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Best practised in library information service


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Published in: Education
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Best practised in library information service

  1. 1. 1- Best practices for university/autonomous college LibrariesIn the library context, the ‘best practice’ may be viewed as one that enhances user satisfactioncontributing to full realization of one’s academic potential. Listed below is a suggestive set of bestpractices.Library Brochure/Dairies /Information Packs.Central Reference Library for the use of constituent and affiliated colleges.A feedback from stakeholders through scientifically designed and analyzed questionnaire, at least twicea year.Compiling and displaying of student/teacher attendance statistics (graphic) on the notice boards of thelibrary as well as in the departments.Communication of current awareness to different user groups.Information literacy programsBeginning of the academic year with a general presentationPeriodically for need based groupsTeaching library programsCreation of digital RepositoriesArticle RepositoriesPublication RepositoriesQuestion paper RepositoriesCourse ware RepositoriesDisplaying new arrivals of books/journals and circulating a list to different departments that use thelibrary.Suggestion box and timely response.2-BEST PRACTICES FOR COLLEGE LIBRARIESListed below are some of the best practices that can enhance the academic information environmentand usability.Computerization of library with standard digital software.Inclusion of sufficient information about the library in the college prospectus.
  2. 2. Compiling student/teacher attendance statistics and locating the same on the notice board.Displaying newspaper clippings on the notice board periodically.Career/Employment Information/ Services.Internet Facilities to different user groups.Information literacy programs.Suggestion box and timely response.Displaying new arrivals and circulating a list of those to academic departments.Conducting book exhibitions on different occasions.Organizing book talks.Instituting Annual Best User award for students.Organizing competitions annually.Conducting user surveys periodically.SOURCE - (Visited on 03/04/12)