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The Good Kart


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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The Good Kart

  1. 1. A Vehicle of Supportfor Portland teensBy: Danielle, Santigie and Sharon
  2. 2. The Problem Drugs, divorce, homework, bullying...Todays teens face complex issues andsometimes need help. When teens seekhelp from an adult, at times that adult cannotor will not give them the support that theyneed. Parent, teacher, counselor, principal, school psychologist Roadblocks to support can be individual, systemic or paradigmatic
  3. 3. GOOD KART AdvocatesTangible Steps Toward Tomorrow by IDEO
  4. 4. The Solution The GOOD KART! The GOOD Providing a KART challenging, supportive path for Portland teens Todays to reach their highest Menu: Tacos potential through $3.75 healthy food, fun & dialogue!
  5. 5. TheGOODKARTTodays Menu: Tacos $3.75
  6. 6. It starts with Food.A global feast that is locally sourced
  7. 7. Activities that are engaging
  8. 8. A Responsive CurriculumThe curriculum is an adaptive, ever evolving system. Advocates are in tune, listening for the students wants and needs so that they can shape the structure and activities.
  9. 9. Trained Advocates The strength-based approach is fueled by a sense of hope and a belief that every youth, every family and every community have strengths.Just a phone Compassionate communication call away. & Crisis Response training prepares advocates for supporting teens with the issues that challenge them.
  10. 10. The GOOD KARTSupporting teens to reach their highest potentialCreativity, bias awareness, problem solvingChallenging activities, respect, empathyCaring relationships with trusted adultsA safe and trusting environment andwith healthy activitiesBasic needs: Tasty Food!
  11. 11. 3 DRIVING factors: Safety & Trust Communication Healthy minds & bodiesEstablishing an experience of safety, love & belongingBuilding trust & communication between advocates andteensFun activities to challenging & engaging teens bodies & minds
  12. 12. What The GOOD KART delivers: Healthy food, fun & dialogueTrained, skillful & compassionate staff A commitment to be present & available for teens A curriculum that supports teens in reaching their highest potential Consistent presence in the lives of teens Healthy, upbeat, positive presence nearby or on school grounds
  13. 13. The GOOD KARTLets fund aGood Kart! Todays Menu: Tacos $15,000 funds our 1st Good Kart $11,500 used food truck $1,500 graphic vehicle decals $1000 outfit the truck with benches & table $1000 web-site, t-shirts, menus...
  14. 14. Funding ourAdvocates! $60,000: funds our 1st year staff $40,000 funds Good Kart Advocate $18,000 funds Good Kart Coordinator $2,000 Training for Advocate, Americorp & Vista volunteers
  15. 15. Funding the FoodGlobally Inspired Locally Sourced Food costs covered by income Freshly Prepared generated through sales.Asian wraps: thai chicken, roasted veggie, tofuMexican food: burritos, tacosIndian food: samosas, flatbread, kabobs, curriesMiddle Eastern: humus, tabouli, falafelLocal fresh fruit and veggies in season
  16. 16. FundingYear One $75,000 to fund our GOOD KART & staff $40,000 advocate $20,000 admin/train $15,000 1st vehicle Funding Year Two $115,000 to expand our GOOD KART fleet & fund our growing staff $80,000 two advocates $20,000 admin/train $15,000 2nd vehicle
  17. 17. Next Steps:Rolling out the Good Karts& reaching Portland teensCollaborate with Community Partners to Fund the Project! Work with Local Teens to Design the Project Purchase & Wrap a Vehicle with Kool Graphics Recruit & Train Good Kart Staff Partner with Local Schools Stock the Kart with Healthy Food
  18. 18. Cruising to a neighborhood school near you! Questions?