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The Programmatic Globe: UK


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“UK marketers demand to be challenged and educated,” says Gavin Wilson, Sociomantic MD for Northern & Southern Europe, who has run the UK market since he joined in 2012. “After detailed tendering periods in the early days in this market, today we have a solid and quickly-growing customer base spanning several verticals. Advertisers in the UK now recognize the value of customizable programmatic solutions that allow them to run first-party-data-driven campaigns for more personalized interactions with their best customers and prospects. The possibilities ahead with our new parent company, dunnhumby, mean that that future in the UK looks especially exciting.”

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The Programmatic Globe: UK

  1. 1. THE PROGRAMMATIC GLOBE Digital Snapshot: United Kingdom CONNECTED UK The average UK person uses 44.3m adults (87%) in some form of “connected the UK had used the device” 34 times a day. internet in Q4 2013 . ' 1 [Source IAB, Caught on Camera‘ First results H 2m since Q4 20 2 "om [A3 Reaivgewv 0512013] lsource: ONS. Internet Access Quarterly Update, Feb 2013} E-COMMERCE UK M03"-E UK E-commerce 4'Q%; accounts for 21% _ of the country's ‘ entire retail market. [Source IMRG Cangemini. 0-R6-tail Nearly 40% of internet trafflc 55"“ '”‘’”'J‘‘” 20"] in the UK came from mobile and tablet devices during December 2013. [Snt. rcr3: Intelligent Positioning. UK Mobile Traltic Statistics. Jan 2014] DISPLAY ADVERTISING UK Growth of Programmatic Buying — UK 35 600 ‘ 30 spent on digital display in the UK in 2013 ‘ ‘ 5°° »- »- o A 20 — ' E — of this £1.9bn was spent programmatically ‘ 300 ~ 100 — 200 E a ' F ‘Ir -_a. -/ I. j . . . . . . . . ‘:1,’ 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 20162017 £1.14bn £0.47bn £0.25bn u _ Y/ Y Guywfl‘ 0' RTB in % ONLINE DISPLAY MOBILE OPLINE VIDEO [Source IDC, RTB in the us and Worldwide. j5Uf1“g‘(, °{4']"B' M“°‘a °‘””°' 5”“ T°‘"”'q“"5‘ oct 2013] 0