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Creo IMC, Mobile Application Advertisng

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  • Creo IMC Mobile Application Advertisng

    1. 1. connectingKedINintrestprofessionalinteractivitywoow factorconnecting peopleget explorednetworkmobileprofessionalimpressionsbroadcastget used to itwonderful“connecting you”socialbroadcastimpressionsinteractmobileopen sourcewonderfulInMobi Mediaaudiencepeople in your lifezingapeople in your life
    2. 2. .connecting you.inmobmediaimkonnectnPRESENTS
    3. 3. The Mobile Ad Network build for Brand and People WE COUNT USERS, NOT IMPRESSIONSInMobi Media-THE SMART AD NETWORK
    4. 4. Mobile communication is a global phenomenonthat has thoroughly changed the way peopleinteract with each other. More than 4 billionsubscribers are using mobile services every day,more than twice the number of traditional Internetusers. Mobile devices have several uniquecharacteristics that make them highly suitable foradvertising and marketing. Handsets are extremelypersonal devices since they are owned and usedby one person. They are almost always with theperson, which allows contextual targeting ofpeople on-the-go. Being switched on at almost alltimes, they also allow advertisers to reach theconsumers in the right moment. Since today’smobile handsets are highly interactive devices andare featured with a range of functions includingsmart apps, music players, cameras and webbrowsers there are many different options forinteraction. Another major benefit is that themobile space is less crowded than most otherchannels whereby adverts get more attention. Forthese reasons mobile is becoming a natural part ofthe marketing media mix.Why Mobile Advertising
    5. 5. Our only objective is to help our clients improve their communication with different targets using a mobilemedium as a new and innovative channel of communication.Communication with a target user , anytime anywhere, is only possible though one medium, the mobilemedium. Immediate, effective and with the capacity of segmentation until obtaining a one to onecommunication, the mobile reveals itself as an effective tool in the mobile marketing mix, essential forcompanies from any sector.We, InMobi Media as a global, full-service mobile advertising company with both leading edgetechnology and deep expertise in strategy, creative development, and media buys, resulting inunparalleled mobile advertising ROI for advertisers looking to strengthen and extend their brand.Unlike other mobile advertising companies, InMobi Media has leading edge technology solutions thatremove the complexity of running a successful mobile advertising campaign. We also have deep mobileadvertising expertise that enables us to outperform all other mobile ad companies by attaining the bestROI for our customers.Our main focus lies on creating compelling user experiences to establish successful customerrelationships. We offer all sorts of design-related services, in the areas of research, strategy and concept,and devise solutions using a range of design disciplines. Our unique full screen mobile advertisingplatform makes mobile advertising easy.  Utilizing our on-device profiling and display approach, we getthe right ad to the right person .InMobi media s advanced, proprietary technology delivers all forms of mobile advertising, across allmobile channels, with guaranteed results.We Innovate In The Form Of Communication
    6. 6. mkonnect – The Smart AdNetworkconnecting people with brandsits not just an mobile app: its lifestyle
    7. 7. Advertisers can reach their audience based on our unique users.Thanks to our unique technology and lifestyle interested user data base, publishers can maximize CTR by matching users behavior toadvertiser-defined profiles.Advertisers can target user interests such as ,Fashion, Health Care,Glamour & Gadgets, Music, Location, Social Networks, and withtheir interests in all economic sectorsWe connect interested users with their interested lifestyle brand andservices.We Just Don’t Send Impressions , We Create Relations,Every mobile advertising impression and interaction brings users closeto their interests, that creates even stronger brand loyalty,Now, Take advantage of our most saturated user centric profiles andtheir interests with the mobile advertising advantage, pinpointaudience-centric targeting.Optimized delivery to relevant users is the keystone for maximizing adinventory. Tracking a user behavioral interests and choices,demographic matching, smart sequencing of follow up ads andautomatic promotion of better performing creative are some of themethods we use to deliver exceptional inventory value.Our Smart NetworkThe Only 100% Transparent Smart Phone Mobile Ad Network,Is Now Ready For Publishers And Advertisers To Join.
    8. 8. Mobile Application Advertising-The InMobi Media Way ! ! !Our unique full screen mobile advertising platform makes mobile advertising easy.  Utilizing our on-device profiling anddisplay approach, we get the right ad to the right person – allowing you to fine tune your message and maximize yourimpact, every time.•Each phone call or SMS is an opportunity to display an ad – no waiting for them tobrowse the mobile internet.•Combination of permission and incoming trigger ensure each ad is seen by the rightperson.•Direct call to action - each ad contains a call to action – mobile web page link or clickto cal.•Advertise on the one platform to ensure maximum reach – don’t dilute across adnetworks and mobile sites – aggregate ad spend onto the one platform.•Rich targeting and profiling tools  included in the platform tracking each and everyinteraction.•Full control of campaign creative upload and tracking via easy to use web interface•Analytics platform reports each and every interaction – ads served, clicked or savedfor each profile•User generated profiles ensure highly relevant targeting  for each and every ad•Fully managed platform from InMobi Media – lets you concentrate on what you arebest at – making great interactions with your customers.   Our Mobile Application -MkonnectINMOBILE is completely permission based and meets the highest standards in mobile Marketing Highly TargetedInventory – selected by the user ensuring best fit for every campaign. Full screen presentation with graphics andImages – providing an exciting new screen to present engaging creative on the mobile.
