Online Visibility Worksheet for Social Profiles


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Online Visibility Worksheet for optimizing social media profiles and tracking profile information for a few of hundreds of profiles, including local business listings.

Delivered to Sacramento Valley Chapter California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists as part of a training session on Online Visibility at University of Phoenix.

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Online Visibility Worksheet for Social Profiles

  1. 1. Yo! Yo! SEO . 831-901-5225 . . Online Visibility Worksheet Date Organization Name Register at - Social Profile Information Use the follow ing worksheet to prepare and optimize your socialprofile information. Optional: Items below double line are for Google profile. FIELD TIP DESCRIPTION / NOTES FIRST & LAST NAME Most sites require both. Will you use your personal name or company name? PROFILE / USERNAME 6-15 characters - Identify preferred username & an alternate username. PASSWORD 6-10 characters - secure, preferably with 2 #s, suggest at least 1 capital letter. BIO <=160 characters - Bio text affects how profile gets listed in search engines. Use keyw ord-richdescriptionsto summarize your strengths, career, interests. URL Link to your site, blog or LinkedIn profile. WEBSITE NAME Some sites w illaskfor a name that w ill show as linked anchor text. Will you use your company name? Don't enter URL. AVATAR(jpg image, size = pixels) File name for large version - 300x300 File name for small version - 80x80 BIRTHDAY & GENDER Many netw orks askfor birthday & gender. Will profile be male or female? ADDRESS Some sites w illaskfor a mailing address. If so, do not display it publicly. VANITY URL Customize your profile URL on LinkedIn, Facebook & w here possible WHERE I GREW UP WHERE I LIVE NOW PLACES I’VE LIVED WHAT I DO Examples: Marriage & Family Therapist, Counselor, Psychologist CURRENT COMPANY COMPANIES I’VE WORKED FOR CURRENT SCHOOL SCHOOLS I’VE ATTENDED
  2. 2. Online Visibility Worksheet Page 2 of 2 Creative Commons (CC), Attribution by Yo! Yo! SEO . Social Profiles & Directories Checklist SITE URL NOTES USER / LOGIN PASSWORD Gmail 1 account f or all Google serv ices Yahoo 1 account f or Yahoo! serv ices Google Profile Google Prof ile LinkedIn Business networking Naymz Business networking Tw itter tw Community networking Facebook Social networking Flickr (photos) Photos - Yahoo!’s network Picasa Photos – Google’s network YouTube Google’s v ideo network Vimeo Other popular v ideo network StumbleUpon Bookmarking, social v oting Delicious Bookmarking Google Places Google’s local directory Yahoo! Local Yahoo!’s local directory Bing Local Bing’s local directory Best of the Web local.botw .org BOTW local directory Yelp Local directory & rev iews Citysearch Local directory & rev iews Local submission serv ice Therapist Locator Niche directory Meetup Meet-up groups & ev ents Eventbrite Ev ent collaboration SlideShare Share PowerPoint slides Posterous Blogging & posting to social sites Tumblr Blogging & posting to social sites MyBlogLog Aggregator, broadcasting Gravatar Identity f or blog commenting DISQUS Identity f or blog commenting OpenID Common login across platf orms Feedburner RSS f or website Google Alerts Monitoring name, key words Google Reader Feed reader Other