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The Mineral ISBI Chapter 11


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The Mineral ISBI Chapter 11

  1. 1. Notes:First of all, this is my simself. You’ll be seeing more of her soon.Second off, I’m starting plot in this chapter. I still want this ISBI to be fairlylighthearted, so I’ll still make jokes and such. It’ll just have a bit more substance.Lastly, I promise the pictures will get better after this chapter. .Now on to the story!
  2. 2. Ba-dum.
  3. 3. Ba-dum.
  4. 4. Ba-dum.
  5. 5. Ba-dum-a-dum-a-dum.Hey Almie, whatcha typing? Too bad I can’t see.
  6. 6. A good thing, too. I wish she would just get out.Hey, you know I can hear what you’re thinking.Out!Fine, fine.
  7. 7. “Woah! I’m like Saturn.”
  8. 8. With another baby on the way, the house was enlarged to add a separate nurseryand spare bedrooms.
  9. 9. Cassie had her hands full with this little one as it was. She couldn’t imagine how itwould be when the next one came along.
  10. 10. Hopefully Renaud would start helping out more.
  11. 11. He truly was a great parent, even though he spoiled Anders.
  12. 12. If only he could bebetter at cooking!
  13. 13. He left the toilet training to Cassie, however. Typical.
  14. 14. Really, Almie. Who’ve you been talking to all day? It’s kind of creepy for a teenagegirl to be talking to a grown man on the internet, if that’s what’s going on…He’s not a criminal.Oh, so it is a guy!
  15. 15. He’s not an elder either, if that’s what you’re getting at.Even if he’s an adult, that’s still creepy.
  16. 16. Let’s just say he can’t be taken by social services.Hmm, so a teen or an adult. Which one is it, Almie?
  17. 17. Oh shoot. Better hide this quick.“Renaud, get out!”Almie, Almie, Almie. What are we up to?
  18. 18. However, Cassie was oblivious to her sister’s escapades, instead watching herhusband play with her son.
  19. 19. “Up you go, Anders! Up you go!”“Careful with him, Renaud. He’s still little.”“Oh, don’t worry Cassie. Nothing bad will ever happen to this family.”
  20. 20. “See? Back safe in my arms.”
  21. 21. Cassie continued trying to teach Anders to talk, which was an uphill battle. Anderswas ready and willing to copy his parents- in fact, he even went out of his way todo so- but he was having problems forming the words.
  22. 22. So it was a thrill for everyone when he finally formed his first word: “Mommy”-and even a bigger thrill when he finally learned to talk.
  23. 23. “Ah!”What’s wrong, Cassie?
  24. 24. *panting* “I had a nightmare.”“What was it about?”
  25. 25. “Anders and I were both dead. And...”
  26. 26. “Nevermind. It’s all over now.”
  27. 27. And with that, she went back to bed.
  28. 28. Here’s where I installed Freetime. It was incredibly easy to discover Cassie’spredestined hobby- Arts and Crafts- because her first want was to sew.
  29. 29. “Hey, can you help me out here? I know you don’t like me, but this chick isbugging me.”No.
  30. 30. “Why not, you jerk?”*Random Townie Chick* “Hey Almie, you okay?”Because if I make her go away, then you’ll just get right back on that computer.
  31. 31. “But all she wants to do is play that stupid Rubix sphere.”Yeah, I know, and it’s so addictive!“That’s just because you’re new to freetime and everything’s interesting.”So what?
  32. 32. Luckily soon it was time for Almie to grow up.“Finally, we can kick her out of the house!”Cassie, be nice.“Just kidding! Come on, we’re BFFs.”
  33. 33. “Oh yeah! I grew up badly! But it’s okay, because now that I’m an adult, I canwoohoo!”Did I mention she was a romance sim?
  34. 34. So now her room has been transformed into a nightclub downstairs. I love it,because it’s got the classic nightclub scene, but it’s still classy.
  35. 35. With that, Almie moved out.
  36. 36. A few days later, I checked in on her. Her house was in disarray, and, as usual, shewas hooked to the computer.
  37. 37. I just wished I could know what she was saying…
  38. 38. But I could never get close enough.“Night!”
  39. 39. “You said you wouldn’t come back! I can call the police on you!”Actually you can’t. I’m a simself, I have more power than them. You of all peopleshould know that.
  40. 40. “That doesn’t matter. You have no business intruding on my life. Get out.”No really, I insist I stay.
  41. 41. “Oh no. You wouldn’t. I told you to get out, you get out.”Hmm…I don’t think so. However, in exchange for some knowledge…
  42. 42. “You get out.”
  43. 43. “And you stay out.”Alright, alright. Just remember, I can always see you.
  44. 44. At a small abandoned office building on the far side of town…“Ah ha! Another ghost scare at the Mineral household. The newspaper’ll be therein just a few hours…That ad was placed like I asked?” Barrett asked.“Yes, of course,” the invisible man replied.
  45. 45. “They’ll fall for it. I know they will. They can’t stand this many ghost attacks in onenight. How lucky were we? Great timing.”
  46. 46. “Mr. Barrett, the lady’s asking if she can see you tonight.”
  47. 47. “Tell her I’m busy with a…work endeavor. Which is true, in a twisted way.”Barrett gave out a throaty laugh.“Get me that newspaper. I want to see the ad.”
  48. 48. “Haha, this bit is great. ‘Rod Hamiliton, Ghost Whisperer. Hire him and watch yourghost problems disappear!’ Vane, great work on this ad. Of course they’ll fall forit.”
  49. 49. My simself stopped outside the shack. Something was fishy here, alright.