    9. 9. A NEW SCREEN FOR MOBILE MARKETERS. mkonnect is a highly scalable and flexible mobile marketing platform, which once installed and adopted by the usercan be developed in many new and valuable ways. Beyond advertisement delivery it can be used to offer mobileretailing of digital and other products and services, direct marketing, market research, social brand networking andinteracting services, coupons, and tie in with services, location based, roaming and travel services.We deliver full-screen interactive content to users on their selected time lines. The products core advantages over otherforms of mobile marketing include:•mkonnect delivers a unique inventory proposition to an emerging digital advertising market where the interaction areformed by user defined timelines•mkonnect presents content (targeted advertising, personalized content) along with customized notifications, when auser receives advertisement•The full screen advertisements integrated with all available options of interactive with Click to Call, Maps andNavigation, Get more Info, and Gift Coupons•Our solution is un-intrusive, and uniquely allows message delivery at the point of contact and communication.•Consumers get more from their mobile through a personalized preference based and intuitive user experience basedon our user-case. The almost unlimited inventory implies high content turnover and deep engagement.  
    10. 10. Pick yourOwnTARGET AUDIENCEIn the new mobile advertising arena, intelligent use of detailed customer information can leadto significant gains for advertisers willing to pay a premium for well segmented audiences.Real time mobile search and location information can further improve advertisers ability topredict customers on-the-go intentions and ads relevance.Our Users –Your AudienceMobile users are at the heart of the mobile advertising eco-system.Accurately modeling users engagement patterns and predicting theirintentions are key to the success of any mobile advertising campaign. Mobileusers intent is influenced by a variety of factors including demography,context and social networks.Reaching and engaging your target audience has never beeneasier.The evolution of digital media means that the process of thinkingglobally and acting locally, a proposition once thought impossible, isnow a tangible reality and it is set to explode with the emergingcapabilities of the mobile platform.
    11. 11. Our Users –Your AudienceOur study found that consumers were increasingly ignoring advertising through traditional media due to high distractions,untimely exposures with uninterested advertisementsInMobi Media, determined that there was an another medium where a person was guaranteed to react, interact andconnect-The Mobile Medium.The mobile medium provides an uncluttered environment where a message can be delivered without any distractionsthis quest resulted in the development of mkonnect mobile advertising application installed on user Smartphone’s.With the launch of mkonnect smart advertising network, were creating a benchmark for mobile advertising. Our mobileapplication advertising break through the clutter, allows for brand segmentation that leveraged state of the arttechnology to ensure memorable and measurable results and will provide sustainable revenue for our partners.Get the advantage of our segmented user profiles on mkonnect smart mobile advertisement network , we have the mostsaturated and targeted user data for advertiser and publisher who want to get connected to their target audience.Through our intelligent profiling and promoting of mobile application, we act more than an just mobile advertisementmedium, Our web portal has developed in way that user will always be tempted to get their profiles updated , when wesend graphical and full screen interactive advertisement messages on their mobiles. On our network user can select,edit and update their user profiles, which is like social media of advertising platform,With our Mobile advertising services we not only connect user with their interested lifestyle brand and services , but alsocreate memorable advertisings experience that may further create a stronger and loyal relationship with Brand /Services. Now get the overall advantage of all social media network, broadcasting, OOH and static advertisingswith our smart advertisings network and mobile application advertising. 
