Pokemon legacy chapter 2


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Pokemon legacy chapter 2

  1. 1. Chapter 2
  2. 2. Welcome back to the New Pokemon Legacy. Well it’s not really new anymore, just kind of newish. Anyways, for some insane reason I’mtrying to squeeze all 600 odd pokemon in a single legacy in order. With a bit of luck we’ll get the first generation out of the way this chapter. Oh btw while I’m thinking about it, I want to apologize if there’s anyodd swings in writing in this chapter. I’ve been reading a lot lately and sometimes that effects my writing a bit. Enough with the wall of text and on with the chapter!
  3. 3. The wooden rake made a soothing sound as she dragged it across the sand. Why Zen gardens were so relaxing she didn’t know but this one helped her think.
  4. 4. Pony couldn’t let but grin at the simplicty of it. But it soon faded she had a lot on her mind. First of all, rules for her legacy, she had no idea where to start.
  5. 5. Ani-Mei and Thai had both pitched ideas, but Ponyherself was still unsure what kind of handicaps to impose on her beloved Anna.
  6. 6. Of course there was the matter of telling Anna her grandrole in Laguna Isle. Alas, Pony thought wryly as she moved to the next section of sand. She’d figure old something before Anna’s first child was born.
  7. 7. Anna laid in bed in that place in between sleeping and fully awake. Cleve had already gotten up and she couldhear him in the bathroom. It was early in the morning, a few hours before dawn, but she could not bring herself to lay in bed anymore.
  8. 8. Carefully she eased herself out from under the covers, herback was killing her. She had been sick all the day before, even barely able to enjoy a visit from Pony.
  9. 9. When she stood the source of her pain became clear. She was pregnant. “Cleve!” She called out in alarm.
  10. 10. “I knew it!” He exclaimed rushing to meet her. “What do you mean you knew it!” Anna demanded.“You were sick all day, how often do people get that kind of sick around here.” Cleve grinned. “Now that you mentioned it, I think Pony knew too.” she tapped her lip thoughtfully.
  11. 11. “Nevermind Pony, I’m going to be a daddy!” Cleve kissed her tenderly, “There’s no way I’m ever going anywhere now, baby.” “Good.” Anna grinned.
  12. 12. “Cleve, I know this isn’t exactly the traditional way to dothis.” Anna said as they ate a light breakfast, “Or the mostromantic way, but since I’m pregnant and head over heels for you.”
  13. 13. “Would you marry me?”
  14. 14. “I was going to ask you that.” Cleve chuckled, “Of course I’ll marry Anna.” “Really?” “Yes I told you I’d never leave you remember.”
  15. 15. With baby making three, Cleve decided he had to get a job, they had some savings but that wouldn’t last long.His dream job in the political rat race wasn’t available sohe had to settle for pickpockets, hoping Anna wouldn’t be upset.
  16. 16. Anna sat down to eat another pop tart, she had no idea being pregnant would make you so hungry.
  17. 17. Cleve’s job didn’t start until the next day so they spent the afternoon relaxing. Anna painted between eating and taking naps. Cleve chatted on the phone with afew friends. He still hadn’t figured out a way to tell his beloved about the nature of his new job.
  18. 18. They still had plenty of time together.
  19. 19. The next morning snow fell heavily outside the window.Cleeve could only hope it wouldn’t affect his first day of work.
  20. 20. Cleeve was already getting ready for work when Annafinally decided to get up. Her belly was definitely bigger this morning. She needed to start thinking of babynames. Though she wanted to name the baby after her mother if it was a girl.
  21. 21. Anna and Cleve spent most of the morning together. She wasn’t entirely sure she wanted Cleve to work with the baby so close to due. All too soon the carpool was honking outside.
  22. 22. Cleve took a deep breath and reminded himself that thejob was only temporary. Anna didnt need to know what was keeping the roof over their head yet.
  23. 23. Shortly after Cleve left for the day, the phone started ringing. Anna sighed and hauled herself off the couch. “Hello?” “Hey Anna, it’s Pony.” her friend sounded unusuallysubdued, “Could you come over, relax on the beach a bit?” “Uh, I don’t see why not, I’ll see you in a bit.”
  24. 24. “Anna! You’re here!” Pony hugged her fiercely.“Pony, you dork, I said I was coming.” Anna grinned. “It’s so warm here, it’s all but a blizzard at home.”“Nevermind that.” Pony said brushing aside the comment, “Come inside I need to talk with you about something.”
