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Slides digital now webinar 15 mei

  1. 1. Webinars over digital marketing#dgtlnow13Webinar 1: Ecosysteem
  2. 2. @jorisheuk#dgtlnow13
  3. 3. 20:00 Welkom en introductie20:05 Het display Ecosysteem uitgelegd - Kick Zandbergen20:25 App Marketing - Sjoerd Huitema20:45 Break20.50 Digital Media anno Now - Jonathan MacDonald21:20 Wrap UpAGENDA#dgtlnow13
  4. 4. Moderatoren#dgtlnow13Babs van GisbergenMobileLauren van der HeijdenIABThemer AbourayanAutomated Trading
  5. 5. Welke van de volgende trends zal geen hype blijken,maar is here to stay?POLL 1• Content Curation• Second Screen• Programmatic Premium Buying• SoLoMo• Branded Content
  6. 6. Het Display Ecosysteemuitgelegd#dgtlnow13Kick ZandbergenGoogle
  7. 7. AccuenXaxis
  8. 8. Google Confidential and Proprietary6 basis functies…
  9. 9. Google Confidential and Proprietary…Waarin de diverse aanbieders
  10. 10. AccuenXaxis
  11. 11. Agencies:- Media agencies help companies to communicate with currentand potential consumers and/or the general public.- Still control ~80% of all display budgets- All Holding Companies have a “trading desk” of some kindwhere they try to centralize Programmatic Buying- Highly entrenched media teams and relationships with RTBperformance solutions providers/old school ad networks/directpublishers- Utilize a variety of technology players to test new media buyingmethods. Pretty much always willing to test and love the shinynew thing.
  12. 12. Trading Desks:- The specialized arms of larger media buyingagency groups- Owned and operated by the major agency holdingcompanies.- Some have built bidders (eg Xaxis), but most haveoutsourced technology to partners- Google has DVIP partnerships with:- Omnicom- Publicis- IPG- Dentsu- Aegis- Business model still a WIP—uncertain how centralTrading Desk model will work with/compete withindividual OpCos over time.AccuenXaxis
  13. 13. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs):- Independent media buyingtechnologies- Plug-in to and aggregate ad exchangeinventory- Focus is on data and real-time bidding(RTB) capabilities to make smarter,automated media buying decisions- Some of these players are trueenterprise technology providers (egAppNexus), but most have survived bybeing RTB performance solutionsproviders; Google integrated invite intotheir tech stack: Google Bid Manager- Now includes Video specific DSPs- Videology- AdapTV
  14. 14. Ad Exchanges:- Enable publishers tomonetize “non-guaranteed”inventory- Large exchange wherebuyers and sellers ofinventory meet, bringingmarket efficiencies todisplay buying(comparisons to Wall St)- DoubleClick AdExchangeand Right Media are by farthe largest globally,- Facebook Exchange is thenewest entrantAccuenXaxis
  15. 15. Point Players:- Entire industry ofcompanies specializing inone component of themedia buying value chain.- These technologies willtypically layer themselveson top of exchange andpublisher inventorysources.- Many try to be RTBperformance solutionsprovidersAccuenXaxis
  16. 16. Data Providers/DMPs- Aggregate large pools of data from avariety of sources- Provide segmentation management;really glorified cookie-poolmanagement- Example: Expedia sells cookie data ofa user searching for flights, BlueKaioffers that data in its exchange as ‘In-Market Travel” and then manages anadvertiser/agency’s “travel segments”
  17. 17. Creative Optimization:- This segment has mostly been acquired out of theeco-system- Teracent bought by Google- Dapper bought by Yahoo!- Adroit bought by MediaMath- Tumri bought by Collective
  18. 18. Ad Networks:- Aggregate and purchase inventory thenresell it to advertisers (mostly usingarbitrage model)- Serve need for agencies to access largevolume of inventory without having toapproach each individual publisher- Often specialize in brand-safe orverticalized inventory- Offer advanced targeting inputs such asretargeting- Most have adapted RTB technology ofsome kind, the largest network being theGoogle display network
  19. 19. Yield Optimization:- Platforms that address the issue on the publisher side of how tobest monetize inventory- Goal is to protect and represent publisher interests in thelandscape- Optimize to highest RPM across a wide variety of ad sources- Offer additional features such as brand safety checks- Google bought AdMeld in December 2011 and has integratedalmost finalized the integration into Doubleclick AdExchange
  20. 20. Ad Servers:- Provide the actual technical component of serving the ad for the advertiserand the publisher- Provide a unified reporting and tracking system that allows advertisers to hostall of their advertising efforts in one interface (including search)- Ad serving being integrated into new DSP & SSP offerings- AppNexus- OpenX- Video Ad Servers- Doubleclick (sell side integration with AdX, Audience, DMP etc)
  21. 21. Google Confidential and ProprietaryTrends en ontwikkelingen• Automated premium• Meer mogelijkheden tot doormeten:§Cross media device meten en targeten§Tracking en waardering met de daadwerkelijk geziene impressies• Toename trading desks• Audience extension• Branded data
  22. 22. Door Automated Trading...POLL 2• Daalt de gemiddelde advertentieprijs• Stijgt de gemiddelde advertentieprijs• Daalt de verkoop van creative premium content• Stijgt de verkoop van creative premium content
  23. 23. Life of GeorgeLego
  24. 24. #dgtlnow13Sjoerd HuitemaSanomaApp Marketing
  25. 25. key learnings•Why it’s all about the product•What the role of promotional activities is formobile concepts
  26. 26. !"#!!"$!!"%!!"&!!"!!"(!!")!!"*!!"+!!",-." /0123,1" 4,01356"78309"!"#$%&()*++,-.!/0(",*!1,2
  27. 27. X-factorProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: key factorsSocial PR Display SEO ProductX-factor
  28. 28. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Producttiming
  29. 29. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Product
  30. 30. dev.time: 16 months dev.time: 3 months
  31. 31. unique visitors:2.300unique visitors:20.000
  32. 32. StyleTodaySuccessful marketing burst, but not able to maintainusers and grow them.
