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Sharon dvoraweblinks

  1. 1. SHARON  DVORA:  Portfolio  Links    MFA  Collaborative  Design          This is my online teaching portfolio. Check out the Artcar Derby, the Artist Collaborative &the Power of Play Mural for a few examples of collaborative, community-based art projects.Hyperlinks are indicated with italics!  The Healing Power of Water is a blog about my Aquatic Bodywork practice. I practice in adome-enclosed warm water therapy pool. My interest in movement and healing practicesincludes teaching, working as a massage therapist and my current interest in re-patterningdevelopmental movements with young children to support them in moving through learningchallenges.  I sell vinyl car decals on My not-so New Beetle is covered bumper to bumper withdaisies and yes!, peace signs. My vision to transform car culture through the joy of car art hasbeen well received {but has not yet captured market attention}. This provides one morecreative outlet for me to apply my graphic design skills.
  2. 2. SHARON  DVORA:  Project  Links   MFA  Collaborative  Design      Sir Ken Robinson and RSA Animate do a good job of painting a picture of the state of  education today.These IDEO Boston animations, A Little Bit Dimmer and A Little Bit Brighter, walk characterPetunia through two very different, but parallel versions of the future of education. Well done!        
  3. 3. SHARON  DVORA:  More  Project  Links   MFA  Collaborative  Design            The Right Brain Initiative is a partnership of schools, local government, private donors, andthe cultural community of the Portland tri-county region. It’s manifesto and mission: “Noright brain left behind” is fun, graphically inspired and holds good intent. My concern is thatit may be a facelift for an old model of arts education programming that has been unsuccessfulin fully delivering creativity to our schools.      Here are links to a research study about the educational merits of balls vs. chairs as a seatingchoice for students with ADHD, and an article by Gaiam Life: Your Guide to Better Living,which relays the content of the research in consumer-friendly language. It’s possible that aredesign of the metal desk and chair could be a first step towards creating a movement-friendly learning environment.        
  4. 4. SHARON  DVORA:  More  Project  Links   MFA  Collaborative  Design      The Second Skin Project is an action research pilot project informed the work of ReggioEmilia, a leading arts-based school movement that credits the learning environment for beingemergent curriculum.  one of the student’s primary teachers. The teacher/artist collaboration is at the center of the        rechild is a Reggio Emilia newsletter. This particular edition describes a modular, flexible,dialoguing exhibition. An interactive visual, kinesthetic dialogue is inherently designed toengage children. I love the full-bodied way that kids engage in their learning process and Iappreciate the way natural light is brought into the exploration of what we see!