Achieving membership growth 2012 v4


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Achieving membership growth 2012 v4

  1. 1. Achieving Membership Growth Preparing an Action Plan For Your Club Adapted from a presentation by Past Governor Ron Denham R.I.M.C. Canada
  2. 2. Key Messages• The traditional approach to Membership Development has failed to deliver results; a new approach is needed• The plan must focus on the end result and reflect available resources and capacity• The plan must be based on a buy-in of all concerned• The process must be simple and easy to understand.
  3. 3. Website• Does your club have a professional looking website that reflects your club?• Is your website updated weekly?• Is your club easy to find via google?• Does your website have a link to your Facebook page?
  4. 4. Communication• Is your member club data up to date?• Does your club send out weekly ebulletins?• Does your club have fellowships regularly?• Are all members engaged?• Do all members understand your mission?
  5. 5. • •Rotary fact As of July 2011, the average club size in the USA & Canada was 25 members; in the Caribbean Islands, the average club size was 29. The average club size for all Rotary clubs worldwide is 31. •From 2011-12 Regional Supplement .
  6. 6. • •Poll •During the last 5 years, do you know the total number of Rotarians joining your club and the total number leaving your club? •According to Clubrunner: (you can get this #)
  7. 7. Rotary Club of Your TownActive Members 40Honorary Members 6Inactive Members 19FRIEND OF ROTARY 0Exchange Students 0Staff 0Other 0Leave of Absence 0Corporate Members 0Prospective Members 0Visiting Member 0Interact 0Rotaract 0But according to Rotary International: you have 41 Reg and 8 honorary! Why the discrepancy???
  8. 8. •Where is your club today?•o Rotary Club of•o Membership Chair: ?•o Membership Committee includes ?•o Club President is:•oClub Chartered 9/21/19??•o 40 members currently•o Average age ?•o Married/single/gender
  9. 9. Before We Design an Action Plan• Let’s take a closer look at our Club• When you come to a meeting does someone always greet Guests and Visitors?• Is the room able to handle visual presentations in a professional way?• Does the club proudly display all of your Paul Harris Fellows in the room?
  10. 10. Before We Design an Action Plan• Does the club have a Mentor program for new members?• Does the club have an induction program for the new member?• What materials do you present to a new member?• Do you give them a password and login?
  11. 11. Greeting MembersEach week aGreeter should beassigned to greetguests, speaker andvisitors.Make everyone,old and new alike,feel welcomed toyour meetings.
  12. 12. Professional Meeting Room Atmosphere•Will your meeting beinterrupted bydistractions?•Can you presentslides or videoswithout a lot ofproblems?•Can you have funwithout disturbingother people in therestaurant?
  13. 13. • •Rotary fact 68% of current Rotarians are satisfied with the organization of their club meeting, while only 44% of former Rotarians were satisfied with the organization of their club meetings. •From the Membership Experience Feedback Survey Report
  14. 14. • •Poll Does your club have a structured program and a committee dedicated to member engagement?
  15. 15. Proudly Display allPaul Harris Fellows in Club•Display yourachievements as a club.•Flags/Banners of otherclubs your members havevisited•Assign a sergeant at armsto set up display eachweek.
  16. 16. Establish a Mentor Program•Assign a NewMember to one ofYour MatureMembers•Give new Membera Committee toWork with hisMentor
  17. 17. Induction Ceremony•Formal Ceremonypresenting new • Present Membership Certificatemembers materials to Displaythey need to succeed • Present “What is Rotary”as Rotarians•Involve member’s • Present Club Banner and Pinsponsor as well as • Rotary Basics brochurePresident of Club. • ABC’s of Rotary book • Welcome to Rotary and Foundation Facts brochure
  18. 18. Now We Can Proceed to Action• Many clubs need to fine tune their club service mechanism before addressing membership• All clubs need to determine who they are going to approach for membership• Younger members, retirees, more women, more diverse members, etc.
  19. 19. •How have you attracted new members?Used to depend on word of mouthConverted a number of speakersAll interested people are invited to a meal where wehave a presentation on Rotary and our Club in thecommunity, in district and internationallyThey are then encouraged to come to a couple of regular meetings – preferably with speakers.