  50. 50. She’d have to keep a watch on the place.***
  51. 51. Barrett stood outside, suddenly with a bit of doubt. Of course the Minerals hadfallen for his ad; it was ingenious. But what if they didn’t believe him, or asked towatch his procedures?
  52. 52. Regardless, he was invited inside.“Sorry I’m still in my pajamas. It’s been a crazy few days. Go out there and do whatyou need to do.”
  53. 53. As soon as he got to the mausoleum, he dropped the fake “ghost exterminatingweapon” and grabbed for the urn.
  54. 54. He shook it up. Nothing angered the ghosts more. The Minerals were done for.
  55. 55. That’s when my computer started being glitchy. Luckily I had saved, but it seemedthat nothing was happening right. I would need to intervene. That’s when mysimself arrived.
  56. 56. “Wow, this place is a mess.”
  57. 57. “No better place to pull out my laptop and sim, then.”
  58. 58. “Oh no. What’s going on?”
  59. 59. Visiting the Mineral house again was no easy task. Tonight was the night of theghosts. First Renaud was hit.
  60. 60. They didn’t even limit themselves to the members of the household.
  61. 61. Even Cassie, happy to be best friend with her son, was scared immediately after.
  62. 62. To make matters even worse, little Anders began making a bigger mess thanbefore.
  63. 63. Wow, Cassie. When Renaud told me your water broke...“SHUT UP!”Okay, okay.
  64. 64. And with that, little Nepheline was born.
  65. 65. “Come on, Renaud. You can do this.”Renaud, the baby was already born.“I know that. I was talking about changing its diaper.”
  66. 66. “Alright. I’m ready for this.”
  67. 67. And suddenly, Olivine showed up to see the birth of her youngest great-grandchild.
  68. 68. However, she seemed to be in a little bit of a tricky mood.
  69. 69. “It’s okay, Nephy. That’s just your great-grandma. She can’t hurt you. You’re ababy.”
  70. 70. However, she could hurt someone else...
  71. 71. Renaud.Olivine! That is not nice! He just had a baby.“He hasn’t had a baby until he has to experience pregnancy! Boo! Mwahahaha!”
  72. 72. Then Christy joined in on the fun, scaring her daughter.
  73. 73. However, Cassie wasn’t as prepared as Renaud had been.
  74. 74. “I can’t feel my pulse. Renaud! I can’t feel my pulse! And where’d my plumbbobgo?”
  75. 75. Her last words were “Nephy…”
  76. 76. Anders, eager to copy his mother, collapsed on the floor at the same time she did.
  77. 77. Grimmy then arrived.“Oh, how sad. A mother and toddler at the same time. Wait, toddlers can’t die.”
  78. 78. “Too bad. Just the mother then, I suppose. Ah yes. Cassiterite Mineral? Here weare.”
  79. 79. “Wait, Grim!”“What?”
  80. 80. Renaud looked down at his dead wife and sleeping toddler.
  81. 81. “You can’t take her! If you do, I’ll have to change BOTH Anders’ and Nephy’sdiapers! Please bring her back!”
  82. 82. “Alright. I’ll make you a deal. You pick the right hand, you get her soul back. I’vegot to say, I’m actually rooting for you here. A toddler and a baby? Are you guyscrazy, or romance sims?”
  83. 83. “Neither. ISBI sims. Uh, that one.”“Ooh. I feel for you.”
  84. 84. Grim opened his long skeletal hand, revealing only his finger bones.
  85. 85. Then a glow suddenly appeared.“What can I say? I felt bad.”
  86. 86. “I’ll get her in elderhood anyway. As long as you guys don’t have any elixir… Doyou?”“Nope.”
  87. 87. “Aging off cheat?”“Nope. ISBI, remember?”“Okay then. You’re all good.”
  88. 88. “Here’s your wife back.”
  89. 89. “Renaud! You saved my life!”“Yep, that’s great. Gotta go sleep now. You can change Nephy’s diaper.”“Anything for you, my hero!”“Score!”At the same time, Anders awoke. “Daddy! Youw sawed my wife!”
  90. 90. Then Cassie zipped off to the mysterious machine she kept in an abandoned corner. Why make that so dramatic? Because I don’t remember the name of the thing.“Ah. Never getting off thisthing again.”
  91. 91. “Oh Renaud. Don’t tell me you’re imitating me too. I can’t get to Anders’ crib!”
  92. 92. “Easy solution. Turn on the radio.”
  93. 93. “Bye, hon. Go to bed.”“Andews wake up too!”Geez. Like father, like son.
  94. 94. Oh, how I wish my husband could be replaced by a plumbbob.
  95. 95. By the way, if anyone was wondering what the nightmare was about, it was therepairman.“Oh no, not the repairman!”I may have to do an interlude about this.
  96. 96. So. Now the chapter’s over, and I want to hear your feedback! Did you like theplot? Should I still “break the fourth wall”? Thanks for reading!-NightRead on for some outtakes!
  97. 97. Only one sim was harmed in the making of this chapter. Komei Tellerman, justbecause this scene was funny:
  98. 98. See what I mean?I had to do that because I had no urns…For some reason, I think after I installedFreetime, all the urns disappeared. So for the Ghost Whisperer scene I needed aspare urn XD
  99. 99. I’ve also been having a lot of glitches, such as this one, where they got “popped”out of bed but the bedsheets still reflected them sleeping in it. I think I need arebuild soon.
  100. 100. See? Urns=gone. :(
  101. 101. In the scene where Barrett is spying through the telescope, this was the result XD
  102. 102. And just to show you he’s a true villain, Barrett got a kick out of the whole thing.That’s it! Hope you liked it, and remember to comment :)-Night