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Creating a Welcoming Rotaract Club


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Tips for creating a welcoming environment for those attending a Rotaract meeting for the first time.

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Creating a Welcoming Rotaract Club

  1. 1. You Had Me at Hello: Creating a Welcoming Rotaract Club from your First Conversation PDRR Oliver Alvarez & AG (PDRR) Simone Carot Collins
  2. 2. In your experience...  How welcoming was your very first club meeting?  What things does your club do well in creating a welcoming atmosphere?  Are there things your club does that does not create a welcoming atmosphere?
  3. 3. Remember...  A member should continue to feel welcome long after their first meeting, no matter how many years they have been attending! Retention is just as important as recruitment.
  4. 4. A welcoming club has Rotaractors who are...  Cheerful and smiling sincerely when you walk in the room  Interested in your background and your needs for development  Willing to share their knowledge  Able to open up about their own aspirations and interests
  5. 5. Some ideas to consider...  Find out a prospective member's passions as early as possible  Escort a prospective member to their first meeting  Conduct an ongoing orientation and mentoring program, starting with a Welcome pack at their very first meeting  Explain things at meetings so that new members don't feel left out
  6. 6. Some ideas to consider...  Assign a buddy to every member  Have a full calendar of fun social events  Celebrate! Birthdays, achievements...  Conduct fun and engaging meetings  Have a wide variety of meaningful projects to get involved with  Make sure that every member has a role to play
  7. 7. Some ideas to consider...  Communicate regularly between meetings, so that those who can't make it don't miss out on information  Regular newsletter  Effective use of social media  Phone someone who has been absent for a while and make sure they are ok!