Hyperlocal and open data


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An introduction to the work of Talk About Local and a look at some of the free and easy to use tools which can provide solutions for common challenges facing local authorities in providing and using data in user friendly ways.

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Hyperlocal and open data

  1. 1. Hyperlocal and open data: Challenges in a UK context Federal Government District of Brazil delegation, MDDA, Manchester. November 2012. Sarah Hartley @foodiesarah | http://talkaboutlocal.org | hello@talkaboutlocal.org |
  2. 2. IntroductionTalk About Local provides consulting, training and business services to helppeople understand local grass roots media.Started in 2009 with funding from major broadcaster to explore new ways ofproviding public service contentHas trained thousands of people in how they can use simple online tools to findtheir voice.Campaigns for greater access to information for all citizens with opendata
  3. 3. Hyperlocal sites - specific issue to address Work with individuals - isolated geographically or socially - reduction in mainstream news _ currently more than 600 UK sites - many campaigningStolen moped Grand Prixs c2002Bingfield ParkKings CrossMost Saturdays when Arsenal at home Pics – Mark Bailey
  4. 4. Towards a local pubic data manifesto - published in SeptemberSchools – help third parties provide decent school application information processes – publish data on places,intake and catchment areasHealth – better information to support tough decisions on local social care as local authorities assumeresponsibility – publish detailed expenditure and performance data on social care and create pro-activelytransparent local health and wellbeing boards.Crime – people able to see that justice is being done in their community on issues they care about. Who isappearing in local courts for local crimes, what happens to them, sentences and when people are beingreleased.Planning and built environment – citizens can’t get involved if they can’t easily navigate applications and casehistories about nearby planning applications. People need to know what is going on near them to contribute toneighbourhood plans on an informed basis. Local planning lists and decisions should be published in real timeas open data.Licensing – citizens need to be equipped with basic information to use new powers to control bars, clubs,pubs, adult venues, gambling venues. Publish as open data applications for all classes of alcohol,entertainment and adult services licences. Also data about the trends and (criminal) behaviour of the licenseesand premises.Environment – inform people’s decisions about levels of pollution in their daily lives so that they can avoid orcampaign to change it. Publish pollution levels data from all local monitoring equipment. Bins and recyclingcollections can often be baroque, publish timetables and services as open data.Transport – getting more out of largely fixed local transport infrastructure and shrinking services can only bedone with better information. Publish local timetables, parking/waiting places, usage rates, subsidy andrestrictions as open data.
  5. 5. Still locked into older CMS andLocal authorities Low risk low cost complex web of transactional services Local procurement remains slow innovation Budgets USA mobile market Improvise about to pass 50% shrinking smart phone drastically penetration Council senior Startling shift to mobile executives keep havingCustomers expectations keep bright ideasleaping ahead
  6. 6. We all need to share the pain in an age of austerity – the web budget is cut by 30%Oh dear – I can manage as long as they don’t wantany new stuff. But that’s not likely to happen.
  7. 7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mafleen/5280368304/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  8. 8. We need to talk to people online we can’t afford as much print or traditional consultationHelp people find their own voice online without mehaving a moderation and tech support liability
  9. 9. Give people skills not aplatformTalk About Local trainspeople to find their ownvoice online for theircommunities that they ownand runCamden Council,Broxtowe BorouchCouncil, Cambs CountyCouncil, Cabinet Office,NESTA etc
  10. 10. We need a mobile app for our staff to communicate on the go as roving eyes and ears of the councilMany already have own smart phones all havecamera phones – need mobile and desktop solutionfor diverse use cases
  11. 11. Street reporting – n0ticenew hugely flexibleplatform developed byGMGCreate noticeboard forareaUse employee phonessmart or cameraAll geo taggedhttp://n0tice.com
  12. 12. Neighbourhood plans are coming. We need a something on the web to help residents work to with planners to draw them upNeed to visualise built environment and providedshared work space for public and council staff aspeers
  13. 13. Google SketchUp(now by Trimble) for3D visualistionUse Google Earthlandscapes/terrain toinsert visualisationsUse Blogger orWordpress.com asthe discussion spaceGoogle Docs fordrafting the plan andmanaging documents
  14. 14. Van Hecklerhttp://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=340952&page=14
  15. 15. Get me some Google glass goggle things I saw this thing in Wired.... The in flight magazine had this amazing...A new way of showing people what is happening tothe place around them
  16. 16. http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar/Talk About Local has avery simple approach toaugmented reality – justpaste in an RSS feed ofcontent with geo tagsand walk away.Click, copy, pasteforget.New posts with geotagsin your feedautomatically upload toLayar – with clickthrough to your site and‘take me there’directions
  17. 17. Thank you! Any questions? Talk About Local provides consulting, training and business services to help people understand local grass roots media – please contact us for help This work funds our public service mission to help people in isolated or deprived communities find a voice online Check out our new project helping the unemployed use a better online profile to seek work at http://networkingforwork.org.uk/ Sarah Hartley @foodiesarah | http://talkaboutlocal.org | hello@talkaboutlocal.org |