  25. 25. Pony grew quiet as they went inside and sat down the couch. She seemed to be uncertain, Anna could only wonder at what was bothering her friend.“Anna,” Pony began after a silence, “I’ve been needing to tell you something. About why you’re here.”
  26. 26. “What do you mean? Why I’m here, I moved here to getaway from Pleasant View.” Anna asked confused, what in the world was she talking about.
  27. 27. “Yes, but who sent the flier to your doorstep. Who made sure you got through immigration when your passport was declaredinvalid.” Pony shuffled her feet on the floor, “I wanted you here, to do something special for me.” “Spit it out Pony” Anna demanded. “I wanted you for my legacy founder. I wanted to give the Pokemon Legacy another breath of life.” Pony said, “I want to name them all, starting with your baby.”
  28. 28. Anna sat stunned, she didn’t know what to say. Pony’swords sunk over her, weighing her mind. She didn’t wantthis. A Legacy, every sim’s dream, but not hers. Pony said she wanted to name her baby. Probably something ridiculous like her last name. Anna couldn’t stand it.
  29. 29. “How could you!” She shouted at Pony, “How could you play with me this way, Pony!” “Anna.” Pony pleaded. “No Pony, if you had told me from the beginning, I mighthave gone along with this. But no you had to tell me now.Well sorry to burst your bubble, but Cleve and I have plans,and they don’t include a legacy!” Anna yelled tears in her eyes and she stormed out.
  30. 30. Pony watched her storm off. She had really done it this time. Anna was right, she should have told her right away.
  31. 31. “Pony?” Ani-Mei called coming downstairs, “Is everything okay, I heard shouting. Isn’t Anna supposed to be coming over?”“Came and went.” Pony sighed, “I may have botched this one big time.” “I’m sorry Pony.” “Thanks, Ani-Mei.” Pony sighed, “I guess I’ll have to figure something else out.”
  32. 32. After Pony decided to sleep off her disappointment, Ani-Mei left. Maybe Pony could throw in the towel early, but she wasn’t quite ready to let her give up so easily. So cold though, why hadn’t Pony thought to match up the seasons yet.
  33. 33. She found Anna painting, or more splattering paint on canvas with angry brushstrokes.“Ani-Mei!” Anna looked up with surprise, then blushed, “I suppose Pony told you.”
  34. 34. “No, I heard you yelling.” Ani-Mei sat down on the couch, “Come sit with me a moment.” “Alright.” Anna sighed gently placing the brush on the easel.
  35. 35. “You have right to be angry at Pony, but I have to ask you don’t let your anger ignore her request.” Ani-Meipleaded quietly, “She’s been wanting you for a long time for this.”
  36. 36. “What about what I want, Ani-Mei?” Anna demanded, but she couldn’t bring herself to lash out at Ani-Mei, she was just trying to help. “I don’t want to be a pawn in someone’s else’s schemes.” “You want to be with Cleve and have a baby, and not beboring.” Ani-Mei pointed out, “All Pony is asking for is thebaby’s name, which is not so great a request. She doesn’t want to control everything.”
  37. 37. “It may help if I explain a bit where Pony is coming from.” Ani-Mei said quietly.
  38. 38. “Pony has done a Pokemon Legacy before, and gotten quite far.” Ani-Mei told Anna of the original legacy, “Inthe end disaster struck, as sometimes happens in Legacy and Pony lost everybody from the family. She tried to save the legacy even accidently created an island inwhich simselves had no powers. There on Fresher Island, something happened to Pony, with magic and gypsies.”
  39. 39. “She’s tried a few different things since then, but noother legacy has caught her attention for long. Until she found you.” “I didn’t know.”“I know, you still don’t have to do it, Anna, just think about it.”
  40. 40. “Personally, I’m just glad you’re having a baby.” Ani-Mei grinned, “Do you want a boy for a girl?” “A girl of course.”
  41. 41. “I have to go now. Pony’s out of it and I don’t want Thaicooking.” Ani-Mei gave Anna a quick hug. “We’ll support you if whatever you decide.” “Thanks Ani-Mei.” Anna smiled back.
  42. 42. After Ani-Mei left, Anna walked back over to her painting and scrapped it. She wasn’t angry anymore and didn’t want to finish it.
  43. 43. Cleve just arrived as Anna paid the bills. “You’re back how was work?” She asked.
  44. 44. “It was good.” Cleve lied, truthfully he hated it and could barely function, he was too nice. “How was your day?” He asked. “Let’s just say it was interesting.”
  45. 45. The evening went by quickly. Anna was determined topaint something. When she finally decided, a strange woman walked right into the house.“I admire your dedication to the arts. Please come to My Muse Studio and speak to others like yourself.”
