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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nine


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nine

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nine

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nine By RoseFyre --- As always, I don't own Buffy, Angel, or any of the characters/places from them.
  2. 2. When Willow, Anya, and Kim moved out, they moved into a very opulent house. They'd taken quite a lot of the family's money with them, and were therefore able to furnish it very well. "I like this bed! And no stupid Kobe!"
  3. 3. Immediately afterwards, they both took Elixir. They'd already lived over two weeks of adult life, and wanted to be closer in age to their younger siblings. Anya also hoped to have children, and she wanted to be an adult for as much of their lives as possible. Willow just wanted more time to woohoo.
  4. 4. "Aren't you a cute kitty?" "Ooh," Kim purred, as Lester Nash stroked her. He'd just happened to walk by, but seeing how good he was with Kim, Anya invited him in.
  5. 5. And found that he was very nice, despite being very shy. "You're quite p-pretty, Anya." "Thanks. You're cute, too." "Th-thanks." As they continued to flirt, Anya realized that she really liked Lester.
  6. 6. And that he really liked her too, even if he was rather shy about it.
  7. 7. And while she had to initiate their first kiss, it was every bit as good as she had hoped. "I, I have to g-go. To w-work." "That's cool," she said, grabbing his hand. "I'll see you soon?" "Soon."
  8. 8. Willow, meanwhile, invited me over for more woohoo, which she desperately wanted.
  9. 9. And while Lester was gone, Anya spent some time working on her Creativity, which she still needed for both her lifetime want and her current want to max all her skills.
  10. 10. After work was over, Lester did stop by. Anya greeted him rather enthusiastically.
  11. 11. "Anya, I l-love you," Lester said shyly, after taking a deep breath. "I kn-know we've only known each other for, for less than a day, but I've n-never felt this way about anyone before."
  12. 12. Anya grabbed him and kissed him hard. "Me neither."
  13. 13. Then she got down on one knee. "Marry me, Lester Nash?" He smiled and accepted the ring. "Definitely."
  14. 14. And, immediately afterwards, they exchanged rings, bringing Lester into the family.
  15. 15. They then went upstairs together to their new bedroom and woohooed.
  16. 16. Meanwhile, upstairs, Willow had made another conquest: Allyn Thomason.
  17. 17. Over at 1630 Revello Drive, Martin's ghost had decided to finally start haunting. "Dad! I still don't like ghosts!" Martin grinned. "Good luck with that in this house."
  18. 18. After he recovered from his shock, Rupert found his wife waiting on the bed for him. "Oh, Rupert." "Lynne?" "Woohoo. Now." He climbed onto the bed and let her pull him down on top of her. "Fine by me."
  19. 19. After woohooing, Rupert and Lynne headed up to the roof for family skilling time. Will was working on Creativity, Fred was about to start on Cooking, Rupert needed a few more Mechanical points, and Lynne wanted to get in shape.
  20. 20. The next morning, Fred and Will tried to get jobs. "What's in the paper?" "Law Enforcement, which is useless. Law, but they only want people who majored in Psychology, History, or Political Science, which is neither of us. And Medical, for Biology and Physics majors. You want the job, or you want me to take it?" Fred tried to make her voice sound neutral, but she wasn't sure it did. She did want to get a job, lift the restrictions, get out of the house, and marry Armando. Will knew what she wanted and decided to be gracious. "You take it. I'll check the paper tomorrow." "Thanks," Fred said quietly. Will smiled. "No problem."
  21. 21. That morning, Fred began her job as a Nurse.
  22. 22. And Lynne found herself sleeping late. She was utterly exhausted, despite sleeping next to Jumbok for most of the night.
  23. 23. "Yeah, sorry I wasn't able to come in - I'm not feeling well and Fred took the car." Lynne listened for a moment. "If I can't make it into work, I'm fired? Well then, I quit!" She slammed the phone back onto its base. "Rampant stupidity?" "And corruption." Lynne made a face. "I guess I'll work on getting in shape again." "Sounds like a plan."
  24. 24. And, that evening, as Lynne did yoga, she realized exactly why she'd been feeling so sick all day. She was pregnant!
  25. 25. As everyone else was asleep, she headed downstairs to make friends with Kobe, the family cat. "This one's not so bad." Lynne tried to kneel down to pet Kobe until she realized that her balance was off. "Ooh. Maybe I shouldn't do that right now." Instead, she held her arms out and let Kobe jump into them. "You're a good cat, you know that?" Kobe grinned smugly. "Of course I am."
