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What is programmatic and brands should embrace it


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What is programmatic buying, why has it taken off and why should brands be embracing it?

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What is programmatic and brands should embrace it

  1. 1. #talentbites
  2. 2. #talentbites Programmatic Scott Moorhead Head of Digital Trading, Havas Media Group @scottmoorhead77
  3. 3. #talentbites What is Programmatic? Def: Programmatic Buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, flighted, analysed and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. While it includes RTB it also includes non RTB methods and buy types such as Facebook Ads API (and Linked in)
  4. 4. #talentbites The Rise of Programmatic The share of ads bought through programmatic technologies in the UK is estimated to grow from 28% in 2013 to 60-75% of total digital display advertising by 2017* Programmatic Media Buying Direct Media Buying*Source: IAB Programmatic Market Study 2014
  5. 5. #talentbites So why has it taken off?
  6. 6. #talentbites Ad Placement Decision $ Rate Content User Attributes Frequency Previous engagement Ad Size Creative Geographic location Performance Time Device Type Automation of tasks 100 milliseconds Programmatic buying is so effective because it makes every individual impression, brand-attribute lift shift, click, and conversion measurable in real time.
  7. 7. #talentbites Conversion Success – The Brain
  8. 8. #talentbites Better targeting across channels and devices
  9. 9. #talentbites Programmatic industry based on 3 ingredients Media Data Technology Programmatic ingredients
  10. 10. #talentbites Human touch Programmatic is merely a tool for delivering advertisements efficiently to targeted audiences. The process relies heavily on human input to manage the new programmatic Challenges Human analysis ensures the buying strategy can be refined and provides a solid base for automated campaign optimisation. Without it, brands could waste their marketing investment by optimising against the wrong metrics.
  11. 11. #talentbites One unified platform – Single View
  12. 12. #talentbites Targeting me
  13. 13. #talentbites Brand Love. Delivered. We’ve never been closer to the ultimate promise of brand advertising in the digital age. Performance . Delivered. Data fuelled insights delivering sales results When an ad is delivered in real-time to an individual, they are twice as likely to interact with it…
  14. 14. #talentbites Brands are embracing programmatic to:
  15. 15. #talentbites Brands are embracing programmatic to:
  16. 16. #talentbites WTF Happened? …..there are new challenges
  17. 17. #talentbites Brand Safety *Source: Project Sunblock Research, Dec 2013 Viewability Ad Fraud
  18. 18. #talentbites Consumers are always connected interested in relevant messages increasingly digitally engaged
  19. 19. #talentbites Programmtic Doing it properly
  20. 20. #talentbites Engagement comes more easily when creativity and technology work together Step 3
  21. 21. #talentbites Step 1 ORGANISE Organise audience insights
  22. 22. #talentbites Step 2 DESIGN Design compelling creative
  23. 23. #talentbites Step 3 MEASURE Measure the impact
  24. 24. #talentbites Be open minded Be brave Be inquisitive Programmatic for you