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Evaluation question-4_&_5


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Evaluation question-4_&_5

  1. 1. Evaluation- Question4 & 5Who would be the audience for you’re media product and how didyou attract/address you’re audience?Sam Gallacher-Bright
  2. 2. The Radar ReaderFemale, typically aged 17/18 and loves indie music, playingguitar and favourite artists are Florence & The Machine and JakeBugg. A student with a low disposable income but saves up forher favourite music magazine and a ticket to the latest festival.A high interest in fashion but has no particular dress sense anddresses how she feels that day. Studying A levels or at universityand always has an invite to the parties and is cherished by familyand friends.
  3. 3. Initial Ideas From QuestionnaireBefore I could start designing my magazine pages I designed aquestionnaire to get a full understanding of who my targetaudience were, their interests and what they would like to see inmy magazine, the data I got from the questionnaire had a biginfluence on the construction process of my magazine. From thedata I made sure that the aspects, conventions, colour scheme,layout, artists and language all appealed to them, for example inmy questionnaire they would like to receive a chance to win gigtickets with my magazine, also the majority had an interest ingoing to festivals, therefore I advertised the chance to wintickets to a festival and line up of other festivals. From thisquestionnaire I got to know my target audiences age range,employment status, interests, town of residence and whatcolour scheme and feature they would prefer to see in themagazine.
  4. 4. Audience Age Range• My target audience age range would be between 16 – 20, Itried to attract this certain age range by using artists that areof a similar age and also by using a model for my photo shootin this age range• I also tried to appeal to them by the language used throughout the pages such as ‘partying with fellow artist and bestfriend’ and ‘find out the chaos they caused’, this languageappeals to this certain age range as stereotypically people ofthis age like to be a little reckless and party• Most of the language used also communicates at the lowestintelligence level as generically you would expect people ofthis age to not have a lot of time to sit down and read,therefore would prefer to read something that is easy to readand not challenging
  5. 5. Audience Employment status• When I did my research I designed a questionnaire to gainsome qualitative feedback on what my target audience wouldlike to see in my magazine, one question I asked was what wastheir employment status to which the majority was studentseither unemployed or part time employed• Therefore I made sure that the price was not to high so I madethe price two pound which is reasonable for people who areunemployed, this would appeal to them as they do not have alot of disposable income and my audience will be willing topay two pound for a music magazine• Seeing as they are students I decided to advertise the chanceto win tickets to a festival as they probably won’t have enoughdisposable income to pay for their own, therefore for thiswould attract them to my magazine as they could win tickets
  6. 6. Audience Interests• From my questionnaire my target audience have interests in playingan instrument, festivals and animals, this suggests that the RADARreader would be quite outgoing, therefore the language I have usedin my magazine is straight to the point and it quite brash, forexample ‘expect you’re minds to be blown’.• My audience would have a high interest in festivals as my magazinehas a big focus on them, I did this because of the data I receivedfrom my questionnaire so in order to appeal to my audience I had tohave some form of festival information included, which I did in myinsert on the front cover and in the strapline• As my audience would have a passion for indie music I tried toinclude as many recognisable artists from the indie music industry toattract the audience to my magazine, also the model used in myphoto shoot has quite a ‘grudgey’ and ‘hippie’ look, this wouldappeal to my audience as they feel they can associate with her
  7. 7. Focus Group• Once I created my final pieces I conducted a focus group of 5 people you wouldexpect to find in my target audience, there were 3 girls and 2 boys, I chose the ratio ofgirls to be higher than boys and my target audience is dominated by females• Their age was from 16-18 and were all unemployed students in college living inHarlow and were interested in festivals and indie music• I then asked them a variety of questions to see what their thoughts were on my finalpiece, they all agreed on 7 out of 10 for my magazine and their opinions had achanged a little on the colour scheme, their thoughts were to add another colour tomake it not look as dull and all agreed that maybe the photograph should be in colourto liven up the front cover• However they said that they thought the theme ran throughout the magazine pagesmaking it look professional and they said they thought the name of the magazine wasreally good and suited the genre well and thought that the colour red suited thegenre and liked the fact that they could make an association with the colour red withthe magazine as RADAR has been put in red throughout the magazine• 4 out of 5 people said that if they saw the magazine on a newsagents shelf theycertainly would pick it up and flick through• If I was to do this again I would take this advice and add another colour to the colourscheme and maybe change the photo into colour instead of black and white to makeit more visually appealing to the audience as I can see how it makes the magazinelook dull