  20. 20. The Context…What is the Goal? Identify Inform Induct Involve Educate Exciteprospective About into In In About members Rotary Rotary Club Rotary Rotary Impacting The Community
  21. 21. Key Elements of an Action Plan Inputs Activities Results
  22. 22. Examples of Inputs• People• Money• Materials• Information• Energy• Knowledge
  23. 23. Examples of Activities• Collect information • Assign responsibility• Analyze information • Set deadlines• Identify options • Carry out tasks• Select the “best” • Report back• Define the tasks
  24. 24. Examples of Current Results • Increase net membership to +4 • 95% Retention rate • Form new club in District • Too few women • Too many older members • Need young people
  25. 25. Question:How would youdevelop an action planto reach a personal orprofessional goal?
  26. 26. Example – The Process• What did you want to achieve?• How did you go about it?• Did you get the results you expected, when you expected?• If no, what did you do about it?
  27. 27. Considerations• State the results you wish to achieve• Look at different methods of proceeding• Assess, evaluate, choose• Draw up a list of tasks• Set a time line• Commit — start work
  28. 28. How to Develop an ActionPlan for Membership Growth
  29. 29. Inputs• Get Club/ District/Zone/RI goals• Approval and Commitment of Club• Entire membership must understandthey are part of membership attractionand engagement efforts.
  30. 30. So let’s get to work!
  31. 31. Select a Strategy for the ClubOne person can make a difference!
  32. 32. Prepare the Action Plan!
  33. 33. Proceed with the plan!
  34. 34. Make the Induction Memorable!
  35. 35. Engage the New Members!
  36. 36. Results• Review and Evaluate Results• Revise, Implement, Repeat• Continue to engage the New Members in Club Activities
  37. 37. Important Steps to remember • What are your club/district goals? • How do we get buy-in from your club? • Select the Strategy • Preparing the Action Plan - Membership Committee • Induct New Members • Review and Evaluate Results • Revise, Implement, Repeat, Engage
  38. 38. • What are your club goals?
  39. 39. • How do we get buy-in from the club?
  40. 40. Get buy-in from Club and Membership Committee •Review present situation •Have committee propose strategies •Identify roadblocksIf we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get the same results
  41. 41. Selecting the Strategy
  42. 42. • Preparing the Action Plan - Membership Committee (Steps needed to implement?)
  43. 43. • Induct (hopefully) — Introduce to Mentor!!• Have a Member Certificate that can be displayed by the member at work.• Engage on a Committee.
  44. 44. Review and Evaluate Results•List thoughts, comments, results on flipchart •Get response from all committee members •Handout worksheet
  45. 45. Revise Implement Repeat Engage
  46. 46. Membership RetentionPrepare and manage a similar processMembers need to feel welcomed andpart of the team.Members should share their vocations.
  47. 47. •District 6440 Expand District Membership Committee for the next three years Similar issues for all clubs in district Committee allows us to share ideas SHARED MEMBERSHIP – Friends of Rotary District should add a new role for someone to be District Mentor –to keep in touch with clubs as to how their new members aresettling in.
  48. 48. •How/Why is thischanging? Children/friends of Rotarians want to join Rotary Inquiry form on DistrictFacebook page is a success Many clubs have got new members through these leads Sometimes it is better to stagger inducting new members
  49. 49. •Context the importance of an active club member! Recognize• Build awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your club!• Encourage your members to talk knowledgeably about: • 1. Your club 2. Rotary!• Engage your members!• Pay special attention to your newest members!• Listen to your membership!• GROW YOUR MEMBERSHIP!
  50. 50. •What to do? Family-friendly service projects Organize social events & invite family and friends Integrate new members Find out new member’s expectations/what they want to do Engage members by including them on club committees
  51. 51. •What else?Remember your older•members – keep them•involved too!Find out how the Club used•to do things!Keep members updated &•engaged in your club’s•activities by sending them•to your club website
  52. 52. Invite a Prospective Member Next Week andRecite the FOUR Way TEST a little differently!Make it a 5 Way TEST!!! The FOUR Way Test of the things we Think, Say, and DO! FIRST Is it the TRUTH? SECOND Is it FAIR to all Concerned? THIRD Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? FOURTH Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? FIFTH Is it FUN?