  46. 46. “So tell me about your day.” Cleve said as they settled to bed. Anna told him all that had happened. “What do think?” She asked him.Cleve looked at her a minute, “I want you to be happy, ifgoing along with Pony brings you peace then that’s whatyou should do. It’s nice to have a purpose in life. Takes a lot of guess work out of things.
  47. 47. It was late before Anna fell asleep, thinking all that hadhappened that day. When she did finally fell asleep, she dreamed.
  48. 48. She saw people, dozens of faces, she saw their lives and deaths. Strangely she saw Pony, her friend looked verydifferent but it was Pony all the same. She was with someone, Anna sworeshe could feel the strong love between them.
  49. 49. She could only wonder at what it felt like to lose it all. Anna knew what to do now and she could finally get some rest,
  50. 50. Pain woke her up, fortunately Cleve was already rising. “Did I wake you?” He asked. “No, Baby.” She groaned.“Already?” Cleve said coming around to help her out of bed.
  51. 51. She barely stood when contractions began in earnest. Anna couldn’t help but scream.
  52. 52. No sooner than she gave birth, the contractions started again.
  53. 53. Three more times in total. All girls. A/N: This is what I get forhitting the random button. I only needed three!
  54. 54. Bulbasaur IvysaurVenusaur Charmander
  55. 55. Luckily they found someone to build a nursery short notice. A/N: The reason the names are out of birth order isbecause the naming menu went in reverse order and I didn’t realize that. But I got my babies!.
  56. 56. Cleve had to leave for work soon. He didn’t want toleave Anna taking care of the girls by herself. Quickly he arranged for a nanny, they couldn’t exactly afford one, but they wouldn’t be able to manage all the kids by themselves.
  57. 57. He definitely wasn’t sure of Elle Hart when she arrived, she liked walking around with her eyes closed. Clevewondered if she was blind. Too late to find out now, the carpool was already honking.
  58. 58. “I can’t thank you enough, Elle.” Anna said, already the nanny had made life a little easier.“I like babies.” Elle smiled back, “They remind me of my grandchildren.”
  59. 59. Anna was just going to help Elle, when the doorbell rang and she could see Ani-Mei out the window.
  60. 60. “Ani-Mei what are you doing here?” Anna exclaimed hugging her.“Did you think I was going to let you have the baby and not come to see it?”“Well, I guess not.” Anna grinned, “And it’s babies, I had quads.” “Oh wow, it must be a mad house in there.”
  61. 61. Ani-Mei stayed to help and ended up with Venusaur in her arms. “I can’t wait to have one of you of my own.” She told the gurgling baby. She was glad Anna decidedto go with Pony. It was weird seeing her mope about the house.
  62. 62. Between all three of them, the women got all the babies to sleep just in time for lunch. Anna pulled out some leftovers that still tasted fantastic. Cleve could sure cook.
  63. 63. Ani-Mei enjoyed doting on all the babies, she heldBulbasaur the longest. “You don’t know how much trouble you caused.” She said tickling her tummy.
  64. 64. Cleve returned home exhausted, but with a promotion to bagman. He was still on the look out for a politics job.
  65. 65. Anna stuck in some time to look for a job. She didn’t likethe idea of leaving Elle to take care the girls alone, but they would soon need the extra income. Despite that shecouldn’t bring herself to settle for less than her dream job.
  66. 66. “Ani-Mei thanks for coming over today.” Anna said as darkness fell, “But I need you to do me one last favor.” “What’s that?” “Don’t tell Pony about the kids yet.”“I can’t tell her you didn’t have babies, she’s friend and would know if I lied.”“Just tell her that I had a daughter and named her Kaylynn.” Anna said urgently, “She’ll expecting that. I want to surprise her at the girls birthday tomorrow.”
  67. 67. “Alright, she’ll be so happy.” Ani-Mei grinned, “I almost can’t wait.” “Thanks.”
  68. 68. The long day was finally over and they managed to snag some sleep before the whole process started over tomorrow.
  69. 69. The next day started early, luckily Elle was already there helping out.“Elle you’re a God send.” Cleve sighed with relief, two ofthe girls had started crying and some how Elle had them both in hand.“Sweet little ducks they are.” Elle cooed at Charmander. “See if you’re still saying that when they’re tots.” Cleve grinned ruefully.
  70. 70. Cleve used the extra bit of time to get somework done around the house and take anotherstab at finding a politics position. Still no luck, looks like he’d be staying a bagman a little longer.
  71. 71. Needless to say, Cleve thought this morning was the best he’d ever had, surrounded by the girls.
