My Journey


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My journey in becoming the Designer that I am today.

This is the 'About' section of my Design Portfolio.

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My Journey

  1. 1. ziqqsayshello.
  2. 2. “I am an anthropologist and an interaction designer focusingon creating meaningful experiences through design.I carry out field studies, where I not only observe anddocument people in an environment but live with them, so thatI can understand, empathize and design to improve lives.Film to me is a powerful tool for storytelling and a way forme to let people see my observations and connect with them ina more intimate way.My work involves careful, critical thinking rather thanvisual masterpieces. I have huge interests in Anthropology,Human Behavior, Philosophy, Psychology, Interaction Design,Human-Centered Design, Emotion Design, Product/IndustrialDesign & Smart Architecture.I aspire to become a teacher one day. I live to get inspired,share, educate and hopefully inspire others as well.I believe that designers are more than just people who makethings looks pretty. We are thinkers, creators, inventors andwe can change and influence people’s behavior and mindsetthrough design.”
  3. 3. MY JOURNEYI took this picture back IN MUI NE, VIETNAM, JULY 2012.
  4. 4. Thisisthejourneythatmade me the Designerthat I am today.PICTURE TAKEN BY JUFFRIE FRIDAY.
  5. 5. I first started out with Art. Iwas very expressive through mydoodles.Iwas,however,asocialintrovert while growing up.A PICTURE OF MY 10 YEAR OLD SELF.
  6. 6. I didn’t talk much, but observeda lot, which in turn gave birthto my social consciousness. Soon,it was no longer about translatingobservations, but also feelings,which were connected to mythoughts. I found myself ramblingabout a lot of things. I wanted tochange things to make them betterbut didn’t know how to do it.I WAS UP IN THE SAND DUNES, VIETNAM, JULY 2012.
  7. 7. And as fate would have it, Ifound myself studying Design. Inschool, I was introduced to theDesign methodology. This was whenI realized that my observationscould actually influence andchange things because I had thepeople I was designing for, at thevery heart of my Design solutions.TOOK THIS PICTURE BACK IN VIETNAM, JULY 2012.
  8. 8. I had this growing curiosity aboutDesign. I borrowed my friend’s camera andheaded out to meet practicing designersfrom different design backgroundsacross the country. Though they wereall from different disciplines, theyall however speak a common language -Design is about creating an experience.I was on my way to THE FLOATING VILLAGE, BRUNEI, JULY 2012.
  9. 9. I did not only learn about Designas a subject, but I saw Design as away of life. I saw meaning and valuein Design. And I wanted to sharemy love and passion not only withDesigners but also with Non-Designers.TOOK THIS PICTURE WHEN I WAS BACK IN QATAR, DOHA, DECEMBER 2006.
  10. 10. I now run a non-profit organization whereI collaborate with other creatives to notonly practice Design, but also educate,inspire and cultivate Design Methodologyas a tool to solve real-life problems.JUST ME.
  11. 11. Academic/Non-Academic Achievements throughout the years, for your professional reference.Academic AchievementsRepublic Polytechnic,  School Technology for The Arts – Diploma in Design for Interactivity (2007-2010)2007-2008 (AY) : Academic Roll of Honors for AY07/08 Semester II2008-2009 (AY) : Best of Show Performance (Advertising Concepts T307 Module) (13 AUG 08’)2008-2009 (AY) : Awarded Diploma Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement (31 OCT 09’)2009-2010 (AY) : Awarded Diploma Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement (12 MAY 10’)2009-2010 (AY) : Awarded Module Prize for Excellent Academic Performace in FYP (12 May 10’)2010 : Graduated Top of the Class for Diploma in Design For Interactivity2010 : Presented Anugerah Khas Mendaki for Excellent Academic Achievement at Polytechnic Diploma Level (25 SEPT 10’)Non-Academic AchievementsRepublic Polytechnic,  School Technology for The Arts – Diploma in Design for Interactivity (2007-2010)2009 : Presented Outstanding Contribution & Dedication Award for Project Service Learning Trip 1 to Cambodia2010 : Designed Therese WH Shak’s Lifelong Learning Education Book cover (Released worldwide)Features:2009 : Featured in HYPE Magazine Issue 29 Arts Section2010 : Featured in Graduation Year Book School Technology for the Arts – Outstanding Graduate2010 : Featured in the Portfolio Show for Young Designer 2010 organised by the Design Singapore Council2010 : ‘Design Says Hello’ featured in Design Sojourn ( : ‘Design Says Hello’ featured in RCGNTN ( : ‘Design Says Hello’ was aired on OKTO Channel2012 : Design Says Hello’s ‘ART//DESIGN’ Official Trailer featured in Culturepush2013 : ScreenED Design Says Hello’s ‘ART//DESIGN’ Official Trailer in Republic Polytechnic2013 : Gave a Design talk ‘Pecha Kucha’ style back in Republic Polytechnic to inspire fellow juniors2013 : Gave a Design talk back in alma mater, Montfort Secondary SchoolNational Service (2010-2012)2012 : Awarded Best Soldier of the Month (JAN 12’)