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YOptima overview


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YOptima overview

  1. 1. 05 Programmatic Audience Targeting Platform
  2. 2. Company Overview 02 Programmatic Display, Mobile, Video 50 Fortune 500 Brands Optimization Focused Pretargeting Audience ü Founded in 2013 by digital advertising industry veterans (Ex-Yahoo, Microsoft, Pubmatic/Komli) ü Exclusive audience buying platform for display and video on web and mobile. ü Largest multi-cultural marketing platform by reach. ü Global reach and scale through integration to all major ad exchanges. 50 bil+ brand safe ad imps daily. ü Over 50 Fortune-500 clients internationally ü Locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune IN. Greater NY, US.
  3. 3. Our Mission 03 Grow consumption of products and services via display advertising led discovery, in a targeted, transparent and brand-safe environment.
  4. 4. Industry Evolution 04 Website Publisher Contracting Ad Networks Demand Side Platforms (DSP) YOptima (DSP+DMP+Transparent+ Managed Service) Extremely limited reach, negotiation burden/ not scalable Features Large reach, low touch, do it yourself Limited reach, lack of transparency/ black box Large reach, high touch service, aligned goals, transparency, results
  5. 5. YOptima Platform Overview 05 • Demand Side Platform (DSP) + Data Management Platform (DMP) for Mobile and Desktop across Banners, Video, In-app, Native and Interstitials. • 50 B+ impression/day globally with integration into 35+ exchanges, 40+ data partners • Inventory: 3 levels – Premium Branded, High Quality, Audience Access • Marketing solutions: Brand advertising, Prospecting and Remarketing. PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY CAPABILITIES • Inventory quality: Leading Brand safety, Viewability, and Anti-fraud capabilities. • Optimization capabilities: CTR, CPC, CPV, CPA, LTV • Targeting: Audience Targeting, Geo, Hyperlocal – zip code/GPS, Demographics, Keyword targeting, Retargeting. • Audience DMP: Std. Audience Clusters, Custom Audiences, Look-alikes
  6. 6. Standard Display Video Mobile Web & App Native IAB Verticals Domains & Apps Sub-domains Viewability Region City Zip codes & Neighborhoods Point of Interest Keywords Language, Browser OS, Device, Carrier Day part, Frequency, Recency Ethnicity Bluekai Cross Device Custom Audience & Lookalikes Audience Geo Inventory Media Context Targeting Levers in a Nutshell 11
  7. 7. YOptima Advantage 12 1. Built for Prospecting - Audience DSP (Proprietary bidder and DMP) built for performance on prospecting. • Extend your reach beyond GDN. Largest NRI platform by reach • “Audience First” approach and Customizability • Imps level Reporting Analytics 1. Optimize Faster – Proprietary “PreTargeting" algos enable Site Discovery, Audience Overlap and Audience Performance, even before you spend on media. 1. Flexible Pricing model – CPM, CPC/CPV, Dynamic spend with max CPC/CPV 2. Analytical Approach to Campaign Mgt. – Managed platform. Primarily analysts and not ops resources. Team that has pioneered RTB in India. 3. Transparent - 100% reporting transparency and insights.
  8. 8. ü One of India’s leading real estate portals was looking to attract Non – Resident Indian consumers globally to invest in properties across major Indian cities. ü Online branding campaign was launched to scale up display prospecting and drive leads for site visits. Client & Campaign Goals ü YOptima targeted key markets (US, UK, UAE and Singapore) targeting cities with high NRI population. ü 100% programmatic media execution across ethnic Indian sites, branded global sites targeting YOptima’s proprietary NRI audience pool overlapped with real estate interest/intender pool. ü The campaign also ran on mobile web and mobile apps inventory. Our Campaign Execution ü Reached 60% of the target NRI population in markets of interest over a 6-week campaign and converted into an always-on campaign subsequently. ü Highest propensity to purchase from consumers in UAE and Singapore, with parenting sites and finance sites emerging as primary drivers. Married women emerging as significant influence in the discovering and sampling stage. ü The campaign drove actual sales with ROI 2x higher than offline channels. Results Case Study: Leading Real Estate Portal 14
  9. 9. ü Client is the World’s leading microprocessor company that acquired leading anti-virus software company. ü Campaign objective was to drive awareness and promotion of the enterprise software product suite targeting CIOs/CTOs/IT managers in Australia, and also sign them up for promotional event in Sydney and Melbourne. Objective ü YOptima profiled existing audience visiting the technology forum managed by the client, to build their behavioral profile and look-alikes. ü Key strategies including remarketing of the microsite built for the event, targeting forum audience and also their look-alikes. ü YOptima also targeted business districts housing big IT companies in Australia, across desktop and mobile. ü Targeted LinkedIn and Microsoft IT audience as well. Strategy ü YOptima drove higher reach and better CPL than any other display channel leveraged by the client, resulting into continued seasonal campaigns. ü The campaign drove reasonable numbers of leads for the event (short term goal) and also drove high engagement and whitepaper downloads on the microsite. ü The engaged audience on the microsite was further targeted post-event to promote antivirus product suite. Results Business Case Study: Leading Antivirus Software Brand 15 Confidential
  10. 10. ü One of India’s leading online furniture retail brand wanted to use programmatic to drive the next level of scale beyond Google and Facebook ü Holistic attribution model that would consider branding impact and delayed conversions given longer purchase funnel. ü Multi-touch attribution model including post-view visits over the next 7 days and visitors subsequently converting over 2-4 weeks. Objective ü YOptima profiled existing visitors on the site from visitors to product viewers to cart-adds and sales including value of sales transactions. ü The PreTargeting pattern showed strong purchase intent based on HNI lifestyle and life-stage e.g. expecting parents, people moving house. ü Visitors from world news and international travel showed highest ARPU, identified based on content consumption patterns. ü Look-alikes of high value transactors. Strategy ü The campaign drove 200% improvement in ROI (measured by GMV of transactions driven) compared to existing display channels including GDN. ü Results primarily attributed to improved custom audience targeting and look- alikes. ü Resulted into always-on business since last six months. Results Consumer Case Study: Leading Online Furniture Brand 16 Confidential
  11. 11. CONTACT US Toronto New York Mexico City Sau Paulo London Mumbai Bengaluru Singapore Sydney Client Locations