  26. 26. In the early hours of the morning, once the ghosts disappeared into their urns, Lynne headed upstairs and had breakfast, falling asleep halfway through it.
  27. 27. Over at Xander's, he and Marisa joined Willow and Anya in taking Elixir, also in order to be closer in age to the rest of his siblings.
  28. 28. "Yeah, come on over, I'd love to actually talk to you! We're having lots of people!" Dawn listened. "Of course you can bring a friend."
  29. 29. "Are you sure you're feeling well enough to be here?" Rupert was very solicitous of his newly pregnant wife. Lynne smiled. "Of course I am. We're only at Xander and Marisa's, after all. And if I don't feel well, I'll leave." Rupert held her close. "Alright. If you're sure." "I'm sure."
  30. 30. Early the next morning, Marisa finally maxed her Body skill.
  31. 31. And Joyce asked her father to teach her how to do homework. Xander was quite willing to do so.
  32. 32. And Joyce finally learned how to do homework, after interruptions by fire, lack of sleep, and lack of hygiene.
  33. 33. "Yes! A-plus! I rock!" I grinned down at Joyce. "Of course you do."
  34. 34. That morning, all three of the people at Willow and Anya's came down in their underwear. While breakfast was slightly awkward at first, they soon got over it. "How are you feeling, Willow?" "Better. The food poisoning is finally gone." "Good."
  35. 35. Anya, however, ended up throwing half of what she'd eaten up. She had her suspicions as to why she felt sick.
  36. 36. That night, Lester decided to quit his job as a very low level Pickpocket, and to take up stargazing instead. --- I want an alien baby. Lester is Knowledge. Therefore, he's attempting to get one for me.
  37. 37. And Willow, when she came home from work, continued to flirt with every woman who walked by.
  38. 38. Anya wasn't surprised when she found herself popping into her second trimester - she'd suspected pregnancy, after all. She was rather annoyed, however, that her hair refused to stay up in her new pregnancy dress.
  39. 39. Willow turned to her new brother-in-law. They hadn't had "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." much time to get to know each other, despite the fact that they were now living together. "You love Anya, "Ah. Well, I won't, won't hurt her." right?" she asked him while Anya went to the bathroom to wash herself. "You'd better not." "I d-do." --- "Good." Willow took a bite of her omelet. "If you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel.” Lines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Initiative. "What?"
  40. 40. Lester, of course, had no interest in hurting Anya. Instead, he found himself captivated by her expanding belly and the new life growing inside of it. Anya, for her part, found it rather sweet how he talked to her stomach as much as he talked to her.
  41. 41. Thursday morning at Xander's house began with a family breakfast before work and school. "I hear it's going to rain today," Marisa said as she ate her omelet. "Rain? But I'm supposed to hang out with David and Ivy after school." Xander turned to Dawn. "You can invite them over." "They're not allowed to leave their houses except for school," Dawn grumbled. "Can I come with you?" Joyce looked over at her big sister. "No!"
  42. 42. When they got home from school, Dawn pulled her sister "Sometimes I just want to see my friends, you know? over when she noticed that she was brushing tears away And they act different when you're around." and invited her to dance. "Look, Joycie, I'm sorry." "But I'm almost a teen. Only two more days." "Sorry?" "I know. You can hang out with us then, okay?" "For not wanting you to hang out with me and my friends. It's a teen thing." "Okay." Joyce then stepped hard on her sister's foot. "But don't be mean about it again." "What do you mean?" Dawn winced. That hurt. "I won't."
  43. 43. Marisa and Xander both continued rising in their careers. By Friday, Marisa was a Relic Liberator and Xander was a Freelance Photographer.
  44. 44. "God, I feel gross!" "What's wrong?" "I just woke up, and I'm hungry, and dirty, and need to pee, and I'm still tired!" "That's part of being pregnant." "Well, it sucks!"
  45. 45. "What's the aspiration points for?" I asked Rupert as he hung up the phone. "I just wrote a novel, and it was a bestseller!" I looked around the house. "So that means you're the one who broke the computer?" "Uh..."
  46. 46. "Shouldn't have told her that," he muttered as he fixed the computer. Luckily, he didn't get shocked.
  47. 47. Finally, on Friday night, Lynne gave up on trying to keep her needs up. She'd just woken up, and Jumbok had helped, so she meditated to maintain their level. --- Lynne is officially the worst pregnant sim I have ever had. Her needs dropped like a freaking rock.
