Basic digital high street through to augmented reality


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Presentation to digital High Street conference Halifax, UK. From basic digital high street - just get on line simply - through to

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Basic digital high street through to augmented reality

  1. 1. William Perrin@willperrin, simple, cheap steps to a digitalhigh streetBuilding blocks to bring your high street alive online13 May 2013
  2. 2. Trained people in over 200 places to find avoice onlineInitially funded by Channel4 and AWMSpecialised in deprived or isolated areasCheap simple, consumer facing webservices – Facebook,,TwitterConvene ‘hyperlocal’ publishers throughour unconferencesResolutely public service approachFeatured in almost all media – BBC TV,radio, The Guardian, The Times etcClients from community group to Blue Chip,funding community work
  3. 3. By Nicholasink at en.wikipediaThe average high street online today
  4. 4. KeepItSimple,StupidIf your town centre or high street is a desert online, don’tover reachA basic blog is an excellent start - quick, cheap effective,low risk, excellent Google potentialSkill requirements low, much can be done from mobilephones, TCM equivalent needs basic training and moralsupportBUT involve local people as direct contributors – theyown the high street, not you
  5. 5. oasisPhotoree by TegDon’t’ rush to unsustainable web development if you have a desert – try an oasis first
  6. 6. Telling storiesReflecting local characterPositive, optimistic toneEvoking people’s memoriesInterviews with shoppers and tradersPictures, simple videoCreate a culture of talking about the local experiencePeople talking to each other….all made easy by a simple blog or Facebook pageAuthenticity in aworld of commoditisation andPRSee ‘Internet and the new aesthetic’ for moreon authenticity PRE-commerceExpensive
  7. 7. But if you already have fertile ground – here’s some more advanced stuff you could try
  8. 8. Augmented reality on a tablet – Camden Borough councilplanning applications (unofficial). Floating logos correspond toapplications. Layar service and Talk About Local’s software.
  9. 9. Blue plaques from Plaque Guide – Layar service, Talk About Localsoftware
  10. 10. Overlays information from websites onto thecamera view of your tablet or mobileHigh impact, ‘wow’ factorAids ‘discovery’ off track – markers can be inplaces you can’t see due to intervening buidingsand ‘Take me there’ provides mapCan be fed by simple blogCheap, quick, simple – Talk About Local’s newsoftware developed with NESTA and TheNominet TrustHere’s me demonstrating it on BBC TV (secondinterviewee) use geo-tagging services like
  11. 11. For a simple blog or Facebook page ask around amongstlocal bloggers or free lance journalists, see who you canhire locallyFor quick, cheap, simple augmented realitycontact us at Talk About Local (we can help with blogs etctoo)