  72. 72. Once Anna had gotten up, they sent Elle home, they could handle this right?
  73. 73. Not to say they didn’t make a few mistakes.“Anna, she keeps crying what do I do?” Cleve shouted across the house. “Try changing her diaper, I can smell her from here.”
  74. 74. They finally got all the girls settled and retreated to their bedroom for some grown up time.
  75. 75. Shortly after that Cleve had to leave for work andElle came back to help. Anna grabbed a quick bite to eat before inviting Ani-Mei and Pony over for the girls’ birthday party.
  76. 76. Luckily they had enough extra money for cakes and tables. Anna loved the color scheme.
  77. 77. “If you tell me now I’ll still act surprised.” Pony begged. While she was relieved that Anna had invited her to her daughter’s birthday, the suspense was killing.“Nice try, but no.” Ani-Mei grinned.
  78. 78. “Pony!” Anna shouted, hugging her friend, “I did it.”“Anna!” Pony shouted back nearly jumping with glee, “Wait, why are there four tables.” “Well I kinda had quads.” “Four!” Pony grinned, “Oh Anna.”
  79. 79. “I still think birthday cereal would be better.” “Oh Pony.”
  80. 80. Bulbasaur was first at the green table.
  81. 81. Ivysaur was second at the blue table. A/N: I keep wanting to call Ivysaur, Lupebecause of her hairstyle is the same as the founder for my dualacy.
  82. 82. Once set on the floor, Bulbasaur snuck away to play inthe toilet while everyone was getting ready for Venusaur.
  83. 83. A quick diaper change and it was Venusaur’s turn with a pink cake.
  84. 84. “So when do I get mine?” Ani-Mei asked Pony when Ivy came begging for attention.“Ummm, soonish?” Pony shrugged, “I bet Anna will let you burrow one of hers.”
  85. 85. Last but not least was Charmander, Anna felt alittle bad for her. Charm’s sisters were already monopolizing the attention of the guests.
  86. 86. “Anna, I can’t thank you enough.” Pony said.Anna grinned at her, “I wasn’t going to do it, but I had a dream the night before the girls were born. I think I saw the original Pokemon Family. You were with one of them.” “Yes, Ambipom, or Ambi as everyone called him, he was my husband.”“I figured that, then I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose everything.” Anna shrugged, “I wanted to give it back to you.” “That means more to me than you’ll ever know.”
  87. 87. “Are you sure you can’t stay and help me get the kids wrangled into bed?” Anna pleaded.“Sorry, hun, but we’ve been gone too long, who knows what Thai is up too.”
  88. 88. After the guests left Anna thought she had rounded upall the children and headed to bed herself, unaware that Charmander was still crawling around.
  89. 89. Luckily the call of the toddler table is strong andCharmander was able to quietly entertain herself.
  90. 90. Cleve came home to screaming toddlers and Anna passed out. He was sad that he had missed theirbirthday. His little girls were growing up too fast and his job was making him miss it.
  91. 91. Once he got the girls settled at the drawing table thingswere a little easier to handle. Charmander was safely in her crib and he could see to the others.
  92. 92. Somehow he was managing, though he wished Anna wasawake or Elle was here. Through he still had some doubts Elle did wonders with the children.
  93. 93. Luckily Anna was up soon and gave Cleve a chance to get some rest. “Hello baby, decided to join your sisters?” Anna tweaked Charm’s nose making the girl giggle. “Down!” She squealed, straining for the floor. Anna smiled, they hadn’t made a concentrated effort toteach the girls to talk, but it’s looks like they were picking it up anyways.
  94. 94. Shortly before he had to go to work, Cleve took a quicklook at job openings. He couldn’t believe it, there it was a opening in the political career, no more having to lurk down dark alleys.
  95. 95. Anna and Cleve also decided to formalize their relationship. Anna had wanted a big wedding, but shewas realistic about that. She just wanted to get married.
  96. 96. Elle called her friend Caryl over to help with the girls so the newlyweds could enjoy so time alone.
  97. 97. Which they took full advantage of.
  98. 98. “Daaaddy!”All too soon the nannies were gone. Cleve leftAnna soundly sleeping to take care of the girls.
  99. 99. Anna woke a short while later with a familiar feeling in herbelly, she must be pregnant again. This was the last thing she needed.
  100. 100. “My sissy!” Ivy cried happily hugging Venu, Anna smiled fondly, they didn’t have a choice but to allow the girls alot of free play. But it gabe them a chance to watch their developing personalities.
  101. 101. Morning came quickly and Cleve found himself finally happy to go to work.
