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Library activities calender 2012 13


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Published in: Education
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Library activities calender 2012 13

  1. 1. Library Activities Calendar- 2012-13SL.NO MONTH ACTIVITIES1 APRIL ,2012 Reading Project (Theories),Book Review , Information Sources (Online) CBSE, NCERT, KVS RO, CCE, Hots. Study Materials(IX&X),Preparation Tips & Materials for NTSE, Math Olympiad, KVPY Etc., Making up Scrap Book2 MAY & JUNE Assignment of Scrap Book, Book Review & Other Literary Activities. Invitation Article for Library Newsletter.3 JULY ,2012 Interaction with Authors, Short Notes, Public Speaking ,How to publishing in News Papers, Book Review,4 AUGUST,2012 Book Exhibition(N.B.T&C.B.T), Visit to Local Library, Organizing Book Fair5 SEPTEMBER,,2012 Book Quiz, Book Talks, Book Seminar & Reader Club Activities,6 OCTOBER,2012 Scrap Book Released, Book Review Marking & Library News Letter Activities7 NOVEMBER,2012 Celebration of Library Week8 DECEMBER,2012 Book Quiz, Story Telling Competition, Book Talks. (Primary), Class Library.9 JANUARY, 2013 Book Review, Scrap Book, Library Project.10 FEBRUARY,2013 How to publishing in News Papers ,Report on Celebration of various11 MARCH, 2013 Stock verification, condemnation, weeding out of Collection. Annual Library Committee Meeting, Planning for New Academic Year.
  2. 2.  Library Committee Meeting will done in Last Working Days of Every Months Library News Letter will be published in Every Months. Program in Calendar Activities May be Vary in the stipulated Months depending Upon the School time & Activities. Librarian Principal