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Annual report

This is an annual report of the work done by our Club Rotaract Club of Pune's Yuva (RCPY)

We are a student body of Rotary International and operate from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, College of Engineering, Pune.

I am the Club Secretary of this Club and I have made the following report.

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Annual report

  1. 1. ROTARACT CLUB OF PUNE’S YUVA Sponsored by Rotary Club of Pune Parvati Dist.: 3131 Zone : 2 2014-15 Annual Report
  2. 2. ELECTIONS 2014 : • Immediate past President Mehul Srivastava and Vice President Diwakar Kaudinya, conducted the RCPY elections for the session 2014-15 in the month of April, 2014. • Vinayak Shanker Sharma was elected as the President and Kartik Bhardwaj & Akshata Mishra were elected as the Vice President respectively for the session 2014-15. • To support him, there was a strong 16 member Board of Directors elected, to run the club.
  3. 3. President Secretary Vice President Marketing Director Marketing Head Publicity Director Publicity Head Community Service Director Club Service Director Personality Development Director Sergeant In Arms Editor International Service Director Technical director Treasurer Board of Directors Executive Board CLUB ADMINISTRATION :
  4. 4. Vinayak Sharma Atin Garg Akshata Mishra & Kartik Bhardwaj Ankit Pal Prakhar Narayan Rudhee Sehgal Anchit Seth Navin Suri Sanjana Sharma Saif Ashraf & Somya Singh Goutham B Reddy Manasvi Christna Golaco Siddhant Srivastava Dinesh Swamy Board of Directors Executive Board CLUB ADMINISTRATION :
  5. 5. SHOOT AT SIGHT ‘14 11th August, 2014
  6. 6. SHOOT AT SIGHT ‘14: • The club under the new board, conducted its first event, SHOOT AT SIGHT, on 11th August, 2014. • The aim of the event was to publicize the club in Bharati Vidyapeeth Campus, before its annual 2014 – 15 recruitment. • The event was preceded under club service and publicity domain. • Over 100 participants turned up for the event, where they were asked to shoot different landmarks of the campus.
  7. 7. PROJECT RECRUITMENT 13th August,2014
  8. 8. PROJECT RECRUITMENT : • The executive board structured the recruitment process for the 2014 – 15 session. • Identification of the membership base and eligibility criteria was done to recruit potential Rotaractors from different cultural and educational backgrounds. • With the help of Professional development, the entire club members were involved in designing the filtering criteria and selection process for the new recruits. • The club service and publicity committee with recommendations from executive board and club members decided the colleges for the recruitment process.
  9. 9. • The colleges for the recruitment process were :  BVDU College Of Engineering  BVDU Medical College • As part of the process, publicity was done in colleges, market places via posters and social media. • Recruitment process was conducted on 13th August, 2014 (Wednesday) in BVDU campus. • With 95 students turning up for the recruitment process, 40 were inducted in the club. 57% 43% Students Selected College of Engineering Medical College
  11. 11. ICE BREAKER 23rd August, 2014
  12. 12. ICE BREAKER : • To welcome the new recruits and explain them the working of RCPY, the club members conducted the event Break the ice. • The event consisted of different activities aimed at better bonding between the club new members, and shed inhibitions about Rotaract, if any.
  13. 13. SERVE MY SANDWICH DAY 11th October, 2014
  14. 14. SERVE MY SANDWICH DAY ‘14 : • Serve My Sandwich (SMS) is the marquee of the event of RCPY. • The concept of the event is pretty simple, MAKE -> WIN -> DONATE • RCPY provides with a basic sandwich making kit, and in half an hour, you make a sandwich. If its good, you win prizes. • The most important aspect, the sandwich gets donated to orphan kids around orphanages in the city the very same day. • The executive board structured down the plan for Serve My Sandwich Day 2014 in September 2014.
  15. 15. • It was decided that the club will continue its association with Café Coffee Day for the event. • No. of Café Coffee Day locations : 6 • Day of the event : 11th October, 2014 (Saturday) • Time : 12 : 00 PM – 5 : 00 PM • No. of sandwiches donated : 500+. • The basic agendas in the major domains of the club for the event that are Marketing, Publicity & Community Service were decided.
  16. 16. JUST A MINUTE’15 19th February, 2015
  17. 17. JUST A MINUTE ‘15 : • JAM is an exhibition platform to showcase your best talent among the best. • Contestants vie to woo the audience in group or solo time bound performances in ‘Just A Minute’. • Performers can Sing, Dance, Mimic, Do Tricks, Act or Do Anything Imaginable on the stage for 60 seconds. • These are followed by Band Performances bringing a musical ending to the evening and thus attracting over 1000 students during the event. • Day of the event : 19th February, 2015 (Thursday) • Time : 4 : 00 PM – 8 : 00 PM
  19. 19. FUTURE AGENDAS : • Community service projects. • Club trip. • Elections for the year 2015-16.
  20. 20. THANK YOU