  102. 102. “Gimme!” Charmander pulled the bottle from Ivy’s grasp. “Charrie, that mine.” Ivy cried.Elle fetched poor Ivy another bottle, Charm was certainly developing a little mean streak.
  103. 103. Despite there almost being no time for Anna wasdetermined to teach the girls their toddler skills. Elle was only too eager to help out.
  104. 104. Once the kids were laid down for their naps, Anna looked for a job, almost on a whim. There was a spot open is entertainment. For the first time she was torn between being a mother and following her dream.
  105. 105. It may be the only chance she had. Anna accepted the position and called a second nanny to help Elle. This was the most impulsive thing she had ever done, but it wastoo late now. With the nanny on her way, Anna walked to work.
  106. 106. With their parents gone, the girls were left mostly to their own devices, the nannies providing plenty of bottles and diaperchanges. Though Charm thought her sisters’ always got better bottles.
  107. 107. Anna breathe a sigh of relief, Cleve and his coworker picked her up from work. It wasn’t as bad as she’dthought it’d be, but she missed her girls desperately.
  108. 108. Being pregnant again left her exhausted so tired that she couldn’t spend time with the girls. They still hadn’tlearned to walk or talk. It wouldn’t hurt just this once to rent an energizer machine.
  109. 109. Before long her pregnancy started to show. Luckily thegirls’ birthday was tomorrow and she wouldn’t have four toddlers and baby.
  110. 110. Together they dedicated the next day Sunday as toddler training day. They rotatedteaching the girls to talk and walk.
  111. 111. As darkness fell guests began to arrive for the girls party, Anna rushed to lay out the tables and cakes.
  112. 112. Ani-Mei and Pony came, their friend Thai tagging along. He must like them a lot, Anna shrugged, he spent most of the night admiring them.
  113. 113. “Birthday cereal is much better than birthday cake.” Pony insisted when Anna brought Bulbasaur to the cake. “Do you know what she’s talking about?” Anna asked. “Sadly enough I do.” Ani-Mei grinned.
  114. 114. “Ready, blow!” Anna told the squirming tot. “Pffft!”
  115. 115. As Cleve brought Ivy to the cake, Anna entered her third trimester.
  116. 116. “Pretty!” Ivy reached for the sparkling candles on her cake. “Careful.” Cleve chided.
  117. 117. Venusaur was next, she hid her facein her mother’s shoulder, suddenly shy with all the strangers around.
  118. 118. Last but not least was Charmander. Finallyshe was big and the world waiting for her.
  119. 119. The party wound down after the girls were sent to bed and silence fell over the house. Guests were gone andAnna and Cleve alone in their room. Two weeks had gone by and life couldn’t be better.
  120. 120. ~At the Beach House~ “Thai! That’s cheating.” Pony accused. “Nope, it’s a glitch the game.” Thai protested, “Speaking of games, you lost.”“Jerk.” Pony spat, then grinned, “So where have you’ve been the past few days, uh Thai?”
  121. 121. “Oh, I want to hear this.” Ani-Mei chimed in.“Dang it Pony that’s supposed to be private.” “No secrets between friends.”
  122. 122. “Alright, I’ve been atHollie’s, she moved intothat degraded shack on the other side of the island. She’s pregnant and I’ve been helping her.”
  123. 123. “Awww, that’s sweet.” Pony smiled, “Pox rot, Thai, you can’t do that!” “You’re just upset cause you lost. “You’re so dead.”
  124. 124. He hoped he was at the right place, Pony was rubbish atgiving directions. Loop-de-loops were not as fun as they sounded.
  125. 125. “Here it goes.” He grumbled to himself, letting himself into the beach house.
  126. 126. “Reias!” Ani-Mei gasped, coming out of the bathroom, just like Pony had said. “Ani-Mei.” He grinned at her.
  127. 127. He had barely stood when she jumped into his arms. “I take it you missed me then?” “Maybe a little.”
  128. 128. I forgot to add some stats so here they are!BulbasaurPokedex- For some time after its birth, it growsby gaining nourishment from the seed on itsback.Personality: 3/2/10/10/3
  129. 129. IvysaurPokedex: When the bud on its back starts toswell, a sweet aroma wafts to indicate theflower’s coming to bloom.Personality: 1/10/10/6/3
  130. 130. VenusaurPokedex: After a rainy day, the flower on itsback smells stronger. The scent attracts otherPokemon.Personality: 4/4/7/8/7
  131. 131. CharmanderPokedex: The fire on the tip of its tail is a measureof its life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely.Personality: 10/4/10/8/3