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Whipping WordPress into SEO Shape


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My presentation to Market STL 2010 on how to tweak your WordPress blog and achieve high rankings in the search engines.

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Whipping WordPress into SEO Shape

  1. 1. Whipping WordPress into SEO Shape Ben Cook @Skitzzo Network Solutions SEO Manager
  2. 2. Why WordPress? = Image source:
  3. 3. Do NOT :
  4. 4. Permalinks
  5. 5. Meta Data (title, description, etc)
  6. 6. Categories & Tags
  7. 7. Categories & Tags
  8. 8. Do NOT :
  9. 9. Plugins
  10. 10. SEO Smart Links
  11. 11. Y.A.R.P.P. What it does: Automatically generates related links based on post content SEO Benefit: Topically relevant internal linking & provides another path to your content
  12. 12. Yoast Breadcrumbs What it does: Creates links based on site structure SEO Benefit: Keyword-rich internal linking to category pages
  13. 13. Widget Logic (Advanced) What it does: Allows users to vary sidebar content based on page, category, tag etc. SEO Benefit: Topically relevant & keyword-rich internal linking
  14. 14. Ben Cook Contact info: @Skitzzo Questions?