People's character


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People's character

  1. 1. Exercises49.1 Organise these words into pairs of opposites and put them in the columns below. mean clever nice lazy relaxed hard-working tense generous unpleasant stupid positive negative Clever stupid ___________ ____________ nice unpleasant ___________ ____________ relaxed tense ___________ lazy ____________ ____________ hard-working generous mean ____________ ____________
  2. 2. 49.2 Which prefix forms the opposite of these words? (You need threedifferent prefixes.)• unhappy• reliable • unreliable• flexible • inflexible• sensitive • insensitive• friendly • unfriendly• kind • unkind• honest • dishonest• pleasant • unpleasant
  3. 3. 49.3 How would you describe the person in each of these descriptions? • Punctual1 Shes always here on time.2 He never bought me a drink in ten years. 2 mean3 She often promises to do things but half the time she forgets. 3 unreliable4 I dont think hes done any work since hes been here. 4 lazy5 She finds it difficult to meet people and talk to strangers. 5 shy6 He can work in any of the departments - on his own or part of a team. 6 flexible7 One of her qualities is that she is so aware of 7 sensitive what other people think or feel.8 I know Mike wants to be head of the 8 ambitious department and then go on to a bigger company.
  4. 4. 49.4 Fill the gaps with a suitable word.1 At work, James __________across as serious and a bit comes boring, but outside of work hes completely different; hes really good __________ . fun2 Its important to __________ a good impression on your first make day in a new job.3 Im sure he can find the place; he just needs to use his common __________. sense4 Meeting new people doesnt worry her; shes a very self- __________ young woman. confident5 Its hard to know what Sam thinks - he doesnt really __________ his feelings. show6 Do you think __________ impressions are very important? I first do.7 I always have a laugh with my cousin - hes got a great sense of __________. humour8 She is so __________ -minded: she cannot accept any narrow ideas different from her own.
  5. 5. 49.5 What nouns can be formed from these adjectives? Use a dictionary to help you. • kind Kindness • optimistic optimism/optimist • punctual (person) punctuality • lazy laziness • confident confidence • ambitious ambition49.6 Choose three words from the opposite page which describe you. Isthere one quality you do not have but would like to have? What, in youropinion, is the worst quality described on the opposite page? If possible,compare your answers with a friend.