One Hit Wonder's Guide to WordPress SEO


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The One Hit Wonder's Guide to WordPress SEO - a presentation by Direct Match Media, Inc. at Pubcon 2012

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One Hit Wonder's Guide to WordPress SEO

  1. The One Hit Wonder’s Guide to WordPress SEO presented by: Ben Cook (@Skitzzo) President: Direct Match Media
  2. Warning: You WILL have at least one (perhaps many) of these songs stuck in your head after this session. Hopefully you’ll also remember enough SEOinformation that it’s worth humming these for the rest of the day. .
  3. Also:Don’t expect WordPress or plugins to do SEO for you. They’re tools that make SEO tasks easier.
  4. Yoast is back with a brand new edition Of WordPress SEO
  5. You Know the (Robots.txt) Rules & So Do I Blocking useless pages keeps the panda at bay
  6. Girl You Know It’s True… Duplicate content is bad.
  7. OpenGrapham Style More Social than SEO but too good to pass up
  8. I Like Big Tags & I Cannot Lie Turn Category & Tag Pages into Landing Pages!
  9. When I Think About Goog I Link Myself Nothing wrong with some self link-love
  10. Here’s our Plugin, Install it Maybe?
  11. Questions? @DirectMatch (polite & official)@Skitzzo (irreverent but more fun)