Chapter 2.1


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Chapter 2.1

  1. 1. Hi and welcome back to the Kennedy legacy. Last chapter, Jake headed off to uni, where hedid his best to make the girls flock all around him. Eventually , he became good friends witha dormie named Vivian. Just before he was going to make things serious between them,‘Nessa told Jake about the challenge their family had. After Jake told Vivian, she blew upand him. He moved on, called the matchmaker and was given Katy McGaw as a result. Heproposed, graduated, and headed home. Now, let’s see what’s going on now.
  2. 2. ‘Nessa and Forrest rushed over to Jake as soon as he got out of the taxi. They were bothhappy to see him home.“Oh Jake! So nice to see you! How was your trip?”“It was ok, ma. How’s George?”“He’s doing well. Getting on in years though.”
  3. 3. After getting settled in, Jake headed over to the Valley Employment Center to find a job asan architect.“Let’s see here,” Ms. Contrary said, squinting at the monitor. “You just graduated correct?”“Yes.”“There’s a job in middle management you can have. It has a good starting salary as well.”Jake smiled. “I will take it then.”
  4. 4. The extra money that Jake brought home with him allowed a senior suite to be built upstairsfor his parents. This time, ‘Nessa did most of the designing.
  5. 5. ‘Nessa knew that Jake was going to get married soon, so she tried her best to lose someweight before then.Forrest looked over at his wife, then resumed painting. “Sweetie, why are you killingyourself on that bike? You look just fine.”“I wanna look decent for the weddin’. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I have to be outtashape.”
  6. 6. Katy moved in a few days later. She was a bit nervous about living with her future in-laws,but Jake reassured her.“Don’t worry, as long as I am with you, everything will be alright. My parents are cool.”“I know, it’s just that everything is so new to me. I suppose you’re right though.”
  7. 7. “You know how to cook right? Jake’s used to his mom’s gourmet cooking. But as long as youcan make a few meals you will be alright.”Katy looked into her bowl. “Well, I know how to make a few things, but I suppose I shouldstudy up on my cooking.”“This soup is pretty tasty, and you made it. So don’t worry.” Forrest smiled.
  8. 8. *Wedding Day*‘Nessa put the last pin in Katy’s hair. She noticed how nervous she was as she checked hermakeup one last time.“Are you sure I look ok? Should I put on some more eyeliner?”“You look fine. Don’t worry, you are going to knock his socks off.”Katy smiled and smoothed down her dress. “Thanks Mrs. Kennedy. I feel a bit better now.”“Stop callin’ me that. I’m your mother in law now. Call me ‘Nessa.”
  9. 9. Jake stood by the alter, his stomach in knots. Vivan’s face swirled around in his head. Am Imaking the right decision? Will I be a good husband like my dad?Forrest knocked him out of thought. “Ready for your wife, Jake? You must be excited.”“Uhh, yea, I’m excited. Just nervous.”“Don’t worry, once she’s here you will relax.”
  10. 10. After all of the guests took their seats, Katy walked down the aisle and stood next to Jake.She smiled nervously, and her cheeks became red. I can’t believe I am getting married, shethought as they began to exchange vows.
  11. 11. “…and I, Jake Henry Kennedy, take you to be my wife, to love and cherish all the days of mylife. I promise to care for you, and stay with you through good and bad.”Katy did everything she could to keep her hand from shaking as he slid the gold band aroundher finger.
  12. 12. They sealed the deal with a kiss, and everyone applauded. ‘Nessa was especially happy shewas able to see her son getting married. She never thought she would see the day, since herlife plan was to party until she died. But, she wouldn’t change her life for the world.
  13. 13. Jake thought it would be funny to smear cake all over his new wife’s face.“Mmph! ““What was that dear?”“You ruined my makeup!” Katy said as she wiped her face.“Oh…sorry. You still look pretty though.”
  14. 14. Everyone had a great time, although the conversation that Katy started was a bitquestionable.
  15. 15. The party guests insisted they have their first dance, so they obliged.“This was the happiest day of my life,” Katy said, smiling.“Mine’s too. I’m glad you like the party. Mom and dad are professionals with these things.”
  16. 16. After the reception, ‘Nessa sat them down in the living room.“Now, there’s something I would like to give the two of you. As you know, Jake, your fatherand I were going to Simaica for vacation tomorrow. But, what we didn’t tell you was, we gotextra tickets for the both of you. So now you can have the honey moon I couldn’t have yearsago.”“Oh ‘Nessa! Thanks so much! This is a wonderful present.”Jake nodded in agreement.“Good. Go pack your things. We’re leavin’ early.”
  17. 17. Early the next morning, the whole family took the taxi to the airport. ‘Nessa was excited togo back home after all of these years. Jake was hoping he could get a nice tan to impressKaty, and maybe learn the fire dance his mom always told him about when he was a kid.
  18. 18. As soon as they arrived at the hotel, ‘Nessa insisted on handling the paperwork, and toldthe newlyweds to go relax. Forrest snuck off to the beach to look for seashells.
  19. 19. Katy and Jake found the honeymoon suite and quickly put the Do Not Disturb sign up.“Finally, we are alone, my pretty wife,” Jake said. Katy blushed.“You are so romantic, honey. I can’t believe we’re in Simaica though! I have dreamed ofcoming here for years.”Jake moved closer. “Now, can we…?“Yes, definitely we can.”
  20. 20. ………………………………………………………………….
