint • SharePoint could easily replace the Rapid Application Development feature set of Notes/Domino • SharePoint is self service driven and therefore will need less development resources than a new Notes/Domino environment• While in reality • What most consider to be simple Notes client applications often require moderate to significant development effort that cannot be done with SharePoint Designer, instead requiring Visual Studio and .Net development skills • Complex applications with business logic and workflow are not suitable for SharePoint and require .Net development and additional Microsoft products to provide the same level of capability you get in one product (Notes/Domino) © 2013 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Domino Application Competitive Advantages Modernizing your applications for web browsers improves user experience and avoids cost  Avoids significant migration costs and development time to re-write applications  XPages technology has allowed organizations to rapidly modernize at a significantly lower (25-40%) cost  Faster time to value with XPages versus a re-write  Allows end user desktop simplification by minimizing client deployment needs delivering apps via web browsers and mobile devices Far less expensive to transition to XPages than to rewrite  Existing business logic preserved  XPages brings specific mobile controls at no addional cost that are not present in for competitive platforms like .NET and  Delivers offline for rich client usage (not possible on alternate platforms) © 2013 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. What To Do With What You Already Have Bring your Notes/Domino client applications to the Web with XPages!• Preserves the investment in your current applications data and business logic while providing a modern Web 2.0 user experience• Provides browser and mobile access and still allows you to take that application securely offline with all application logic available using the Notes rich client• Expands the reach of your Domino applications to other IBM platforms like WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections thru iWidgets and Activity Streams• Integrate Xpages apps with Sharepoint for Create, Replace, Update, Delete (CRUD) through web services and Open Data Protocol (oData) © 2013 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Agenda © 2013 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. F O U N D E D I N 1 9 9 0
  21. 21. • Integration • Mobile Enablement• Workflow • Custom Applications• Rules Engines • Dashboards• Collaboration • Process Improvement• SOA • Agile/Sustainable• Portals/Websites Architectures Our Partners© 2013 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. PSC’s real world experiences with XPages “The impact of a consumer economy on the business and enterprise application space”© 2013 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. 2013 State of the ApplicationWe are at an application crossroad- Email has become a commodity- Domino or Exchange or Google- Cloud or On Premises or HybridEmail and application platforms being broken apart- New Platforms- Smartphones are common place- Tablets are outshipping laptopsThe Burning Questions – “What about the Applications?”
  24. 24. What Applications are Your Users Using? Your users are using this at home …
  25. 25. What Applications are Your Users Using? And this …
  26. 26. What Applications are Your Users Using? And this …
  27. 27. What Applications are Your Users Using? And this …
  28. 28. What Applications are Your Users Using? And this …
  29. 29. Do you think they really want to use this? Do you think they want to use this?
  30. 30. Do you think they really want to use this? And this?
  31. 31. Do you think they really want to use this? Or this?
  32. 32. Do you think they really want to use this? Or this?
  33. 33. I know what your thinking …Your users aren’t like others.They use the apps we tell them.They do all their businesson approved tools. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  34. 34. Youre wrong.More than 50% of business users bypassinternal applications for public tools. © 2013 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. Because the internal tools are:Too slowToo restrictiveNot accessible at homeNot on the mobile deviceNot Sexy © 2013 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. End Users Expect Modern Applications• End User expect consumer Web 2.0 Experiences at work• End Users will find their own solutions if applications are not updated• Corporate IT must modernize or become irrelevant
  37. 37. How modern are your applications?PSC’s experience is that once a business application is put touse, it is rarely updated.The more line of business the app is, the less care it hasgotten.Many companies using the same app since late 90s/early2000s with NO changes.Have you done an internal application audit? © 2013 IBM Corporation
  38. 38. Existing Domino Application Types Documents & Enterprise Business Discussions Applications Applications 40% of total apps 25% of total apps 35% of total apps Based on Templates Highly transactional Mission Critical that come with or huge volumes of Organization Unique Domino data Heavy use of custom Recommendation: Recommendation: workflow and/or Move to standard Rebuild on top of security platforms/apps Enterprise Java, Recommendation: Update with new .NET or other Move to the web via XPages Templates technology XPages from IBM (2011) Use third party tool(s) SmartCloud Engage Other Offerings Taken from PSCs Application Modernization White Paper and Presentations
  39. 39. Why XPages?• ‘Develop Once, Use Multiple Places’ is finally reality • Works in Notes Client, Browser, & Mobile • User base can decide how they want to work, where they want to work • Corporate Web Branding easily applied • Source Code Control (SVN, etc.) • Most rapid updates of development tool in the platform ever (ExtLib, etc.)