  33. 33. What To WearSuccesful marketingburst, and sticky app! Lowgrowth; but also very low churn rate => net growth!
  34. 34. Keep It Simplecan you tell the key benefit in one sentence?&Think Mobile!a lot of short usage moments on a small screen!
  35. 35. Research by Google
  36. 36. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Product
  37. 37. SharingFriendsCommunitySharing to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.Friends connected appsSocialNetworkingThe social pyramid
  38. 38. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Product
  39. 39. Press releaseVideoCreativesPromo codePR
  40. 40. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Product
  41. 41. Launch1 day ad campaignDisplay advertisingleverage mobile ad campaignsby hitting the top charts
  42. 42. More on ad campaigns•Ad campaigns for (paid) apps never get apositive ROI• Independent of the network• Independent of the publisher•Implication: advertising is not a primary useracquisition channel for (paid) apps!
  43. 43. ProductSEODisplayPRSocialApp Marketing: 5 key factorsSocial PR Display SEO Product
  44. 44. ASOappstore search optimization
  45. 45. ASO
  46. 46. SEO2. Mobile searches
  47. 47. high pagerank bonus!
  48. 48. REMEMBERIt’s all about the product&promotional activities are there to start the engine!
  49. 49. Wat is de meest kritische succesfactor van AppMarketing?POLL 3• Product• X-factor• Social• PR• Display• SEOX-factorProductSEODisplayPRSocial
  50. 50. BREAKWebinars over digital marketing#dgtlnow13
  51. 51. Digital Media anno Now#dgtlnow13
  52. 52. the changing timesthree modern realitiesthree pieces of advice
  53. 53. the changing timesthree modern realitiesthree pieces of advice
  54. 54. capability & affordability of tech
  55. 55. corporate usagecitizen usagetimecapability&a!ordabilityoftechnologytechnology adoption curve
  56. 56. the changing timesthree modern realitiesthree pieces of advice
  57. 57. 1/3 socialisation
  58. 58. the new media mix
  59. 59. reachcontrolownedboughtearned++
  60. 60. 12014,4001.72M(x 120)(x 120)
  61. 61. 2/3 virtualisation
  62. 62. 3/3 mobilisation
  63. 63. interactionconsiderationrelationshipengagementloyalty purchaseawarenessaffinitybranding imagetvoutdoorpresscinemaradioonlineemaildmeventspos
  64. 64. 314,000 donations21 female startups=pennies for life
  65. 65.
  66. 66. the changing timesthree modern realitiesthree pieces of advice
  67. 67. 1/3 start from strategy not tactics
  68. 68. 2/3 it’s not just about communications
  69. 69. 3/3 test & learn -remove the word ‘failure’
  70. 70.
  71. 71. Monetization van mobiel bereik zal de komendejaren voornamelijk komen uit:POLL 4• M-Commerce• Display Advertising• Location Based Services• Paywalls
  72. 72. Wrap Up#dgtlnow13
  73. 73. #dgtlnow13Bedenk en beschrijf in maximaal eenhalf A4 het ideale marketingplan voorde Larklife app (zie video)ASSIGNMENT 1
  74. 74. Larklife WristbandLark
  75. 75. #dgtlnow13
  76. 76. #dgtlnow13
  77. 77. Challenge and/or Contact
  78. 78. Senior Marketing Professionals (SMP)•5 PE punten voor het volgen van alle vier de sessies.•1 PE punten per losse sessie