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Social Media at the Club level


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Hand out on using Social Media in your Club, prepared for the Rotary in WA Facebook Seminar held on 12 February 2012.

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Social Media at the Club level

  1. 1. Using Social Media in your ClubRecommended platforms  Facebook: Use a Facebook Page to share your news with the wider public. Do not create a personal profile for your club! If you have a profile rather than a page, you can convert it:  Twitter: You can connect your Facebook Page to a Twitter account to automatically post your updates as “Tweets”. Dont forget to check your Twitter account for private message from time to time!  SlideShare: You can upload your bulletins to SlideShare and embed them in your Facebook page. Only do this if you can commit to doing it every week. Is there sensitive information in your bulletin that shouldnt go online? http://www.slideshare.netWhat to share  Photos: Projects, events, interesting speakers, new members being inducted... anything that can show your club as interesting, relevant, worthwhile, fun.  Events: Use Facebook Events for inviting people to or reminding them about upcoming events and meetings.  Bulletins: If you have a good, concise, professional bulletin, sharing it online can give the public a good overview of what you do from week to week.  Videos: Some clubs make good use of short videos to show their club in action. There are many professional videos available from RI that you can use too.  News snippets: Quick updates on what has happened or what is coming up in your club or district, or what is happening in the wider Rotary world.  Links: To more detailed information about something on your website or another Rotary website.  Static information: Via tabs - can also post items as your “club” on other Pages and Profiles on Facebook.