  40. 40. ? Why XPages? Performance of modern web applications brought to the platform Notes Application XPages Application • Opening on Server thru • Opening on Server thru VPN VPN • ~ 30 to 60 seconds • ~ 6 to 10 seconds • Opening Replica • Opening Replica • ~20 seconds • ~ 3 to 5 seconds • Open in Web Browser • ~ under 2 seconds
  41. 41. Why XPages?• XPages is developer friendly • Notes developers w/ web skills can transition easily • Web developers can pick up XPages with basic Domino training • New Hires / College Grads can pick up XPages development with a week of training* *results may vary
  42. 42. PSC’s Methodology for Application Modernizationusing IBM XPages 4201/29/13
  43. 43. Samples of PSC’s XPages Development These are real world applications© 2013 IBM Corporation
  44. 44. App #1: Notes Client Application
  45. 45. App #1: XPages Application w/ OneUI
  46. 46. App #2: Standard Notes Document Library
  47. 47. App #2: XPages Version of Document Library w/ Custom Theme • XPages Version
  48. 48. App #3: Excel Application
  49. 49. App #3: XPages Application
  50. 50. App #4: XPages with Custom ThemeApp #6: XPages Application
  51. 51. App #4: XPages with Custom ThemeApp #6: XPages Application
  52. 52. App #5: XPages Intranet
  53. 53. App #5: XPages Intranet
  54. 54. App #6: XPages Dashboard
  55. 55. Transformation through XPages © 2013 IBM Corporation
  56. 56. Transformation through XPages © 2013 IBM Corporation
  57. 57. IBM XWork Server to the Rescue• Companies who left Notes & Domino for other email platforms are a perfect target for the IBM XWork server• Purchase a new IBM XWork server license. No mention of ‘Lotus’ or ‘Notes’• Focus on the apps, not how or where the system is run• Success Story © 2013 IBM Corporation
  58. 58. In Summer of 2010, IBM asked PSC to review a Notes application and compare modernizing the application with both XPages and Microsoft SharePoint. This is the result of that effort.© 2013 IBM Corporation
  59. 59. Notes Client to XPages – PSC’s Process 1. Take an existing Notes Client Application 2. Catalog the Notes Client Assets 3. Create XPages Application 4. Create Custom Theme 5. Build Mobile Interface 6. Compare with SharePoint application
  60. 60. Existing Notes ApplicationDocument Workflow App
  61. 61. Existing Application Details • 1 User Form – Agreement • 4 Dialogs • 5 System Forms – Keywords, Lookups • 30 User Views • 17 System Views • Workflow & Business Logic • 20 Agents • 2 Script Libraries • Export to Excel for Reporting • User Interface Elements
  62. 62. Document Workflow AppXPages Version
  63. 63. Document Workflow AppXPages Version - Mobile • Uses the Mobile Controls Project • Provides Custom UI for iPhone and other mobile devices
  64. 64. Document Workflow AppXPages User Interface Details • Created a New XPages Interface • Created Custom Theme with custom branding and color scheme • Only Interface Changes • Home Page • Document Workflow Form • Views • No changes to Workflow or Business Rules • Used the XPages Mobile Controls on for iPhone interface
  65. 65. Document Workflow AppXPages Development Details • Notes: • Custom Theme is a one time effort. Can be reused by all future XPages Applications • Mobile Controls were created as Custom Controls that can be reused
  66. 66. Comparing XPages to SharePoint • Same Notes Client application • Document tasks to build feature comparable SharePoint application • Use SharePoint development best practices that PSC uses with our customers • Estimate development costs
  67. 67. SharePoint Development Details • Create SharePoint Site • Create Agreement Form & Dialogs • Create Web Parts & Reports • Create Keyword Lookup Lists • Build Windows Workflows (not SharePoint Designer) • Implement Security – Groups and Building Form Filters • Build Excel Export • Move Data using Third-Party Tool • Create Master Page • Create iPhone on top of SharePoint Mobile Extension
  68. 68. SharePoint Development Estimates
  69. 69. SharePoint Development Estimates Notes • PSC recommends Windows Workflow over SharePoint Workflow using SharePoint Designer due to it’s quality and support • iPhone development would be ASP.NET development talking to SharePoint Web Services • Security would use Active Directory Groups and function by applying Filters to parts of the Form • Data Export using Third Party tools would include documents, field data, and attachments • Master Page Estimate includes colors, corporate branding, logo, and simple menu changes
  70. 70. Estimates Side by Side XPages Task Hrs. SharePoint Task Hrs. XPages User Interface 64 SharePoint Site 4 Custom Theme 16 Main Form 24 Excel Export 8 Web Parts & Reports 16 Mobile XPage 16 Windows Workflow 24 Implement Security 40 Excel Export 8 Move Data 16 Create Master Page 16 Create iPhone Interface 40 Offline ?? Total 104 Total 188
  71. 71. Application Modernization in 2013 • Your users are demanding modern applications in the workplace • Smartphones and Tablets will force you to embrace modern and consumer driven development platforms and techniques • XPages is ready to build real-world production applications • You dont have to migrate to get Modern and Mobile
  72. 72. Application Modernization with PSC PSC views the process of modernizing application platforms from a holistic, enterprise perspective. Building from our Hub Services, our AMC provides extensive services in each of three critical areas – providing our clients with a 360o View of the process.
