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Case Study: Forever 21 & Mobile Audiences at Global Scale


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Global brand Forever 21 partnered with Sociomantic and DoubleClick AdExchange to reach their customers and prospects on all mobile inventory – across devices, operating systems, apps and browsers – with Sociomantic’s Streaming CRM for Mobile solution.
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Case Study: Forever 21 & Mobile Audiences at Global Scale

  2. 2. WHEN PROGRAMMATIC GOES MOBILE Thanks to Streaming CRM for mobile, Forever 21 achieved: Higher CTR than desktop Additional impression volume Desktop-worthy conversion rates
  3. 3. Celebrated by many style conscious shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value in over 30 countries worldwide. A phenomenon in the fashion world, Forever 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today‘s fashions, always changing and always in style Google‘s DoubleClickTM provides ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising, which help customers execute their digital media strategy more effectively. Sociomantic worked with AdX to ensure programmatic access to a global pool of high quality inventory in all formats. ABOUT FOREVER 21 ABOUT DOUBLECLICK
  4. 4. THE STRATEGY QUALITY & SCALE ONE TO ONE PERSONALIZATION Thanks to the quality and scale of Double Click‘s mobile ad inventory combined with the precision of Sociomantic‘s proprietary real- time bidder, F21 was able to purchase the perfect impressions at just the right price. The result? Impression volumes increased by 15% without impacting ROI. For each mobile ad impression won, Sociomantic‘s Streaming CRM technologies enabled Forever 21 to serve an individually personalized message in a matter of milliseconds, helping F21 to increase revenues by showing customers viewed products in addition to related new offers that drive clicks and conversions.
  5. 5. GOALS APPROACH •  Deliver personalized ads across mobile web and in-app inventory including Apple‘s iOS and Safari browsers •  Increase revenues vie retargeting, prospecting and loyalty campaigns •  Build HTML5 Dynamic display technology to reach multi-device environments •  Increase mobile reach across global brand-safe inventory via AdX •  Utilize streaming CRM data to enable personalized offers and targeting
  6. 6. We‘re looking to scale our online and mobile business faster, drive more return on ad spend and increase revenue through paid channels. Sociomantic and AdX are helping us accomplish these goals. It‘s great to see buyers developing solutions that utilize HTML5 and that can take full advantage of the mobile inventory on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, across browsers, apps and devices. -  Gerard FLORENDO, Manager of online marketing and web analytics for fashion Forever 21 -  Scott SPENCER, Director of Product Management DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  7. 7. With access to an increased volume of quality audiences via AdX, Forever 21 achieved: 20% higher CTR compared to desktop campaigns   Consistent post-click conversion rates within 15% of desktop conversion rates   15% increase of overall campaign volume while maintaining the same ROAS