  48. 48. When she started feeling contractions, she wandered upstairs to relax beside her husband. She didn't particularly want to give birth alone. While the contractions were still pretty far apart, she could tell that they were real.
  49. 49. "Rupert!" she called as she felt the contractions speed up. "This baby is coming now!" "Huh?" Rupert mumbled as he woke up. "Get up! NOW!"
  50. 50. "The baby is here!"
  51. 51. "Oh, who's a little cutie? Who's my cute little boy?" Lynne cooed as she held her son up. Now that the pain was gone, she felt like it was completely worth it.
  52. 52. "It's a boy?" "Yup, we've got a baby boy. Any name suggestions?" "How about Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Whedon?" Lynne shrugged. "Sure."
  53. 53. Lynne then placed Wesley in his crib, the same one that his grandmother had used as a baby.
  54. 54. And she and Rupert went back to bed. "We've got a baby," Rupert said, sounding awed. "Yup. We've got a baby." Rupert grabbed his wife's hand. "You were great." "Thanks," Lynne said, squeezing his hand. Then she yawned. "Bedtime?" "Sure."
  55. 55. In the morning, Fred came down to the nursery and picked up her new nephew. "Who's a little cutie? You are! Yes you are!" Wesley reached his hands out and patted her face, gurgling a bit. Fred laughed, then got him a bottle.
  56. 56. Downstairs, Will sighed as he looked through the paper. There still wasn't anything useful. Fred was doing well in Medical, and Rupert didn't seem to mind waiting, but he wanted to get out of the house too, and he couldn't do that until he topped a career. The first job was for a Team Mascot, though, so he made a mental note to tell Lynne.
  57. 57. Early Friday morning, Anya popped into her third trimester.
  58. 58. She then went upstairs to work on her novel. She didn't really want to write a novel, but she still wanted to max all of her skills. In addition, she needed the Creativity points for her job in Gamer. 'Hrm,' she thought. 'I think I'll write about rebuilding the schools.'
  59. 59. As she didn't have work, Willow flirted with Cynthia Kim, who'd been walking by. She hadn't managed to get any of the various walkbys to fall in love with her yet, or to be willing to woohoo, but she knew it was only a matter of time, and by the time the phones were working again, she'd be very able to convince them to join her for some fun.
  60. 60. Early on Saturday, only about four or five hours after Wesley was born, Anya felt herself going into labor.
  61. 61. Both her sister and her husband rushed into the bedroom, but they really weren't all that helpful. Anya rolled her eyes and gave birth herself.
  62. 62. Then she placed Charles Gunn Whedon, who was promptly nicknamed Charlie, into his brand new crib.
  63. 63. "So I have two new cousins," Joyce told her new friend, Sharla Ottomas. "If they're like little brothers and sisters, they won't be that interesting." "What do you mean?" "I've got three, and they're all really boring." "Huh," Joyce said, then shrugged. "Well, they'll be interesting when they're older," she said philosophically.
  64. 64. "Dad?" "Yeah?" "How can you stand on one finger like that?" "Lots of practice." Dawn heaved herself up with both hands, then toppled over. "I don't think I'm quite there yet."
  65. 65. Then she looked in her mirror. "At least I still look hot. Even if I do have zits."
  66. 66. As Marisa was still at work, Xander and Dawn were the only people around to see Joyce grow up on Saturday night.
  67. 67. She grew up very well, and into good pajamas.
  68. 68. When Marisa came home, she brought Willow with her. "How are you doing, Willow?" "Me?" "Yeah. I heard Anya got married and had a kid. Any interest in marriage?" "Me?" Willow laughed. "None whatsoever." Marisa nodded. "Okay, but if you want me to set you up with someone, let me know." "Thanks, but no."
  69. 69. As Willow and Marisa talked, Xander maxed his body skill. Now he'd be in top shape even when he became an Elder.
  70. 70. Sunday morning, Marisa and Joyce sat down for an early breakfast while Xander and Dawn slept in. "So what do you want, Joyce?" Marisa had never been as close to her children as Xander was, but she did try to talk to them. "Want?" "Out of life." "Oh. Knowledge. Lots of knowledge." "Any specific type of knowledge." "Not really. I mean, I want to know about everything, you know?" Marisa raised an eyebrow. "I can't say I understand, but if that's what you want, that's what you'll get." Joyce smiled, and she knew she'd said the right thing.
