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Club Officer Responsibilities


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tasks, strategies, tips and responsibilities of club officers at AWT

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Club Officer Responsibilities

  1. 1. ACHIEVING SUCCESS AS A CLUB<br />Albury Wodonga Toastmasters<br />2009-2010<br />
  2. 2. Albury Wodonga Toastmasters<br />Club Officers<br />2009 - 2010<br />President<br />VP Education<br />Secretary<br />Treasurer<br />VP Public Relations<br />VP Membership<br />Sergeant-at-Arms<br />Carole McCulloch<br />Cath Jones<br />Joy Sloan<br />Felicia Davis<br />Jo Ward<br />Glen Harding<br />Jim Esler<br />
  3. 3. Responsibilities:<br />Collect and protect club property<br />Repair damaged or outdated gear.<br />Set up the venue and clean up the venue after use<br />Help to welcome visitors by being available and then introduce them to a member<br />Start the meeting on time at beginning and after break<br />Complete educational goals !!!!<br />Maximiseclub culture<br />Complete CC and CL Manuals<br />Sergeant-at-Arms<br />Jim Esler<br />
  4. 4. Responsibilities:<br />Collect mail from the post office box<br />Prepare the agenda for Executive meeting and remind the President <br />Prepare outgoing correspondence<br />Keep records<br />Distribute minutes of meetings immediately<br />Distribute d70 material <br />Complete CC and CL Manuals<br />Secretary<br />Joy Sloan<br />
  5. 5. Responsibilities:<br />More than a money collector<br />Record keeper<br />Collect and pay Dues on time to TI<br />Purchase materials from d70 supplies<br />Pay members for expenses <br />Collect and bank meeting money<br />Prepare finanical statement for Exec meeting<br />Submit educational goals to TI quickly<br />Prepare budgets for events<br />Complete CC and CL Manuals<br />Treasurer<br />Felicia Davis<br />
  6. 6. Responsibilities:<br />Keep tabs on media listings and updates or extends the listings<br />Take photographs and prepare editorials of events in the club<br />Approach other organizations to promote the club and toastmasters<br />Make visitors welcome<br />Promote inside the club and outside the club<br />Tell other clubs about your Club <br />Complete CC and CL Manuals !!!!!<br />VP Public Relations<br />Jo Ward<br />
  7. 7. Responsibilities:<br />Welcome guests to the club<br />Keep an email list of potential members<br />Prepare a Club Visitor Pack and take to every meeting. Update with free TI flyers<br />Present to every guest a Club Visitor Pack<br />Sit guests with experienced members at meeting<br />Ask guests if they liked the meeting<br />Send all guests a second and third agenda<br />Keep the Club Exec up to date with enquiries<br />Network - Network - Network<br />Complete CC and CL Manuals<br />VP Membership<br />Glen Harding<br />
  8. 8. Responsibilities:<br />Give members the opportunity to earn educational goals<br />Prepare the agenda for each meeting<br />Survey members’ needs <br />Coax members to give CC Manual speeches and to follow TI protocols in public speaking and presentations<br />Add variety to every meeting.<br />Get CC and CL manuals completed and signed<br />Put people together before meetings<br />Try out new things<br />Encourage members to try new things<br />Complete CC and CL Manuals <br />VP Education<br />Cath Jones<br />
  9. 9. Responsibilities:<br />Lead the Club<br />Be at every meeting or arrange in advance for someone to give your report if you are an apology<br />Take time at the beginning of the meeting to give some news on TI <br />Make guests welcome<br />Encourage other executive members<br />Visit conferences<br />Reply to all communications quickly<br />Call Executive meetings every 6 weeks or less<br />Close the meeting<br />Complete your CC and CL Manuals <br />Look for a Successor<br />President<br />Carole McCulloch<br />
  10. 10. Run meeting backwards<br />Do not have one meeting template<br />Use a microphone occasionally (run educational on use of mike)<br />Set up a wedding and bring in appropriate add on guests<br />Have a funeral director talk about eulogies then give prepared eulogies<br />Use a soap box with Table Topics<br />Set up a discussion table with a Facilitator (refer Geoffrey Robinson)<br />Ask a question twice with alternate answers.<br />Providing variety at meetings<br />
