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The Power of Automated Creativity


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When programmatic meets creativity a new world of possibilities arrises. Colors, buttons, messages. Understand the intelligence behind automated creatives.

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The Power of Automated Creativity

  1. 1. The Power of Automated Creativity Benedict Hayes, Managing Director
  2. 2. To whom it may concern, I don’t know who you are or what you care about, but I want to sell you something, even if you don’t want it.
  3. 3. Dear Valued Customer, I don’t know your name or what you care about but I’d like to sell you something. Dear Tom, Happy birthday! Here’s a special 20% off gift voucher for that jumper you wanted. Enjoy 
  4. 4. The need for hyper relevance
  5. 5. The changing customer journey
  6. 6. The customer journey used to be simple! Moment of Purchase Moment of Usage Moment of Stimulus
  7. 7. who out of store remind me sales & events easy rewards no stress respond make me look good inspire creativity options recognize help in-store surprises information help same time new ideals flexibility connection inspiration select good choice feel welcome feel supported surprise savings suggestions save time fix problems flexibility discover buy reward loyalty exceptional service suggest ideas ask my opinion reflect appeal flexibility shop best prices interesting range save time inform flexibility celebrate savings redeem rewards what services products rewards when day of week time of day time of year occasion online offline how lifestyle lifestage mission needs segment interests behavior where fun surprise connect simplify curate educate delight surprise deals selection suggestions new products inform me reward comment easy search appreciate me unexpected rewards
  8. 8. Finding the right customer, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message is now more complex than ever before.
  9. 9. Single, expensive, must-be-flawless, mass ads
  10. 10. Gone are the days of… Gone are the days of using…
  11. 11. We now have a 360º view of the customer
  12. 12. …enter the days of data SMARTBIG VS
  13. 13. You know your consumer better than you think Favourites Information Home page Search DiscountDepartments % basket additions
  14. 14. Programmatic has revolutionised creative
  15. 15. Where we can feed multiple, personalised, cost-effective ads
  16. 16. Complex personalization engines drive creative
  17. 17. Creative is now understanding the art and science of using data and programmatic to create a seamless narrative of interactions with your brand.
  18. 18. Wherever your customers are I’ve been searching flights to Hawaii. I really want a red dress! I would like to apply for a new credit card…
  19. 19. The challenges Global airline: top 5 for international travel worldwide • Customised communications across all flight routes • Deliver smart segments based on first party data • Optimize towards post-click eCPA • Cross-channel (desktop, mobile & FBX) • Ensure flight load factors are maintained
  20. 20. We looked to 1st-party data to make smart decisions Analytics & Booking Data Frequent Buyer Program Passenger Name Record (PNR) Revenue Management System (RMS)
  21. 21. We found… departure date behaviours 0-1 week 1-2 weeks 2-4 weeks 4-6 weeks 6+ weeks Decided on Purchase Purchase Consideration
  22. 22. Country ChannelDeparture Date Real-time user segments
  23. 23. Inventory “load factor” management Creative decisions that promote flights that are undersold. Determine which users may be price sensitive, push unsold seats. A B C D E F G H I J
  24. 24. Mumbai, India – Singapore Dep. 29 August - Jain Food - Speedy Boarding - Extra leg room Book Now Now $253 Preferred Destinations or Routes Mumbai – London Mumbai – Singapore Mumbai – Bangkok Mumbai – Paris Real-time price Real-time availability Exact product + similar offers - Departure date - +/- 1 days - Destination - Price comparisons - Product variations Campaign Split: Departure Date All feed into the communication engine to deliver real-time offers based on the user
  25. 25. Results: 8-month period 33% 14k -68% 33% more revenue 14,000 sales eCPA decreased by 68% More brand- new customers Performance Branding
  26. 26. Is creativity, as we know it, dead?
  27. 27. We still need the style, shape, color and size to suit The art of rendering is still critically important!
  28. 28. Creative rendering has gone micro… where the simplest of things can have the most profound effects Consistently higher CTR, up to 10% Green CTA Orange CTA
  29. 29. Shape and size does matter Up to 3x CTR Multiple product image sizes Single product image size
  30. 30. Summary 1. Focus on the consumer 2. Be smart not big 3. The art can be in the data 4. Always be testing 5. Beware of the hippo 6. Let data do the talking!
  31. 31. Thank You! Benedict Hayes Managing Director, South East Asia and India