YEO_2012_How to Strengthen Rotary Youth Exchange at the Club Level


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Presentation by Rotarian Pauline L. Perreault from the 2012 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting, 4-5 May in Bangkok, Thailand.

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YEO_2012_How to Strengthen Rotary Youth Exchange at the Club Level

  1. 1. How to Strengthen RYE at the CLUB? Brought to you by: District 5370 – Home of 6 Be’s Connor, Pauline & Rhonda
  2. 2. Why is it even important?• Quite simple: no club involvement=no students or program=no district program• We need them to support our fabulous worldwide program
  3. 3. Having a Vision You!
  4. 4. Having fun Working with the BESTTransformingLives
  5. 5. Ultimately we need...• Well selected and prepared outbound students• Well trained inbound students• Well trained counsellors• Engaged district committee• Program attention and leverage at district events and conferences
  6. 6. How to Engage Clubs?• Foster club participation• Gain enthusiastic support• Have champions for life!• How? – Develop an intentional public relations/marketing campaign directed at clubs – LEVERAGE – Train and develop – Continue to “feed the fire”
  7. 7. Inspire them• It’s our job to INSPIRE: “breath life into”• Keep updating and refreshing your program – Stay stagnant and predictable doesn’t win any new fans BE Creative – create reasons for your clubs to pay attention!
  8. 8. Marketing• We need to keep in front of the district to keep youth exchange at the forethought• Not only at RYE training events, but all training events: – President-Elect training – District Conferences• The more clubs understand the program=the better participation/buy in RYE will have
  9. 9. Signature “Showcase” Events• Spring Orientation – March – Annually meeting of outbound students, counsellors, parents, inbounds and rebounds – Saturday night focus: Showcase our program to clubs (skits)• Fall Orientation – September – Annually meeting of inbound counsellors, students and rebounds – Saturday night focus: Share RYE with clubs (cultural dinner)
  10. 10. Showcase Events• Marketing, marketing, marketing• Let the students do what they do best....share their experiences! (Coach them on story telling)
  11. 11. Invite all your clubs – not just the ones currently participatingThe Saturday night program is always a highlight –skits and costumes draw our clubs in for more...
  12. 12. Fall Orientation – we move locations every 3 years via RFP process (share the geographic wealth)
  13. 13. We all love to EAT!Invite a local club to sponsoryour dinner, so Rotarians canbe exposed to theprogram...their hearts will betouched!
  14. 14. Sherwood Park club came out to support our Fall Orientation for 2 a result the club jumped back in the program and Rotarians at the dinner went on to host multiple times due to the inspiration (TOTAL SUCCESS)Make sure at your “signatureevents” to prepare yourstudents to BE FIRSTand make that great first-impression! Rotarians payattention and are impressed!(otherwise it can be like an awkward schooldance!)
  15. 15. Both parties can BECURIOUS with theother...interests are peaked,friendships are formed, clubsare strengthened
  16. 16. Our most recent Rotary Outbound Exchange Students (rebounds) are back and would like to share their experiences!! Come participate in this multicultural evening – a night of Rotary fellowship, cultural showcase delights, and a tasty fall BBQ.AROUND THE Where else can you travel to Asia, South America and WORLD Europe in one evening? The cost will be $10 for the BBQ, please RSVP by Sept. 18. DINNER
  17. 17. We host an OUTBOUND BBQ – where the outboundsprovide the desserts (BE ON PURPOSE) toensure they can cook something Canadian beforethey leave home. P.S. Invite other interestedRotarians. Think marketing.
  18. 18. LEVERAGE Student Participation• ensuring RYE students have a MEANINGFULrole (beyond just carrying in the flags) atdistrict conferences and events• Prepare 2 or 3 well-spoken students to “Wow those young studentsdeliver remarks on the impact this program were sure impressive, wehas had on them (include prompts on should look at getting back involved...”BE GRATEFUL)
  19. 19. Not always all or nothing• Have clubs participate in RYE, even if they cant host a student• Organize a club sponsored RYE travel/culture trip Tip Toe with the Caribou, NWT Organized by Lloydminster Clubs
  20. 20. •We have 61 clubs in D5370 • Our goal: to have every club TOUCHED by the program (61 exchanges in and out would make Wayne pull his hair out!) Rocky Mountain Canoe Trip Organized by Camrose ClubsI.e. host a BBQ, have thestudent come to theircommunity for a weekend ora training event
  21. 21. So, you have convinced clubs that seeing is believing...they are onboard.... NOW WHAT?
  22. 22. Training is key!• Ensure you have training for inbound and outbound counsellors and for host families • Share the Exchange Tree, the 6 Be’s, your philosophy • Continue to focus on INSPIRATION• Begin a MENTORING Program between novice and tenured counsellors
  23. 23. Training is key!• A trained counsellor=an invested counsellor (counsellors are the main cheerleaders for the program at the club – invest in them!) Practice the Be’s yourself – Be First with contact, Be Curious about their needs, Be on Purpose with your training, Be Grateful for their service....
  24. 24. From one Farmer to Another: Plant in the Spring to Harvest in the Fall...• In order to have a positive outbound experience...start recruiting in the spring• If you don’t plant in the spring, you cannot harvest in the fall• Ensure the club that if they didn’t find a suitable candidate, it’s ok to rest a year. (Protect your district brand!)
  25. 25. The “Fly-Wheel”• Add rocket fuel to your marketing plan... – We have the club’s interest – We done some training with them• HOW do we keep the interest going?
  26. 26. Bring RYE to Life at the Club• Clubs need to ENGAGE with their outbound/inbound students: • Get to know them • Have them speak at every meeting: outbounds – prep for their host country and share language, inbounds – weekly updates • Have them prepare ethnic foods • Sing a song from their country • Have them participate in club activities • Assist with Shelterbox fundraising • Anything to have fun with them!• The more the student is involved with the club the better the experience (and the more likely they will want to continue with our program)
  27. 27. To See is to Believe Pam Sitko, RYE to Thailand 1998-99 - Now completing PhD in Oxford and working as an International Humanitarian Aid Worker in disasters
  28. 28. Cultivate Relationships with Rotex• As good as we think we are – we aren’t the best salespeople for the program.....ROTEX are – Have so much to offer – Show us so much hope for the future – Fabulous at sharing the value of the program and communicating the “WHY” factor – Full of contagious enthusiasm• Have Rotex speak to clubs (an effort to reach those clubs that don’t attend district RYE events)
  29. 29. Have Fun Most of all, have fun withexchange “One of the joys of being a Rotarian is having the chance to get to know outstanding students from all over the world.” – Rotarian Lamont