  21. 21. Meanwhile, ‘Nessa and Forrest took a long swim in the ocean. The waves and the heatreminded her of her childhood, and she soaked in every moment. It was his first time in theocean though, and Forrest was a bit nervous about the fish that swam under his feet andbetween his legs.
  22. 22. Wow, I’m actually married. And my wife is sleeping on my chest. And one day we will have achild. Wow. Just wow.Jake wondered how much longer it will be only about him once a child joined the family. Hebrushed it off and reassured himself that nothing would change.
  23. 23. “Are you enjoying yourself?” He asked Katy.“Of course! It’s not everyday that I have dessert on a balcony in Simaica,” She replied. “Thisis the best present anyone has ever given me. And I am grateful the matchmaker chose forus to be together.”“Well, I am glad I make you happy.”
  24. 24. Katy took advantage of the local spa, soaking in the hot springs and getting hour longmassages.
  25. 25. Katy also got to know her in-laws a lot better over breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. Forrestinsisted on having at least one meal together during their vacation.
  26. 26. They also enjoyed beach time together. While ‘Nessa and Forrest built sandcastles andsearched for shells, Jake and Katy soaked in the sun, something they couldn’t really do backin Desiderata Valley.
  27. 27. Katy was even able to sneak away with her husband to the local shrines. Unfortunately forthe other tourists, they were too busy kissing and feeling each other up to notice thebeautiful statues that surrounded them.
  28. 28. On the last day of their vacation/honeymoon, Jake finally found the fire dancer andrequested a lesson. It took him the whole day to learn the ancient dance. He did scare theinstructor a few times when he nearly set the mat on fire.
  29. 29. Jake raised his marshmellow in the air. “I would like to propose a, er, toast to my mom anddad. The best parents in the whole world!”“That’s a bit much, Jake,” Forrest said.“No it isn’t. You guys gave me whatever I wanted as a kid, and never made me feel bad.Because of you, I am a very confident man.”Katy shrugged and smiled. To her, his confidence about himself was cute when they weredating, but now it was getting old. She hoped he grew out of it before they added on to thefamily.
  30. 30. The night after they came home, Katy soon found out they were going to be adding tofamily fairly soon.“Oh dear, I don’t feel so well.”“Maybe the flight wasn’t so good to you,” Jake replied.“Perhaps, or I could be expecting.”“Expecting what?”*sigh*
  31. 31. Katy slept in a lot, and went to bed early. She truly believed she was pregnant, but didn’twant to get her hopes up.
  32. 32. Her suspicions was confirmed when the baby made it’s introduction after dinner.“Jake! Look! We’re having a baby!”“Really? Wow that’s great news! Wait ‘til I tell ma. She’s going to be extremely happy.”
  33. 33. “Hey, Jake junior. I’m your dad. I bet you’re going to be strong just like me.”Katy smiled. “What makes you think it’s a boy? It could easily be a girl.”“I have a feeling about it, that’s all.”“Well, if it is a boy, maybe we should give him another name.”Jake stood up. “What’s wrong with Jake Junior?”“Nothing, but maybe we should look at other names before deciding.”
  34. 34. They told ‘Nessa the good news over breakfast, and she was ecstatic. Katy tried to talk toJake about the finances and saving up money for the baby, but he was sure theydidn’t needto save with four incomes in the house.
  35. 35. ‘Nessa was enjoying the pregnancy more than Katy was. All she wanted to do was rest, but‘Nessa always wanted to see if the baby was kicking or not.
  36. 36. Katy felt a sharp pain in her belly, and got out of bed to get some water. But before shecould, the pains got worse and had her doubled over.“Jake!! I think the baby is coming!!!”Jake woke up immediately. “Really? Should I call an ambulance?”“No! It’s too late for that!! OUCH!”
  37. 37. Katy’s labor lasted for hours, and soon the entire household was there coaching her on.Forrest stood by the door in shock while ‘Nessa talked her daughter-in-law through thedelivery.
  38. 38. Baby Dylan was born right before sunrise. Jake was right with his gender prediction, but lostthe naming war. Dylan had Katy’s skintone, Forrest’s eyes, and possibly his grandmother’shair colour.
  39. 39. “Hey there buddy! Welcome to the world. You are quite a handsome boy, yes you are!”Katy yawned. “Would you mind feeding him? I am extremely tired.”“But I have to get ready for work, hun. You know how long it takes me to get ready.” Jakereplied.“For goodness sake! Feed your son, Jake! It won’t take all morning.”“Ok, I will. Just go get some rest.”
  40. 40. Jake fed Dylan his first bottle, and was surprised at how easy it was. “I guess I picked up thisfathering thing quickly,” he said to the baby as he threw away the bottle.
  41. 41. ‘Nessa looked after Dylan whenever she could. Hiring a nanny wasn’t really on anyone’smind, and she even considered retiring so that she could watch him when Katy and jake wasat work. She adored him, and knew she would enjoy him as much as she could.“I will make sure you turn out to be a good boy,” She whispered to Dylan. “I sure hope youhave a big heart like your mama.”
  42. 42. I will leave you with a picture of Katy trying to break Jake’s back (just kidding). Will Dylangrow up to be just like his dad, or will ‘Nessa and Katy’s influence change that? The answerswill be revealed in the next chapter! Also, here is Katy’s stats:Aspiration: Fortune4-7-8-3-3LTW: Become business tycoonTurn ons/offs: Full face makeup and custom hair/swimwear