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Gaining Likers


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Hand out on how to gain "likers" for your Facebook page, prepared for the Rotary in WA Facebook Seminar held on 12 February 2012.

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Gaining Likers

  1. 1. Gaining “Likers”Social media is all about building relationships. Gaining a following requiresgenuine, meaningful interactions.  Make sure your page is engaging. Try to post interesting updates and reminders at least every couple of days, even if it is sharing something else that has been posted and is relevant. It should only take a minute to do so. Respond to or “Like” comments in a timely manner.  “Like” other Rotary-related pages on Facebook. Quite often they will return the favour.  Interact with other Rotary pages and groups on Facebook. If you add valuable comments or information on other Rotary presences while logged in as your club, other people will follow the link back to your own page and Like it. The Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship is a good place to start:  Use your personal social media profile to post about Rotary too. Share what you personally do in and get out of Rotary, friend / subscribe to other Rotarians and family of Rotary, participate in Rotary-related discussions, and Like Rotary related pages personally. It may pique the curiosity of others in your networks enough to check out your club Page or start a conversation about what this “Rotary” thing is that you keep mentioning.  Dont spam! If you want to promote a particular event, dont post the same link in different groups / pages / profiles in a short space of time. If the same news / link is repeated over and over in someones newsfeed, they will block or unsubscribe from your posts, or unfriend you. Spread out sharing your information over different times of the day, to get maximum exposure without being seen as a nuisance.