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Essential SEO + Link Building

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SEO For Coders
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Essential SEO + Link Building

  1. Essential SEO + Link Building<br />Martin Reed, SEO Strategist<br />
  2. It’s all about links!<br />
  3. Ranking Factors<br />Relevance (context)<br />Search for cars brings car related websites<br />Importance (links)<br />How to sort all 1,000,000,000 car websites?<br />
  4. Ranking Factors: Relevance<br />Content<br />How search engines “interpret” your site<br />Writing language, use of phrases, industry jargon, common theme<br />Technical Aspects<br />How search engines “read” your site<br />
  5. Technical Aspects<br />On-site signals:<br />Page Titles <title>Page Title</title> <br />Headings <h1>Heading 1</h1><br />Content Keyword Usage, Context, Semantics<br />URL<br />Images alt=“Image Description”<br />Links <a href=>anchor</a>......<br />
  6. Ranking Factors: Importance<br />Reputation & Trust<br />Who links to your site?<br />Context<br />How others link to you?<br />Content type, link type (anchor text), site topic and relevance<br />
  7. Voting System<br />VOTE<br />Linker<br />Linked<br />Every link is a vote from one site to another:<br />When you link to others you vote for them.<br />When others link to you they vote for you.<br />
  8. Link Quality<br />Not all links are equal:<br />SITE A<br />YOU<br />SITE C<br />
  9. Link Quality & Quantity<br />Number of outgoing links on site that links to you affects the link value. Less is better.<br />SITE B<br />SITE C<br />SITE A<br />SITE D<br />YOU<br />
  10. No Follow?<br /><a rel=“nofollow” href=“”>anchor text</a><br />Nofollow = No trust = No vote<br />META, robots.txt, link<br />Example: Blog comments, Forums, Social Media<br />SITE A<br />SITE B<br />
  11. Anchor Text<br /><a href=“”>????????</a><br />Target phrases: you want to be found for<br />Relevant to the page you’re linking to<br />Avoid: ‘click here’, ‘read more’<br />This goes for internal linking too!<br />
  12. What to Target?<br />Phrase Research<br />Adwords Keyword Tool<br />‘Exact’ match filter<br />Competitors<br />Google/Yahoo –<br />Advanced Tools (example:<br />
  13. Let’s get some links!<br />
  14. Link Acquisition Methods<br />Learn more about your existing links<br />Google Webmaster Tools:<br />Your website on the web<br />Links to your site<br />Analyse anchor text<br />LINK:<br />
  15. How to get links?<br />
  16. Your Current Links<br />Oh, nice!<br />
  17. Why did these people link to me?<br />Analyse and understand your links<br />Discover most linked content<br />Find new link ideas<br />Form new partnerships and alliances<br />Fix unideal links<br />
  18. Self-Generating Links<br />“Link to us” page:<br />Encourage linking to your site.<br />Take control of how people link to you.<br />Make it easy for people to do so.<br />Social media sharing within content<br />Link Bait Material<br />‘Viral’<br />Useful Tools / Templates / Resources<br />
  19. Link Opportunities<br />Business relationships<br />Testimonials, reviews, media releases<br />Design company, hosting company<br />Industry associations & memberships<br />Business directories<br />Profile pages<br />LinkedIn<br />Media releases<br />Competitor research<br />
  20. Link Opportunities<br />Your clients<br />Media release<br />Footer ‘tag’<br />Example: Friendly<br />
  21. Link Opportunities<br />Events you sponsor<br />
  22. Link Opportunities<br />Events you speak at<br />
  23. WordPress optimisation<br />
  24. Technical Aspects<br />Page Titles <title>Page Title</title> <br />Key phrase for the page first<br />Headings <h1>Heading 1</h1><br />Only structure your content, not the layout<br />URL<br />Enable Permalinks<br />Images alt=“Image Description”<br />Links <a href=>anchor</a><br />Remove anchor text: ‘read more’<br />
  25. Meta Description<br />Call to Action (CTA)<br />‘Sell’ the website to the visitor<br />
  26. Platinum SEO Pack<br /><ul><li>Similar: All in one SEO Pack, WordPress SEO
  27. Key features:
  28. Canonical tag
  29. Override page title & META description</li></ul>Essential Plugins<br />
  30. Essential Plugins<br />Google XML Sitemaps<br /><ul><li>Tell the search engines what is on your website and where</li></li></ul><li>Essential Plugins<br />WP-PageNavi<br /><ul><li>Advanced pagination
  31. Helps spread the link juice to your deep pages</li></li></ul><li>Google Analytics for WordPress<br />- You don’t have to use the plugin, just use Analytics!<br />Essential Plugins<br />
  32. Essential Plugins<br />SEO Smart Links<br /><ul><li>Automatic internal linking</li></li></ul><li>Essential Plugins<br />SEO Slugs<br /><ul><li>Removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from the slug
  33. Keyword rich URL</li></ul>From: /what-you-can-do-immediately-for-higher-rankings<br />To: /immediately-higher-rankings<br />
  34. Essential Plugins<br /> For WordPress<br />- Automatically credit source when text is copied from your website<br />
  35. The bottom line:<br /><ul><li>Get the plugins, optimise WordPress
  36. Get access to Google Webmaster Tools
  37. Get those links!</li></li></ul><li>Martin Reed - @dejanseo<br /><br />