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Buyer Persona Calendar


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A year is made of only twelve months, but thousands (or millions!) of customer touchpoints – each one with a unique personality. With that in mind, this year we created our very own buyer personas calendar, showcasing a different persona for each mont and season. Every year, retailers ask themselves: How will I find, identify and reach the right customer during Christmas? Or Halloween? Or Valentine's Day? Our proprietary tech answers that, reaching anyone, anywhere, with ads as individual as they, we, all are. And with our design team, we make sure your message is presented in the best way possible.

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Buyer Persona Calendar

  1. 1. Theme: New year’s season sales / travel sales / new year Name: Magda Age: 31 Just getting into swimming and yoga, keeps signing up for marathons and begrudgingly trains for it; inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Used to straighten her hair but wears her ‘fro natural. Marketer for a printing studio. Spends her money on art supplies, gigs, travel and tattoos.
  2. 2. Theme: Chinese new year / Valentine’s Day / Carnival Name: Jay Age: 38 Sociable, kind and funny. Follows cricket, rugby and football; plays squash. Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Lives in Singapore with his wife and child, with frequent travels for work as sales director for Philips Healthcare. Has always longed to live by the water and now finally does. Loves his steak medium-rare. Enjoys TV shows like Bojack Horseman and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but lately into crime procedurals. Spends money on family trips, dining out, and electronics.
  3. 3. Theme: Women (Int’l Women’s Day) Name: Max Age: 37 Runs the modern design department for a reputable auction house, which boasts impressive auction records from iconic designers such as Grant Featherson and Clement Meadmore. Lives in Melbourne with her girlfriend and their English bull dog Pickles, but looking to move back to Europe over the next two years. Spends money on dining out, art, frequent trips to Japan.
  4. 4. Theme: Spring (Easter) Name: Cynthia Age: 45 Loves knitting. Was once a freelancer for haute couture brands. Founder her own knitting e-commerce company, which has seen global success. Mother of two. Has completed two Ironmans with her husband Will. Originally from Hong Kong, and visits with her family once a year. Spends money on sports and family travels.
  5. 5. Theme: Spring break (May bank holidays) Name: Amit Age: 23 Writer, started his own quarterly magazine. Hosts talks on diversity and inclusivity at the university. Into Muay Thai boxing, festivals with lads. Freelancer. Mostly spends money on going out, books, clothes and cigarettes.
  6. 6. Theme: Wedding season Name: Chris Age: 37 Romantic at heart. Secret squirrel when it comes to missions, only tells his friends and family after he’s returned from a trip. Prefers to leave a voice note in WhatsApp instead of texting. Lecturer at the university. Instagrams his cooked meals. Eldest of three brothers, and loving uncle to their kids. Mostly spends money on his frequent solo trips.
  7. 7. Theme: (Peak Travel Season, Amazon Prime Day?) Name: Alex Age: 25 Excited to go on his brother’s stag in a rented villa in Ibiza. Quite active. Works hard but parties harder. Has a reputation of being a bit of a casanova with the ladies, but total introvert at heart. Light designer. Mostly spends money on clothing, art and going out.
  8. 8. Theme: Summer (still peak travel) Name: Terry Age: 53 Interests include yoga retreats, wild swimming and road trips with her partner. Both her sons are musicians; she always shows support at their live shows. Carefree laugh. Nurse. Mostly spends money on retreats/travels.
  9. 9. Theme: Back to School season Name: Sami Age: Almost 17 Loves music festivals. All about instagram, snapchat, Twitter. Wants to be a journalist. Obsessed with Harry Styles. Burgeoning activist against anti-trafficking/anti-slavery. Ambitious and vocal. Mostly spends money on gigs, books and magazines, accessories.
  10. 10. Theme: Halloween Name: Richard Pang Age: 66 His style has been compared to that of Jeff Goldblum’s: Salt and pepper hair. Wears glasses. Plays the sax. Has a schnoodle called Reggie, who has 40k followers on instagram. Former Creative Director at Net-a-Porter; renowned for his fashion films. Travels quite often for work with Reggie. Amicable breakup with his ex; shared custody over Reggie. Likes to spend money on clothing and travels.
  11. 11. Theme: Black Friday / Cyber monday Name: Sarj Age: 31 Multitalented marketer, entrepreneurial spirit. Lives with her husband and cat, Penny, in Berlin. Amazing way with words, creative mind and loving person. Braving her own business this year, fuelled by her passions and a fight to do more for her sistas. Former cross country runner, though runs every so often. Music nerd. DJs often, part of the music circuit in Berlin. Started up her own salsa company with two friends. Spends cash on records, travels, food, gigs, books and her family.
  12. 12. Theme: Christmas season Name: Paula Age: 62 Mother of two; grandmother to a two-year old. She and her husband teach art at the university. Travels to the city often to see her granddaughter and to visit galleries. Has managed to cover up her northern accent over the years, but is proud of her roots. Listens to French music, loves French bull dogs. Can’t wait to host her family for Christmas again. Cooks a mean roast. Likes to spend money on trips to the city, spoiling her granddaughter.
  13. 13. Theme: New Year Name: Sophie Age: 32 Redhead. Incredibly stylish. Was a wild partier in her younger days, and loves to swig white wine on the few occasions she gets a babysitter. Tries to meet other young mums in her neighbourhood. Runs a creative agency called UFO with her husband. Likes to spend her money on clothing (for hers and her daughter’s), furniture and shoes.