    12. 12. UNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR MOBILE ADVERTISING APPLICATIONCustomized notificationfor brands at inbox,which gives mostinteresting form ofinteracting with users,Image , Logos and TAGLines can be used topersonalized touch tofirst interaction withuser,Our unique fullscreen mobileadvertising platformmakes mobileadvertising easy. Utilizing our on-device profiling anddisplay approach,we get the right ad tothe right personallowing you to finetune your messageand maximize yourimpact, every time.Full Screen AdvertisementCustomized Notifications
    13. 13. UNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR MOBILE ADVERTISING APPLICATION•Targeted messagescan enhancebranding and can becontextually related tothe published contentwhere theadvertisement isappended.•Content in GraphicalAdvertisement:Launching of NewProduct/Brand(contextual).•Incorporates abusiness phonenumber, which isclickable by manymobile phonesallowing the user toinstantly dial the call.• Connects users withyour business at thevery moment theyare seekinginformation aboutyour productor serviceBrand Interaction Click To Call
    14. 14. Contests & Brand InteractionUNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR MOBILE ADVERTISING APPLICATION• Sales Promotion andDiscount offer basedon user interests.•Provide mobile usersan opportunity tointeract with businessand engages userswith offers anddiscounts.•Can provide redeemoffers•Engage user withyour brand during idletime.•welcome user withrich media contentsinforming about thenewly launchedshowroom or newlyavailable stocks andoffers at particularlocation•User present locationis integrated withGoogle map andnearest showroomwhich directs userabout the locationhelps find it to.Google Map Integration
    15. 15. UNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR MOBILE ADVERTISING APPLICATIONBrand Voting Activities Mobile Alert & Participations•Interactive votingcan solicit userinformation or engagein interactivemarketing activities.•Provide dynamiccoupons or storelocations based onconsumer’s Zip codeentry, or upon opt-in.•Offer an immediatecall-back featureintegrated with yourcall center to createwarm outbound callopportunities•Invite users tosubscribe to mobilealerts from yourbrand on sales orpromotions.•Advertisement actsas a gateway toongoing mobilemarketing forinterested users.
    16. 16. UNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR MOBILE ADVERTISING APPLICATIONCustomized NotificationsFull Screen AdvertisementBrand InteractionClick To CallGoogle Map IntegrationBrand Voting ActivitiesMobile Alert & ParticipationsContests & Brand InteractionMobile Alerts-Images &GraphicsOffer & Discounts Redeeming
    17. 17. 9Facts behind the 9reasonsto advertise with mkonnect mobile advertising application
    18. 18. 2.IMPACTTargeted. Accountable. Highly Impactful.Facts Behind The 9 Reasons To Advertise On mkonnect Mobile Advertising Applicationwill tell friends what they’ve seen on their mobile”.“Ads gave me positive impression of the brands”.Will recall seeing specific advertising on mobileResearch found consumer-advocatesthe most desirable outcome for mobile campaigns.1.TALKABILITY•Unprompted recall rates of up to 55%.•Total recall (unprompted plus prompted)•Sales impact for brand promotions: up to 47%•Viewers are shopping for a product or service, retentionof that product or service advertised raises to animpressive and effective 85% retention rate.  
    19. 19. Targeted. Accountable. Highly Talk able.Facts Behind The 9 Reasons To Advertise On mkonnect Mobile Advertising Application4. ACCOUNTABILITYBranded owners can set clear audiencedemographics.Businesses can target specifically men orwomen by placing different ads on usermobiles as per user profiles.Perfect gender targeting – both maleand female!3.HIGHLY TARGETED0% of stated impacts are estimates.Confirmed interactions with the brand.Rare qualities for digital advertising.
    20. 20. 5.POPULAR MEDIUM6.CAPTIVATINGInteractive. Popular. Captivating.Facts Behind The 9 Reasons To Advertise On mkonnect Mobile Advertising ApplicationChoose mobile advertising for a uniquelycaptive audience. Research shows that mostpeople spend several minutes (20-45 minutes)on their mobiles on average, and that they arereceptive to reading, and interacting, thereforeit is BEST to advertise on MOBILEAnd, they remember what they read.Average dwell time is more than 45 seconds.93% think “It’s a good place for advertising” …… including 100% of those women surveyed.Mobile advertising is one of the best possiblemedia for reaching the affluent 18-35 year olddemographicThis affluent 18 -35 year old group is hard toreach through most advertising media
    21. 21. Interactive. Accountable. Captivating.Facts Behind The 9 Reasons To Advertise On mkonnect Mobile Advertising Application8.INTERACTIVITYAudience in a receptive, “interacting” frame of mind.More than 80% of 18 to 35 year old affluent adults say thatmobile advertisements catch their attention.62% of this active lifestyle says that mobile Advertising isgreat way to learn about new products and places7.POINT OF INTERACTIONGenuine engagement – not broadcasting.Mobile Advertising was welcome sign because itcreates a relationship between user and brand,offered at a time when the viewer wantssomething to look, read. And interact.Mobile Advertising receives consumers’undivided attention for30 seconds to 2 full minutes
    22. 22. 9.FEATURE COMPARISONComparison SAY’S IT ALL .Facts Behind The 9 Reasons To Advertise On mkonnect Mobile Advertising Application
    23. 23. We Serve AllAdvertisers│Publishers│Agencies│&YOUWE DELIVER.WHAT WE PROMISE.
    24. 24. 10-1-19/3/A,Adj To:The Golonda Hotel ,Masab Tank,Hyderabad-04,A.P,INDIATel : +91 40 64 56 00 33Fax : +91 40 66 66 00 33Mobile : +91 96 66 57 27 87E-Mail : sadat@creo-imc.comWeb :