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  2. 2. Let’s Talk About…. • House Rules • Branding YOU for $uccess • Impressing for $uccess • Dressing for $uccess • Principles for $uccess
  3. 3. YOU
  4. 4. What a Personal Brand Does 1. Makes you Unique  The ability to be seen as original 2. Makes you Better  Your brand must encourage the belief that you are the best at what you do 3. Makes you Trustworthy (Authentic)  Your personal brand must be built on truth
  5. 5. Video : Brand Called You
  6. 6. Your 60 Second Commercial • How are you UNIQUE? • How are you BETTER? • How are you TRUSTWORTHY?
  7. 7. Group Discussion • What are the Benefits of Personal Branding??
  8. 8. Benefits of Personal Branding • More Customers • Increases Earning Potential • Attracts People • Enhances Credibility • Greater Recognition • Improves Promotability • And Many More
  9. 9. Al Ries Brand seeks to create a better perception, not a better product…
  10. 10. Creating First and Lasting Impressions
  11. 11. First Impressions • It takes only max 30 seconds! • HOW?????? 55%How you look 38% Body language 7% Voice and tone 65% customer churn with one bad interaction with employee How do you make the first impression, the last impression?
  12. 12. Your company's reputation is only as strong as your customer's perception of the last person with who they worked" – Anne Warfield
  13. 13. The Etiquette Guide Etiquette – the forms, manners or standards that are considered acceptable to society in your personal or professional life. • As a professional, socially acceptable behaviors encompass 3 areas we will focus on: – Greeting etiquette – Work etiquette – Life Etiquette
  14. 14. Greeting Etiquette
  15. 15. Greeting Etiquette • Effective handshakes and eye contact • Introductions • Introduce the names of the most important people first • Keep the introductions basic and short • Clarify relationship with the person • Always carry extra business cards • What if you don’t know the names of people you are introducing?
  16. 16. Handshake • Importance of handshake - Part of your first impression - It can lead to a subconscious decision about you • Getting it right - Grip the whole hand - Shake twice from elbow - Let go in 3 – 4 seconds
  17. 17. • Protocol of handshaking -Always stand during an introduction -Smile and have eye contact with the person • When to handshake and when not to handshake? - When to shake hands = depends on the situation - Shaking hands with the opposite sex = that’s a choice - Avoid when other persons hands are full
  18. 18. Types of Handshake
  19. 19. VIDEO – Understanding Body Language
  20. 20. Body Language • Walk briskly • Hold head up • Shoulders upright • Erect posture • Firm handshake • Steady eye contact • Open arms/palms • Feet dragging • Head down • Shoulders drooped • Weak handshake • Shifty eyes • Arms across chest • Hands in pockets
  21. 21. Work Etiquette • Be punctual! • Be polite , pleasant and courteous! • Learn office politics(DON’T take sides) • Line manager decides wrong or right, not you • Make your line manager look good! • Appear professional, always!(dress for your next job) • Adopt a CAN-DO attitude(accept challenges with a smile) • Be flexible(cooperate and support employee) • Give credit to everyone and… • Don’t differentiate people by position!
  22. 22. Dress to Succeed
  23. 23. Dress Me Up Baby! Class Activity Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: Group 5: Group 6: Formal Attire to Office Business Casual Attire to Office Going to an Official Dinner Going for an Interview Going for a Sales Meeting to meet a client Going to meet the President of Ufone
  24. 24. Dress • Use your appearance to your personal and professional advantage
  25. 25. Formal Business Attire for Men
  26. 26. Class Activity So now that you know more about the importance of grooming and professionalism, what professional tips would you give to your colleagues on how they can succeed in their careers?
  27. 27. Professional Tips • • • • • • Live with personal integrity Be passionate about what you do Don’t gossip Work for someone who challenges you Work to make your boss look good Earn your respect and your promotions through your competence and relationships
  28. 28. Professional Tips • • • • • Dress to reflect your professionalism Stay physically fit. Exercise! Value TIME –punctuality (office and deadlines) Praise in public, criticize in private BE HUMBLE
  29. 29. Let’s Recap All We’ve Learnt!
  30. 30. Understand that you are a Brand Start with a SMILE, handshake & eye contact Use POWERFUL body language movements Dress to IMPRESS Show SINCERE interest in people you meet Be AMBITIOUS about your future Think, Act &Behave like a WINNER Be COURTEOUS & RESPECTFUL to everyone you meet SUCCESS BELIEVE in yourself
  31. 31. Impressions open doors that position & money cannot