  71. 71. When Dawn woke up, she came downstairs. "I guess you're old enough to hang out with me now, squirt." Joyce grinned. "Really?" Dawn grinned back. "Really. But no more stepping on my feet."
  72. 72. Joyce then headed upstairs to begin working on her Body skill.
  73. 73. And Dawn finally finished working on hers. "Yes! Now I can go out!"
  74. 74. When Dawn got to The Bronze, she grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with Malcolm Landgraab. "I hear they renamed this place after a movie." "Renamed?" "It used to be called the Los Angeles Community Center. Now that it's been redecorated, it's called The Bronze." "Oh." Dawn sipped her coffee. "What's a movie?" --- This would be me realizing that of course the Buffyverse has a place to hang out! Duh!
  75. 75. As soon as she could escape from Malcolm Landgraab's long treatise on movies, she went to the electronics vending machine. "Cool, a cell phone!" She looked at the machine, then bought something else.
  76. 76. Then she noticed someone she thought she recognized sitting on the blowup chair. "You're my Aunt Fred, aren't you?" "Dawn, right? Yeah, I'm your father's sister. But just call me Fred." "Alright." Dawn shifted from foot to foot a bit awkwardly. She felt like she should know her aunt better, but she really didn't. "Want to have a water balloon fight?"
  77. 77. "Sure," Fred said, and they raced downstairs. Fred was a good thrower.
  78. 78. But Dawn was just as good at dodging. They played for a long time, and were fast friends by the end.
  79. 79. When Dawn finally got home that night, she pulled her sister aside. "I got you something." "Really? Thanks!" Joyce accepted the box. "What is it?" "Open it." Joyce did so. "A cell phone! Cool! Thanks, sis." "No problem."
  80. 80. "Do you think we should try for another baby?" Rupert looked over at his wife. "I thought you were going to work on your career? Will said there's a job in Athletic in the paper." Lynne shrugged. "We need to have more than one kid, don't we? I'd rather be pregnant now than later, when I'm in the higher levels." Rupert nodded. That made sense to him.
  81. 81. Then he pulled Lynne to him, kissing her and holding her close.
  82. 82. When they finished, Lynne went downstairs for breakfast, then headed out for her first day on the job. "This costume," she stated emphatically, "is hideous." "You won't have to be in it for long," I said, trying to console her. "That's good, because if I did, I might burn the thing."
  83. 83. Will and Rupert, meanwhile, worked on their skills. --- I seem to have missed the picture opportunity, but around this point, Rupert maxed all of his skills.
  84. 84. Fred didn't need any more skills to become the Chief of Staff, and she had the day off, so she was very happy when Armando called and she was able to talk to him for a while.
  85. 85. 'Fwed!' Wesley thought, wondering why his aunt was letting this strange man pick him up. Xander, who had stopped by, was quite happy to play with his new nephew.
  86. 86. Xander managed to quiet Wesley by giving him a bottle, and Wesley decided that the stranger maybe wasn't so bad after all.
  87. 87. However, Xander spent so much time taking care of his nephew, that by the time he took care of himself, he fell asleep in his dinner. His grandmother woke him up very well, though.
  88. 88. Everyone took part in taking care of Wesley, though Will wasn't quite certain what to do with a baby. He was the youngest, after all, and hadn't even spent much time at Xander's when Dawn and Joyce were that little.
  89. 89. After changing Wesley's diaper, Will headed downstairs. "Anything worthwhile?" Fred asked as a matter of course as she ate her pancakes. "There's a job in Art. Not ideal, but..." "You're going to take it anyway?" "For now, at least. If anything better comes up in the next couple of days, or on Tuesday, when the computers are working, I'll switch. If not, this'll do." Fred nodded. "I want to move out as soon as possible. I can only imagine that you feel the same." "Yeah."
  90. 90. Sunday afternoon, Kobe quietly grew up into an Elder.
  91. 91. "Hey, Kobe, looks like you've gotten old." "Of course I have, you silly human." "You're still a cute kitty, though." "Of course I am," Kobe meowed as she licked a paw.
  92. 92. Fred picked her up and hugged her. "Well, I love you." Kobe put a paw on Fred's shoulder. "Mine."
  93. 93. When Lynne got home from work that Sunday, she found out that she was pregnant for the second time.
