Civil Service Live 09 knowledge working in whitehall and Blackhall


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Imagine Whitehall in the British government embraces social media and modern ways of working - call it Blackhall what would happen there?

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Civil Service Live 09 knowledge working in whitehall and Blackhall

  1. 1. Modern knowledge working at the heart of a better democracy William Perrin CSLive09 8 July 2009 Olympia London
  2. 2. Team Obama move to Whitehouse ‘"It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari," Obama spokesman Bill Burton Washington Post 22/01//09 ‘What does that mean in 21st-century terms? No Facebook to communicate with supporters. No outside e-mail log-ins. No instant messaging. Hard adjustments for a staff that helped sweep Obama to power through, among other things, relentless online social networking…. security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts.’ Washington Post 22/01//09
  3. 3. Follow the customer • Traditional customer dying out as web working becomes pervasive outside the public sector office ‘Deliver for the customer, and you will survive.’ Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco
  4. 4. Minister for the Civil Service ‘the policy process is a bit like building a Morgan in Malvern: a handful of people taking years to create a beautiful, hand-crafted model…but surely the future is to be more like a Toyota made in Derby, modern tools, modern processes, high-speed development and delivery.’ Tom Watson MP (Minister for the Civil Service) IPPR, 2007
  5. 5. George Osborne MP Adam Afriyie MP ‘David Cameron and I meet…..the (transparency through technology) founders of Google and two of the most creative people I've come across. "will make the man in Whitehall redundant". ‘We talk about the contrast between their world and the world of ..He said a Conservative government was government, stuck as too much of it is committed to using technology to give in a bygone bureaucratic age’. people more power over their lives and to scrutinise and choose public services..... Observer 25th May 2008 Do we embrace the new culture of openness, transparency and interactivity? Do we respond as if we, too, were 'born digital'? Or do we stick with the same clumsy, controlling tactics of a tired political system Conservative Shadow Minister for Innovation, Universities and Skills Guardian Activate09 Reported in Guardian
  6. 6. Publishing 154 years ago…. Northcote-Trevelyan report – foundation of modern civil service Command Paper Crest Generally un-engaging, huge process behind the scenes
  7. 7. Publishing today….. Crest reassuringly prominent Still hard to get excited Command paper Report about radically new ways of publishing information………..
  8. 8. 154 years – little progress Processes still paper driven, in lock step with Parliament, publication in big lumps at long intervals
  9. 9. Compartmentalisation
  10. 10. Email culture’s tangled web • Contained networks that die silently as originators move on • Tangled information flows - duplication and waste • Self fulfilling and perpetuating • Practice embeds ‘knowledge is power’ • Artificially increases price of information, inhibiting its use • Audit difficult
  11. 11. Blackhall – metonym for modern ways of working in Whitehall
  12. 12. Whitehall to Blackhall
  13. 13. Power of Information project and Command Paper Done in Basecamp $24 a month Unlimited users, 15 projects, 3GB storage
  14. 14. Ministers blog publishing policy in real time….. Meeting blogged before I got back to my desk Consultation in demotic, online language 43 responses in 24 hours
  15. 15. Willperrin @tomwatson that will be government 2.0 then – possibly a first for minister-civil servant communication via twitter Tom_watson @willperrin Shh. Don’t tell anyone. Otherwise someone will commission a guidance note
  16. 16. Can we routinely publish our work internally and externally? Civilpages a good start Needs wider management incentives
  17. 17. 3rd sector site discussing live benefit client cases responsibly and pseudonymously Over 30,000 posts This post - 5 replies, 383 views
  18. 18. Google HMT Files Google Home Office files Google Birmingham City Council files
  19. 19. Open up our space Pervasive ‘secure enough’ wifi in Large green zones in every SW1 and other government building for collaboration with all clusters comers Tiny red zones for security Eg The Hub Kings Cross – heritage building – modern flexible working
  20. 20. ‘I’m very out of office…….’ “Fleet Street” “The City” “Whitehall” ?
  21. 21. Questions and Discussion Blackhall – metonym for modern ways of working in Whitehall