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Social Media Demystified


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media Demystified

  1. 1. Demystifying Social Media 4th September 2012 Vivian Yang
  2. 2. In the beginning…..People used to meet up and talk.. of course it was hard when you do not live near each other.
  3. 3. As time passed…New ways of communication developedpost, pigeons, telegraph, light signals,telephones, couriers, newspapers, TV, radio, emails, fax…
  4. 4. Today…we have SOCIAL MEDIA
  5. 5. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA??“a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technologicalfoundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content.” - Wikipedia
  6. 6. Or simply put.. social media is people have conversations online,powered by online tools which help groups of people come together.
  7. 7. The conversations take place on…• Social Networking e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, My space• Blogs• Micro-blogging e.g. Twitter• Media Sharing – Video Sharing, Photo Sharing e.g. Youtube, Picassa, Flickr• Discussion Forums & Message Boards• Social Events (Gets the word out about events) e.g. Meetup• Customer Reviews• Knowledge Sharing e.g. Wikipedia,• Social News (allows people to submit news stories) - Digg, Reddit• Social Bookmarking (allows you to bookmark and share your websites) e.g. Delicious• Check-ins e.g. Foursquare• Podcast and lots, lots more…
  8. 8. The power of social media Co-workers Vendors YOU YOU Employees Friends Colleagues
  9. 9. The power of social mediaCo-workers Vendors Co- workers Vendors YOU FriendsEmployees Employees Friends Colleagues Colleagues
  10. 10. The power of social media Co-workersCo-workers Vendors Vendors Co-workers Vendors Employees YOU FriendsEmployees Colleagues Friends Employees Friends Colleagues Colleagues
  11. 11. Social Media isn’t a fad .. it’s afundamental shift in the way we communicate
  13. 13. Years taken to reach 50 million users RADIO – 38 years TV – 13 years Internet – 4 years IPOD – 3 years Facebook added 200 million users in less than a year
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA has overtakenPornography as the #1 activity in the web
  15. 15. 1 in 8 couples married in the US met via social media
  16. 16. If FACEBOOK was a country, itwould be the world’s 3rd largest country.
  17. 17. More Facebook Facts• One in 9 people in the world are on Facebook• Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million• One in 7 minutes spent online is on Facebook• 100 billion connections
  18. 18. 11.5m Australians on Facebook That’s half our population
  19. 19. 4 billion views per day on YouTube..During this preso, a few hundred hours of video would be uploaded onto YouTube
  20. 20. If Wikipedia were made into abook, it would be 2.25 million pages long
  21. 21. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Britney Spearshave more twitter followers than the entire populations of NorthKorea, Australia, Chile, ..Sweden and Greece combined
  22. 22. More Twitter Facts• There are over 465 million accounts• 175 million tweets a day• Most number of followers: 1) Lady Gaga 29m, 2) Justin Bieber 27m 3) Kate Perry 26m• In Australia… there are 2.1m accounts
  23. 23. Australian users Ave time spent per visit (Australia)Facebook 11.5m 21 minYouTube 11m 20 minBlogspot 4m 6 min 40 sLinkedIn 2.2m 8 min 50 s Twitter 2.1m 10 min 50 sWordpress 1.6m 5 min 30 s
  24. 24. Numbers we cannot ignore!
  25. 25. Social Media & Rotary
  26. 26. FACEBOOK
  27. 27. Our Rotary Club Facebook
  28. 28. Rotaract Club of Macquarie Uni (191 likes) Rotary Club of Sydney (225 likes)
  29. 29. End Polio Now – 17,000 likes Rotary International -188,000 likes Polio-Now/78976274836
  30. 30. Facebook page allows us toshowcase our Club activities
  31. 31. You can stay in touch even if you missed an event
  32. 32. Engage with the public andwith members
  33. 33. Demonstrate our successes
  34. 34. Promote our club
  35. 35. Publicise our events
  36. 36. Share members’activities
  37. 37. Promote other clubs’activities
  38. 38. Rotarians on Social Networking Rotaract Club of Macquarie Uni Fellowship Facebook Groups- facilitates morediscussions within a group
  39. 39. And here’s ournewest page –Rotary Carols on theCommon
  40. 40. TWITTER
  41. 41. What is TwitterTwitter is a social network where you post short bursts of thoughts and information.
  42. 42. “You say what you’re doing in 140 characters or less, & people who are interested in you get those updates.. Twitter lets people share moments of theirlives…momentous occasions or mundane ones. “ Evan Williams, Co-founder of Twitter
  43. 43. Twitter SpeakTweet A message on TwitterTwitter Handle username e.g. @macparkrotaryFollow when you subscribe to messages from another individual, you follow the person on Twitter@reply public message sent from one person to anotherDM Direct message from one individual to anotherRT Retweet – sharing someone else’s postHashtag Allows a tweet to be easily searched and located e.g. #tedxmacuni
  44. 44. Followers &Handle Following-username@rotary@macparkrotary RT Retweet – sharing someone else’s post HashtagTweets Allows a tweet to be easily searched and located #Rotary
  45. 45. @reply -public message sent from one person to another Aka “mentions”
  46. 46. Sharing of news
  47. 47. Sharing of news
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Benefits of Twitter: Real time Quick Simple
  50. 50. It allows you to - stay connected - stay informed- network & collaboration with likeminded people - promotion and outreach - research “It’s my water cooler”
  51. 51. So, what’s next?
  52. 52. If you are not on social networks yet, just join one and observe…
  53. 53. FacebookJoin up and see what your friends are doing“Like” some organisations and stay in touch
  54. 54. Step-by-step guide to joining Facebookin September issue of RDU life & leisure
  55. 55. TWITTER Join up and search for your favourite topicse.g. #coffee, #rotary etc and see what people are saying
  56. 56. Only start interacting when you are ready.
  57. 57. And remember to share yourstories..especially Rotary stories
  58. 58. And when you have someexciting news, send me the infoand some pictures, and we can share it on social media.
  59. 59. Facebook Twitter
  60. 60. YouTube Channel LinkedIn Group Twitter Follow @rotary at Facebook
  61. 61. For any questions, please feel free to connect with me on: Email Facebook Personal: Twitter Follow @vivianmyang at LinkedIn
  62. 62. THANK YOU