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Presentation on Open Government, Open Source at Open Island Conference, Belfast.

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Tim willoughby

  1. 1. Open DataOpen Government Tim Willoughby Assistant Director LGMA
  2. 2. Open Government?“If people don’t know what you’re doing, they don’t know what you’re doing wrong”“Jim Hacker”Open Government (I980)
  3. 3. My name is TimI explain technology…
  4. 4. to people who don’t understand it…
  5. 5. people who thinkthey do understand it…
  6. 6. people who despise it…
  7. 7. and people who worship it.
  8. 8. c h, ar se nd re a I lot . pi rite s.. w i ng th …that help people understand howtechnology might help their Organisation…
  9. 9. I live here... According to Google Streetmaps 9
  10. 10. I live in Naas…• NAAS – Network as a Service• Used to be a Nice place to shop!
  11. 11. So far ICT has not fundamentally changed government 1990s: lCT expected to make government more transparent, efcient and user oriented 2005+: disillusion as bureaucracy still in existence Can Cloud Help?Jane E. Fountain – Gov 1.0 – Just Replicating the Silos on the Internet
  12. 12. Do We Understand What the Citizen Wants?
  13. 13. Yes, but its not always cohesive
  14. 14. Local Government
  15. 15. Why would government look at Open Data
  16. 16. Sharing!
  17. 17. Local Government Evolution
  18. 18. Where Next…Open Data● What we are talking about is -● Government As A Platform?● Open Data is not the end..● Cannot be – just for Open Data Sake...● Open Data has to be part of the Day Job
  19. 19. Open is forcing Radical ChangeWith or Without the Owners / Shareholders
  20. 20. So – What are we Doing●Enterprise Ireland have set up Irish CrossNational Working Group on Open Data Academia Large / Small Business Central / Local / Semi-State Gov●Fingal County Council – Open Fingal●Dublin County Councils - DubLinked
  21. 21. Cross Industry National Working GroupAddressing Prime 2, Opportunities for change, GeoDirectory, PRASecurity Surveillance, Privacy, Confidentiality,Standards Protocol for Use, Governance, Adoption, Developments,Enterprise Apps, Commercialisation, Economic Benefits, Education, Jobs Initiatives,Citizenship What does the citizen want from Open Data?
  22. 22. Decisions● Open Data week 7th Nov-12th Nov●All Government Tenders will reference OpenData●Paper for Government●It makes sense●Continue the Journey Together
  23. 23. open source / open datathe fix your street model 10/3/11
  24. 24. mobile apps – the new frontier of localgovernment 10/3/11
  25. 25. Metered Water Application 10/3/11 FUTURE DOMESTIC WATER APPLICATION
  26. 26. from: physical, the (qr code), online source,& augmented reality10/3/11
  27. 27. qr code to detailed further information10/3/11
  28. 28. Social and Multi MediaResponding through innovation 10/3/11
  29. 29. It is all about the Data2010 Spend on Spatial data and Software in the USA - IDC
  30. 30. IssuesData Harvesting How / Why does data get into your system Position, accuracy, improvement.Data Management How do we manage our data Do we have to capture data more than onceGeo Data Costs of collection Costs of ManagementQuality Data Quality If we can’t trust the data to Share it, how do we use it to make decisions?
  31. 31. Data StandardsMost Adopting Standards from their software Supplier.Have to move away from this position!Open Standards
  32. 32. What do we aspire to… Real Life Standards
  33. 33. Its Hard forGovernments to experiment
  34. 34. Why Open Data?● More information might lead to more informed and beter decisions – The Right to Knowledge…● Higher Quality? ● Open Source – More Eyes – Beter Systems…● Higher degree of effectiveness & efficiency● Strengthen trust in establishment● Leverage benefits of peer production● New business models
  35. 35. Why Not?● Loss of control & power?● Undermining of statutory Powers● Loss of revenues to existing business by threatening their established business models● Only those with the Social Tools can benefit?● Fear of the unknown
  36. 36. FixYourStreetProgramme for GovernmentIn local services, we will establish a website – www.fixmystreet.ie – to assist residentsin reporting problems with street lighting, drainage, graffiti, waste collection and roadand path maintenance in their neighbourhoods, with a guarantee that local officialswill respond within two working days.
  37. 37. Principles of FixYourStreet● Digitise everything Once.● Dynamic Data Capture● Open data● Open source ● Reduce the Barriers to Adoption● Social Media is the Glue● There can only be one fixyourstreets ● One Front End ● More than one Back End? ● Taxonomy – We all call things the same
  38. 38. Semantic Web
  39. 39. Semantic Web Adult Humour Political Insight Current Affairs SlapStick Colours Bart is Funny Homer - Doh!
  40. 40. Pages as a Database r sale Cool Stuff fo
  41. 41. Pages as a Database
  42. 42. Apps
  43. 43. Cloud Application
  44. 44. Data is hidden behind the Applications…But yet not available in Linked Format…What is the Solution?Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards
  45. 45. QR Codes for Public Participation
  46. 46. These are Small, Near… Far Away
  47. 47. Architecture Model for OpenFive level saturation model by Tim Berners-Lee★ Available on the web (whatever format), but with an open licence★★ Available as machine-readable structured data (e.g. excel instead of image scanof a table)★★★ as (2) plus non-proprietary format (e.g. CSV instead of excel)★★★★ All the above plus, Use open standards from W3C (RDF and SPARQL) toidentify things, so that people can point at your stuff★★★★★ All the above, plus: Link your data to other people’s data to providecontext
  48. 48. Conclusion We can learn from the early adopters Key Challenges  Policies – Corporate culture – change management - refresh needed  Innovation by Design – Crowdsourcing internally and externally  Community engagement  Sustainable resourcing  Technology – Public Cloud / Open Source  Standards  Cross Industry Support