Comparatives superlatives


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Comparatives superlatives

  1. 1. COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVESFor questions 1 and 2, underline the sentence (A-B)which has the same meaning.1 The musical was more entertaining than the film.A The film wasnt as entertaining as the musical.B The musical wasnt as entertaining as the film.2 The film wasnt as amusing as the book.A The film was more amusing than the book.B The book was more amusing than the film.
  2. 2. COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: ADJECTIVESSTRUCTURES: COMPARATIVES adjective-er + than = She is taller than me (1) (*) more + adjective + than = She is more intelligent than me _________________________________________________________ as + adjective + as = She is as tall as me not as/so + adjective + as = She isn’t as/so tall as me _________________________________________________________ less + adjective + than = I am less intelligent than her. ======================================================= SUPERLATIVES (1) (*) the + adjective-est + (of/in) = She is the tallest in the class the most + adjective + (of/in) = She is the most intelligent of all
  3. 3. COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: ADJECTIVESSTRUCTURES: COMPARATIVES / SUPERLATIVES* One-syllable adjectives form their comparative and superlative by adding er and est to thepositive form: - bright brighter brightest - new newer newest* Adjectives of three or more syllables form their comparative and superlative by putting moreand most before the positive: - expensive more expensive most expensive - interesting more interesting most interesting* Adjectives of two syllables follow one or other of the above rules. Those ending in er, y, or lyadd er, est: - clever cleverer cleverest - easy easier easiest - holy holier holiest
  4. 4. * COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: ADJECTIVES STRUCTURES: COMPARATIVES / SUPERLATIVES * Irregular comparisons: (Adjective) (Comparative) (Superlative) - good better best - bad worse worst - little less least - many more most - much
  5. 5. * COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: ADVERBS STRUCTURES: COMPARATIVES * With adverbs of two or more syllables the comparative is formed by putting more before the adverb, and the superlative by putting most before the adverb: - quickly more quickly most quickly - fortunately more fortunately most fortunately * Single-syllable adverbs, however, and the adverb early, add er and est: - hard harder hardest - fast faster fastest - early earlier earliest * Irregular comparisons: - well better best - badly worse worst - late later last - little less least - much more most
  6. 6. * COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: SOME SPECIAL STRUCTURES _1 STRUCTURES: * After comparatives we use than. - Jill is more intelligent than Alec. - Peter works harder than John. - Its cheaper to go by car than to go by train. * Before the comparative of adjectives and adverbs you can use: a bit / a little / much / a lot / far / a good deal - Lets go by car. Its much (or a lot) cheaper. - Could you speak a little (or a bit) more slowly? - Her illness was far more serious than we at first thought * not so/as .......... as ....... - Jack isnt as old as he looks. (= He looks older than he is). - The city centre wasnt as crowded this morning as it usually is. (= it is usually more crowded). - Jim didnt do as well in his examination as he had hoped. (= he had hoped to do better)
  7. 7. COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES: SOME SPECIAL STRUCTURES -2STRUCTURES:* as .................... as .............. - Im sorry Im late. I got here as fast as I could. - Theres plenty of food, so eat as much as you like. - Can you send me the money as soon as possible, please?* We also say twice as ..... as, three times as ..... as, etc. - Petrol is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago. - Their house is about three times as big as ours.* We say the same as (not the same like) - Anns salary is the same as mine. (or Ann gets the same salary as me) - Tom is the same age as George.
  8. 8. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.My new computer is faster than my oId one. My oId computer isnt _as fast__ as my new one.My new computer is the same size as my oId computer. as My new computer is as big _________my oId computer.My oId computer was more expensive than my new computer. as expensive as My new computer wasnt _______________my computerMy oId computer isnt as exciting as my new computer. exciting than My new computer is more _______________my oId computer.My new computer weighs the same as my oId computer. My new computer is as ____________ my oId computer. heavy as
  9. 9. Look at these ways of making Complete these sentences so thatcomparisons. Complete each they mean the same as the ones onsentence with the correct word. the left-hand side1 My new music teacher is friendlier 1 My previous music teacher was than ________ my last one. less friendly than _________________ my new one. 2 I cant go to the cinema2 I love going to the cinema. I wish I as often as ____________ Id like to. more could go _________ often.3 The film about the robbery wasnt 3 The book about the robbery was as / so as _________ exciting ______ the more exciting than _____________________ the film. book.4 less Pauls new motorbike was _____ 4 My motorbike was than expensive ______ mine because it more expensive than ________________________ Pauls has a smaller engine. because it has a bigger engine.5 She doesnt like Chinese food as much _______ as I do. 5 I like Chinese food more than ____________she does.
  10. 10. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in bracketsto write sentences about the pairs of things below.1 Cardiff I London (not big)• Cardiff isn’t as big as London ______________________________2 a drum I a flute (loud)• A drum is louder than a flute. ______________________________3 Cairo I Paris (hot)• Cairo is hotter than Paris ______________________________4 golf I skiing (not dangerous)• Golf isn’t as dangerous as skiing ______________________________5 a helicopter I an aeroplane (not fast)• A helicopter isn’t as fast as an aeroplane ______________________________6 a bicycle I a motorbike (cheap)• A bicycle is cheaper than a motorbike ______________________________7 snow I rain (cold)• Snow is colder than rain ______________________________8 a lion I a giraffe / (not tall)• A lion isn’t as tall as a giraffe ______________________________
  11. 11. Use the superlative form of the adjectives in bracketsto write sentences about these things.1 Cardiff I London / Edinburgh (big)• London is the biggest ______________________________2 a drum I a flute / a violin (loud)• A drum is the loudest ______________________________3 Cairo I Paris / Milan (hot)• ______________________________ Cairo is the hottest4 golf I skiing / cycling (dangerous)• Skiing is the most dangerous ______________________________5 a helicopter I an aeroplane / a bus (fast)• An aeroplane is the fastest ______________________________6 a bicycle I a motorbike / a car (cheap)• A bicycle is the cheapest ______________________________7 snow I rain / sun (cold)• Snow is the coldest ______________________________8 a lion I a giraffe / a tiger (tall)• ______________________________ A giraffe is the tallest
  12. 12. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first, using no more than three words.0 The paintings in this room are more famous than the others in the gallery.• The paintings in this room are the most famous in the gallery.1 Tomorrow will be sunnier than the rest of the week.• Tomorrow will be ______________ day this week. the sunniest2 The hotel on the cliff has the best view in the town.• The hotel on the cliff has a __________ view than the other better hotels in the town.3 My brother is taller than the other children in his class.• My brother is ______________ child in his class. the tallest4 Football is more popular than other sports at my school.• Football is _________________sport at my school. the most popular