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  1. 1. ) Kilts A kilt is a knee-length checked garment like a skirt. Its a striking feature of the national costume worn by men in Scotland, especially in the Highlands. The cloth, which is known as tartan, is woven in various colours and designs, and each Scottish family, or clan, has got its own pattern of tartan. This was one way in which people could show which clan they belonged to. Kilts are still worn at cultural events in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. Depending on the occasion, a kilt is usually worn with a belt, a jacket, a sporran (a type of pouch), special footwear, a kilt pin and - optionally - underwear. Before the reign of Queen Victoria, the kilt was worn without a kilt pin. One windy day, the Queen arrived on a visit to a castle. One soldier was standing at attention and was embarrassed because the wind was blowing his skirt open, leaving his lower body exposed. Queen Victoria gave him her clothing pin to secure his skirt and that is the origin of the kilt pin.