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SnapComms Quick Intro


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SnapComms Quick Intro

  1. 1. Tools for Internal Communication
  2. 2. About us THE STORY OF OUR COMPANY Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in the UK and USA SnapComms is a self-funded business that has grown from small beginnings. Formed in 2007 to address the issue of information overload in the corporate environment. For the financial year ended 31 March 2014, 98.4% of our sales were from export; our two biggest markets are the United States and the United Kingdom. We are a market led company, our priority has and always will be to listen to the needs of our customers and prospects in order to provide the innovation they expect. While we have some in-house communications expertise, you cannot substitute this for feedback from real customers..
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION SnapComms develop and market employee communications software which allows large organisations to communicate more effectively with staff by delivering important company messages directly onto their devices (PCs, MACs, smart phones and tablets). A key feature of the solution is it bypasses email and guarantees delivery of the message (with full tracking available). SnapComms’ software includes: Interactive screensaver messages , Computer wallpaper messages, Scrolling newsfeed headlines with clickable message boxes, Pop-up emergency notifications and urgent desktop alerts, Pop-up quiz and survey tools, Employee-generated magazines and newsletters. SnapComms software use examples - Internal Communication, Outage Notification, Policy Communication, Hospital Communication, Security Communication, Internal Marketing. Features include employee and device targeting, unread message display recurrence and escalation options. Messages are measureable in terms of their delivery and readership. Take the tour – watch an introduction to SnapComms
  4. 4. About usOur Products INTERNAL COMMUNICATION TOOLS RSVP Invite Alert Desktop Wallpaper Magazine Desktop Alert Video Alert Screensaver A pop up alert that delivers video to employees’ desktops. A desktop alert which is ideal for getting maximum attendance at internal events Tools to get employee attention ensuring message cut-through for important internal communications Deploy screensavers as digital signage for effective internal communication User generated newsletter, delivered onto employee screens Publish messages onto desktop backgrounds. Change and sequence messages easily
  5. 5. About usOur Products INTERNAL COMMUNICATION TOOLS Survey Quiz Scrolling Ticker RSS News Feed A scrolling ticker to push out existing RSS news feeds Scrolling headlines with click through to message windows, intranet or SharePoint Measure attitudes, track trends and measure the impact of internal communications Reinforce internal communications and assess capability with desktop quizzes “SnapComms enables us to reach more personnel instantaneously where radios or pagers may lose connectivity in some areas of the plant or may have been disabled.” “Every time we had to use SnapComms for a real event, it has worked every time.” “SnapComms is dynamite.” Major Manufacturing Company Head of Security
  6. 6. About usOur Products KEY FEATURES OF THE VISUAL MESSAGING CHANNELS MESSAGE SCHEDULING MEASUREMENT MESSAGE CUT THROUGH MESSAGE TARGETING MESSAGE RECURRENCE CUSTOMIZATION Ensure employees see important internal communications Tools to pre-schedule your internal communications Recurrence options help ensure cut through for important employee communications Tools to target internal communications to different groups of employees in different ways Customized features and reporting allowing you to measure the effectiveness of internal communications Customized templates and solutions to suit your business needs
  7. 7. About usOur Products THE REPORT CENTER • SnapComms provide a range of tools and reporting options to make internal communications measurement easier. • The SnapComms content manager provides full reporting (message visibility, recurrence statistics, cut-through, hyperlinks clicked, survey and quiz results as well as more comprehensive reporting for the internal social media channels). Reports can also be exported to Excel and other formats or further analysis. “What gets measured, gets managed.” Tom Peters
  8. 8. Our Services THE PLATFORMS • The SnapComms server side of the solution can be hosted by SnapComms and fully managed in the SnapComms data center or locally hosted (in-house within the organizations environment). • SnapComms Servers – responsible for the creation, targeting and distribution of content out to the Snap Client. • SnapComms Client – easily deployed software that is installed locally on users’ PCs, initiates regular communications with the SnapComms Servers and downloads and manages the display of content onto the users’ computer screen. CLOUD LOCAL PRIVATE CLOUD
  9. 9. Desktop CHANNELS FOR MESSAGE DELIVERY Mobile Deliver messages to employees via desktops or mobile devices SMS
  10. 10. Resources THE LEARNING CENTER & KNOWLEDGE BASE Tutorials, training webnairs, user guides & white pages – The Learning Center has an extensive library of information. Search the hundreds of articles, how to guides, FAQ’s & troubleshooting information at The Knowledge Base. The Learning Center The Knowledge Base
  11. 11. Global support Remote and online assistance Qualified technical experts dedicated to assisting our customers Based in New Zealand at SnapComms HQ CUSTOMER TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE
  12. 12. Customization BRANDING THE TEMPLATES Branding is an important part of communication with your audience. Consistent messaging helps develop brand engagement and customizing the SnapComms tools helps generate greater employee awareness and brand engagement. Using creative customization of the tools for campaigns, message importance……. Provide us with the files specified in the template graphics guidelines and we will have alerts and tickers ready to go in 3 business days. Magazine templates take a little longer .
  13. 13. Meet the Team OUR TEAM – ‘WE WILL BE IN TOUCH!’ RIYA MICHAEL KIM COOPER MATT EAST Technical Support & Account Exceutive Account Manager Communications Manager
  14. 14. Meet the Team OUR TEAM KARL HAWTHORNE PHILIP NUNN SHELLEY O’CONNOR Technical & Training Support Product Manager Graphics & Templates
  15. 15. Contact KIM COOPER TECHNICAL SUPPORT SNAPCOMMS CONTACT SnapComms is headquartered in New Zealand on Aucklands North Shore at Takapuna Beach. Our office is a 5 minute walk from the beautiful Hauraki Gulf. If you are planning a trip to our shores please drop us a note – we will have the ‘Welcome’ mat out! United States: +1 855 639 0909 New Zealand: +64 9 950 3360 Australia: +61 3 88205606 Mobile: +64 27 211 7026