  11. 11. Ask a question, evaluate it and then ask again<br />Have a target TT and break it down for structure<br />Run a TT contest <br />Cover difficult social issues<br />Do a play<br />Have poetry lesson and present members meeting poetry<br />Bring in a guest speaker and run TTs of the subject.<br />Have contests for Humorous Speeches, Evaluation, International Speech,<br />Include Toastmaster Magazine article 4 minute presentation.<br />Providing variety continued…<br />
  12. 12. Theme nights<br />Venue Change<br />Role Play<br />Present Educational segments regularly: refer to D70 supplies<br />Give members the opportunity to extend themselves outside their comfort zone<br />Practice Job Interviews<br />Parliament Debate with Prime Minister, Opposition Leader etc<br />Speechcraft session<br />Providing variety continued …<br />
  13. 13. Tips for Success: planning the meetings<br />Have an agenda two meetings ahead, but avoid ‘one agenda fits all’<br />Don’t forget you are a member and deserve time to give speeches and educational segments<br />Attend other clubs and conferences & learn<br />Always use Educational Goals achieved on agenda after the members name e.g. Bill Brown CL<br />Members always get preference for opportunities to speak or to answer TT before guests<br />Members work hard for their educational goals so list them on the agenda<br />Avoid stagnation----always the same---boring---no variety—no challenge<br />Club Officers<br />
  14. 14. More tips for success: at the meeting<br />Don’t let members monopolize jobs<br />Keep members to allocated time but be prepared to change allocated time when required<br />Designate and identify all speeches from CC Manual so they are evaluated and signed off<br />Try to share opportunities with every member on the night.<br />Have the evaluator responsible for the speech contact the speaker in advance of the meeting<br />Keep variety in every meeting<br />Follow protocols and give educational segments on protocols<br />Encourage members to go outside their comfort zone<br />Sign off CC Manual and CL Manual quickly at the Meeting <br />Club Officers<br />
  15. 15. At the Meetings:<br />Arrive early at the venue and network<br />Make guests welcome and bring along a guest<br />Help other exec members do their jobs<br />Learn from other members<br />Be prepared to take on any role when it is your turn<br />Sit with different people and sit in different places in the venue<br />offer recommendations and commendations and network<br />Prior to the meetings:<br />Put in an early apology when you cannot make a meeting <br />If you are on the agenda for a role don’t let yourself and others down by just not turning up<br />Pay your Dues to the Treasurer early<br />Members’ tasks<br />
  16. 16. Within and Beyond the Club:<br />Volunteer for things inside and outside the club<br />Distribute TI flyers<br />Participate in Contests<br />Visit other Clubs<br />Make a promise to go to ONE conference <br />Read your emails and respond quickly<br />Talk to others as potential members<br />Take on a Leadership role as soon as possible<br />Complete your CC and CL manuals !!!!!!!!!!<br />Move on to advanced manuals quickly<br />Be familiar with your own Club Websites and D70 website<br />When you want to move on and leave the Club thank the members for their support.<br />Members’ tasks continued …<br />
  17. 17. A successful Club will hold executive meetings every 6 weeks or less<br />The President and Secretary should liaise on the agenda <br />The first item on the agenda should be to discuss the last 2 meetings. This is an opportunity to help make the future meetings successful and the Club successful <br />Make members aware of items discussed<br />Stick to time---follow meeting protocols but have an open and fun discussion.<br />Encourage non-exec to attend and contribute<br />Discuss the Distinguished Club Program (DCP)<br />Executive Meetings<br />
  18. 18. August 27 – last Tuesday in the month<br />October 29 – last Tuesday in the month<br />December tba<br />January 28 – last Tuesday in the month<br />March tba<br />May tba<br />June tba<br />Executive Meetings 2009/2010<br />