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Ideas to Motivate Sales Teams


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Ideas to Motivate Sales Teams - with a little help from the SnapComms tools.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Ideas to Motivate Sales Teams

  1. 1. Ideas to Motivate Sales Teams using SnapComms Tools
  2. 2. Sales staff are the store front of your company
  3. 3. If they don’t know your mission who will!
  4. 4. Keep them aware with screensaver reminders
  5. 5. Don’t let them zone out of your company!
  6. 6. Keep them awake and aware of what is going on with desk top alerts
  7. 7. But keep the information clear and concise and relevant
  8. 8. With interesting visual messages
  9. 9. The more you inform them of what’s happening the closer they will feel to your company
  10. 10. But keep it relevant and easily accessible
  11. 11. Easily push messages to tablets and mobile phones where staff can easily access it
  12. 12. Ask them for feedback!
  13. 13. Knowing there opinions matter helps employees feel apart of the company and motivates them to work hard
  14. 14. And keep them on the ball by constantly testing their knowledge
  15. 15. With quizzes pushed to any device
  16. 16. And prizes for correct answers help encourage learning
  17. 17. SnapComms combines all of these in to one tool….
  18. 18. Allowing a truly campaign orientated creative approach for motivation
  19. 19. To find out more, and to sign up for a free trial, visit