  94. 94. "Hey, kiddo, I'm your Aunt Fred, but you can just call me Fred," Fred said to Lynne's stomach. Lynne laughed a bit. She found the obsession with talking to her stomach to be kind of stupid, but also a bit cute. Meanwhile, Rupert picked Wesley up. "Lynne, Fred, I think Wesley's ready to grow up." Both women immediately turned to him. "I'll get the cake," Fred said. "Where should we put it?" asked Lynne. "How about the bills table, outside?" Rupert suggested. Fred nodded. "Works for me."
  95. 95. And Rupert tossed Wesley into toddlerhood and a tuxedo.
  96. 96. "Mama!" "Mama's tired, sweetie. She's got your brother or sister in her tummy." "Bwuder?" "Maybe." Wesley patted his mother on the face as she put him on the ground in his nursery. "Bwuder good." Lynne smiled. "Yes, brother or sister is good."
  97. 97. While Lynne went to bed, Will began to teach Wesley how to walk.
  98. 98. Then he put him to bed. "Nigh Unca Will!" "Night, Wesley." Will tucked Wesley in. "See you in the morning."
  99. 99. He wasn't the first one down in the morning, however. That was Rupert, who continued - but didn't finish - teaching his son how to walk.
  100. 100. When his father left to go eat something, Wesley played with his rabbit head. "Wabbit fun!"
  101. 101. On Saturday morning, Anya picked up her son. "Hey, Charlie, how are you doing, sweetie?" He gurgled. "I'll just get you a bottle."
  102. 102. After she fed Charlie, Anya passed him to her sister while she went to find the paper. Lester had noticed a job in Gamer in it that morning. "Hey, kiddo, I wonder where you get that blond hair from. Grandma, I guess. But you've got your daddy's eyes, anyway."
  103. 103. Then she put Charlie in his crib and headed downstairs to go to her own job. "Amy, what's with the new uniforms?" Amy Jones looked down at her new green jacket. "Oh. The paper changed owners. They decided the old uniforms were ugly." "They were." "Well, yeah."
  104. 104. As Anya and Willow were both at work at 6, Lester was the only one home when it was time for Charlie to become a toddler. "It's j-just you and me, kiddo. We've s-still got a cake, though." Then he leaned over and blew out the candles, while Charlie tried to clap his hands.
  105. 105. And after a nice toss, Charlie became a toddler. "I should, should probably tell your m-mother I dye my hair black, huh? She m-must have the blond gene, though." "Daddy!"
  106. 106. "Can you say bottle, Charlie?" "Bottow." "Yes!"
  107. 107. And when Willow finally got home from work, she cemented her position as the fun adult in the house by tossing Charlie in the air. "Yay! Play 'gain!"
  108. 108. And as Charlie was left alone to play with his bunny, he decided that slamming it into the floor seemed like a good idea.
  109. 109. "Well," Lester said, staring at the sky, "I m-maxed my Logic, but I haven't met the, the aliens yet." He shrugged. "I g-guess I'll keep on trying." --- Thus ends Chapter Nine. Turn the page for more info!
  110. 110. So we have two new family members, and Lynne is pregnant again. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Whedon is actually Wesley WyndamPryce Whedon in-game, since the name box wouldn't let me add just one more character, but I'm going to leave the hyphen in when I refer to him anyway...though I probably won't use his full name all the time. He is a Scorpio, with a personality of 10/3/9/4/1, which is very similar to his father's - just one fewer Active point and one fewer Nice point. Charles Gunn Whedon is an Aries, with a personality of 9/9/6/3/5. I have no clue where the Outgoing points came from - his parents have 5 combined.
  111. 111. Joyce is a Knowledge Sim, unsurprisingly. I think she was the most Knowledge-oriented child I have ever had in the game. Her want panel was constant "get an A-plus", "learn to do homework", "do homework", "get a skill point", etc. She also rolled Max All Skills as her Lifetime Want, and a day and a half into teenhood, she's already over halfway there.
  112. 112. Xander, dear, looking through the door doesn't let you actually see out the window. As you can see, there hasn't been much progress made in lifting restrictions this time around. I really really really want Paranormal, but it hasn't shown up yet. Fred is going for Medical - she's halfway up the career ladder - and Will is currently in Art, but if something better comes up by Tuesday, he'll switch. Rupert is going to hold out for Paranormal, though, I think.
  113. 113. And, as always, come to Boolprop ( for lots of great stories/conversation!