Audience research summary


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Audience research summary

  1. 1. Audience Research { AS Media Coursework – Oli Searle
  2. 2.  Many of the people who took my survey were female. which meant I’d have to be careful if I wanted to aim this magazine at both genders not to stick to the research completely. Otherwise it would alienate the males and become a female music magazine.Gender?
  3. 3.  Over two thirds of the people who took my survey were 14 to 19 years old. This would help as I aimed to make this magazine appeal to teenagers, as they are the most likely to buy music magazines. Therefore would be the main consumer of my magazine.Age?
  4. 4.  The results of this question were varied. Inide was most popular, followed by Pop and Rock music. I decided to go with Indie as I believe that Indie is easily relatable for both genders, whereas Rock is mainly a very masculine music, and Pop is normally for the young teenage girls. Therefore the magazine was centred around the unisex Indie genre which made it easily relatable and able to reach a broader audience.Genre?
  5. 5.  I also was able to find out that not very many people tend to read music magazines however many people said they like to keep up to date with the latest music.  Therefore I decided that I would fill my magazine with the new and upcoming of the music industry therefore attempting to appeal to the audience and trying to get them into buying the magazine.Latest Music trends?
  6. 6.  Overall the colour scheme most wanted by my target research was Purple. I chose to use this and it featured a lot in my magazine. However taking into account that this survey was mainly female dominated I decided to include red, blue , black and yellow. These colours would contrast well together without ruining the overall colour scheme, also they scored quite highly with the target audience.Colours?
  7. 7.  My research suggested that their was a demand for interviews and exclusive information about artists and bands.  So I plan to incorporate these into my magazine. Interviews with the new and up coming artists should help to increase the popularity of the magazine within my teenage audience.Special Features?
  8. 8.  Taking into account that the teenagers wanting the magazine would probably be nagging their parents for the money I would want to offer a reasonable ‘parent friendly’ price.  My research said that most people thought that £2.50 was a good price, I think this would be easily affordable and would appeal to the teenagers and their parents.Price?
  9. 9.  The language throughout my magazine is going to be informal, this will appeal to the teenagers as they won’t want to read long words and complex sentences.  Also the fonts will be varied as to create interest for the reader. The different fonts will help to make artists and stories to stand out more which will draw the attention of the teenagers, as they recognise their favourite bands name.Language Choice andFont?