  73. 73. Your users will work with applications that match the experience they have at home. You have to decide if they use your apps or something else.© 2013 IBM Corporation
  74. 74. Agenda © 2013 IBM Corporation
  75. 75. IBM offers a full range of industry leading capabilities to meet therequirements of any organization Smarter Workforce Exceptional Customer IBM Employee Experience Suite Experience Kenexa Talent Management Suite IBM Customer Experience Suite IBM Platform for Social Business Social Networking Social Analytics Social Content Social Integration IBM Connections IBM Social Analytics Suite IBM Enterprise IBM WebSphere Portal IBM Notes & Domino Social Edition Content Management IBM Web Content Manager IBM Sametime Deployment OptionsIBM SmartCloud for Social Business Dedicated Private Cloud On Premises Hybrid
  76. 76. Notes/Domino Social Edition – Application DevelopmentDomino Designer 9.0 Social Edition beta – Server-Side JavaScript debugger – XPages source editor Content Assist – New Home Page/Welcome Experience – New XSP Properties editor – Xpage source editor Hyperlink navigation with CTRL key – XSP source editor hover helpXPages runtime in 9.0 Social Edition beta – 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 plus more integrated to Notes/Domino 8.5.4 – Dojo 1.7.2 with improved support for mobile web applications – CKEditor 3.6.3 includes support for iOS 5 – XPages in Notes client (XpiNC) performance enhancements 76 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  77. 77. Notes Social Edition Public Beta - Work smarter with embedded experiences © 2013 IBM Corporation
  78. 78. Extend your Xpages apps to Mobile and Social © 2013 IBM Corporation
  79. 79. Choice and flexibility for devices © 2013 IBM Corporation
  80. 80. XPages in Activity Streams © 2013 IBM Corporation
  81. 81. Let me leave you with the following: Domino + XPages = OPPORTUNITY © 2013 IBM Corporation
  82. 82. An extensive ecosystem of skilled partners OpenNTF  77K Registered users  670K visits in 12  221 Contributions & 132K Downloads in 12  >100K video views on YouTube  Reaching out – Stack Overflow & GitHub OpenNTF Contests  3 contests complete; 73 contributors & 102 contributions  4th Contest underway  XPages integration with Connections  Quicktstart Domino & Connections image Collaboration Today  Compilation of current and relevant news for IBM Collaboration Solutions  Community curated content  Community developed XPages app  REST API for embedding in your own site  Template source coming to OpenNTF soon © 2013 IBM Corporation
  83. 83. Next steps for Notes/Domino developers• Learn to use XPages • It is the strategic direction for N/D application development • Start from• Download ready-to-use libraries and components from • XPages Extension Library, Mobile controls, Connections components...• Invest in learning • HTML5, CSS • Mobile platforms • JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery, Sencha • Gadgets, iWidgets, OpenSocial © 2013 IBM Corporation
  84. 84. More next steps....• Start to use Java pervasively • XPages business logic, agents... • Discover the power and flexibility of OSGi • Java tasklets from openNTF, XPages Extensibility API• Join the IBM Social Business Toolkit Community • olkit• Download the Social Enabler Project • © 2013 IBM Corporation
  85. 85. OpenNTF Appathon (Starts Feburary 2013)  IBM Connections App Dev - Prizes: $5000  IBM XPages App Dev - Prizes: $5000  Anything leveraging Connections (social SDK, OpenSocial, iWidgets, REST APIs, customization, WebSphere, PHP, XPages, etc.) will be accepted.
  86. 86. XPages Books © 2013 IBM Corporation
  87. 87. Summary• Social Business applications build on our heritage...• ...but Social Business today demands new types of applications • Beyond the firewall • Systems of systems • Both Cloud and on-premises• The IBM Social Business Framework enables IBM customers and partners to capitalize on Social Business opportunities • All IBM collaboration products are part of the framework • Big opportunities for general web developers and established Lotus developers, building on their existing skills• The new IBM Social Business Toolkit are planned to enable a new class of unified social capabilities based on the latest born-on-the web open standards • Consistent extensibility across products, deployment models and user experiences• Easy to get started with todays products and cloud developer options © 2013 IBM Corporation
  88. 88. Some Additional Resources• DeveloperWorks • •• Greenhouse •• •• •• Videos – Youtube, VideoFest... • 4a5f_9327_94f1a5d82132/page/VideoFest• Resources also provided by the community •© 2013, IBM Corporation
  89. 89. Questions and Your Feedback How to reach John: How to reach tall John: John Head John Beck © 2013 IBM Corporation