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How can geeky people with simple or advanced web skills give their time to help others in a more discriminating way than mere serendipity.
How can we match wants and needs more effectviely? #opentech 2009

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  • hi Will [again]. There are a couple of pointers to existing organisations esp IT4communities, which brokers IT professionals and UK third sector orgs by converting an initial request for help into a bite-sized brief. There's also www.do-it.org which is an online database of volunteering opportunities. We tried a local model some years ago in Brighton [awash with web designers and techie nerds] called www.paratechnics.org.uk [cool graphics huh?]. It's fallen into disuse somewhat as we discovered the real challenge is converting needs of orgs into something that tech volunteers can actually deliver. It's not impossible by any means but can be resource intensive and difficult to fund [ask IT4Communities, who now charge for their service]. hope this helps? Mark
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  • Did anything come out of this? I've become quite interested in trying to find a way to bridge the skills of people I know in the Web standards scene (SemWeb, RDF, etc) with practical needs of various nonprofit groups (human rights etc.). Is there a mailing list / wiki /etc for bouncing around ideas?
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Spread the Web Opentech 2009

  1. 1. Opentech 2009 Spread the web Fran Sainsbury and William Perrin
  2. 2. The Problem • People we like are being ripped off • With rubbish, expensive inflexible websites • Why don’t they do it themselves?
  3. 3. Seven hours project management and testing to embed a YouTube video on flat low traffic html site
  4. 4. People lack confidence and basic skills • Think its technical and complicated • People often literally afraid of the web • They had a go many years ago
  5. 5. Simple sites Wordpress or on Wordpress.com Inspiration
  6. 6. Next - revamp this local school site
  7. 7. How this could be spread
  8. 8. Despite The pressures of earning a living
  9. 9. Opentech posters • The people who need this most aren’t here today
  10. 10. Opentec h • Our stuff is simple because we are • Opentech people have far more talent • Can do more powerful things
  11. 11. Put aside 100 hours • “Every time a person takes into their own hands the tools of production… They are able not just to consume, but to produce, to invent culture” • Matt Webb
  12. 12. Can we match want with need?
  13. 13. Is something like this the answer?
  14. 14. America exports their geeks
  15. 15. Do people want to help? william@cankfarm.com